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  1. Tbh Im a very strong guy, it’s more to do with co ordination, all masculine Men can change a plug, reverse park, tie knots etc, i fall short a bit, it’s no big deal and nit the worst thing in the world , if I’m clever I can avoid it
  2. Overbearing mother and weak or absent father is what most older people used to think caused homosexuality, it was the general consensus at one time, before the gay lobby decided to lie to us and pretend there was a gay gene, which was proven false a few years ago btw I’ve no hatred or even dislike for gay people but thinking about every single gay person I know, they do all fit this criteria im straight but I’m more effeminate than all my cousins etc, I wasn’t born that way but my parents were divorced and I was raised by my mother, if I’d have been raised by my dad I’d be completely different even though I’m anti vax, I don’t believe they’re the cause because I’ve got relatives who had the same vaccines as me and it hasn’t effected them, I tried working on a building site once and I couldn’t even tie a knot or change a bucket on a excavator manchine but that would be easy for some people who’ve had the same vaccines as me but were brought up in a more patriachal or traditional way
  3. I won’t do but if he messages me again he’s getting it, I’ll ignore him and be polite to everyone else
  4. You're the first person I’ve come across on here that’s really... If I wanted to chat ‘orange man bad’ types I’d have gone somewhere else Don’t reply to me in future
  5. Theres lots of evidence. You may dislike or disagree with the evidence, it might not even be very good, but there’s lots of evidence
  6. Intuitively it seems most people know the vaccine isn’t to be trusted We ‘trust the science’ though and most people are not equipped to argue with science or pro science types so they go along with it Im watching bbc news at the moment and it’s obvious even the presenter is sceptical, obviously he’ll never say, he’s got some scientist (Sean Marret) convincing him not to be and he’s pretending to buy into it, it’s all a shambles
  7. Just wanted to quote this so I have it saved for next time Im arguing with someone
  8. I’m a care worker so am a little bit worried that I’m of the first in line One thing I did notice is the vaccine can only survive for five hours if it’s nit frozen That makes me think it’ll just be one visit to the workplace from the people giving the jab, I can’t see them keep coming back and re visiting One day off sick could be enough to swerve it
  9. For a lot of staunch Biden supporters regarding the evidence of fraud There could literally be a video of someone cheating and changing 1000s of votes from trump Biden from 100 different camera angles and they’d still say there’s no evidence unless it’s peer reviewed by a scientist (who they like) and published in a journal Even then they’d Move the goalposts I still belive trump has a chance albeit a slim one
  10. Progressive whites hating working class whites but fawning over other working class cultures is very true, it’s kind of odd but as someone who’s spend time with working class and middle class people it’s almost ingrained in people. I took a walk around Manchester last week The centre is mostly new build apartments, the inner city is a mixture of hipsters, ex students, middle class workers and ethnics, to be fair there is still a working class Mancunian culture in maybe the north and east but it’s very diluted to what it was say 20 years, I don’t think it’ll exist in another 20 years, I had a walk around ancoats and the people are getting replaced by the middle class Not sure what the moral of the story is but I just find the changes interesting, if a little bit sad In London I find Bermondsey interesting, id say it’s the last working class inner city area left but I’d say that been gentrified at least 50% I also notice even some of the white ethnic areas are dying out, for example Kilburn was always a big irish area, that’s definetly not the case now apart from the odd pub with half a dozen old Irish blokes in, it’s not just english community that suffers
  11. It did seem to change without me even noticing Growing up in the 90s, If someone was from say Manchester or London or Liverpool, id see them as quite cool, probably tough, not the sort of person I’d want to mess with, usually a working class white person Now it seems totally reversed, you’ve almost got to go out to Essex/Kent to meet that sort of person, or 5/10 miles away from Manchester to meet that sort of person Now sure how that happened so fast, perhaps something to do with how social housing was allocated or changing demographics, but it’s shocking how it changed so much
  12. The way they treated him a few years ago was disgusting I think it was 2016? He beat kiltchzo and he should have won it, in reality it was no contest, It always seemed to me he was attacked for being a Christian and portrayed as some sort of monster when in reality he was the nicest person out of anyone up for nomination good example here
  13. I’m in my 30s from England and I had it done when I was born and it still baffles me to this day, from what I’ve read it’s something called thimosis but I’m not sure that’s a genuine condition
  14. I was watching icke a few weeks ago, I can’t remember which video it was but he showed the linked and hierarchy involved with gates something like gates own WHO which owns bill gates foundation which owns something else etc can anyone join the dots? apologies if that doesn’t make sense
  15. Hes not winding you up it’s not just the champions league games either, it’s pretty much every game in every division, even rugby is still doing it
  16. I hope trump somehow wins but I can’t see it, Steve Bannon seems the only guy who’s still optimistic Regarding the vaccines, id say trump is anti vax but he’s wise enough to pretend not to be for the moment at least, I’m anti vax myself but at work I fake that I’m pro vax
  17. When you’ve got the head of the federal election committee saying there’s definite voter fraud, I don’t see how Biden can win? maybe I’m missing something and from what I’ve read and looked at the odds then the election is over, tbh I can’t make my mind up at all
  18. Thanks guys thats the sort of thing I was hoping for I appreciate it I post on a soccer forum and these sort of arguments come up a lot, I want to be more prepared next time any more similar quote would be useful as well
  19. I believe he probably did but is there any way I can prove he did so that I can win an argument? For example a YouTube video from ten years ago saying the government wants to put us on a curfew or possibly something out of one of his books? thanks
  20. Exactly if if I tell my doctor I had the vaccine at work and I tell work I had the vaccine at the doctors that’ll be enough Generelly speaking people don’t want the hassle and you’ll be signed off etc dont admit youre anti vax, just say you think it’s great but you don’t want it twice lol
  21. I think regarding the vaccine a wise person could be able to avoid it if it came down to it I’d try simple stuff like changing my doctors, I’m kind of registered at two anyway, one near my house, one near my mums, id tell both doctors I had it at the other one, doctors are usually quite arrogant, they don’t care enough to check, the receptionists are usually too busy or would get confused anyway Same with work, if I had to I’d change jobs and say I had it at the last place etc, no work place I’ve ever worked at would care enough to check even tell the doctors I had it at work and work I had it at the doctors, give them a headache, so long as it’s not costing them money they won’t csre i do think it may be difficult regarding holidays etc but there’ll be ways around that too
  22. It’s not quite talking to myself but I do have a constant chatterbox going on in my head its only when I take a second out and observe or notice it that I’m aware of it, I guess doing something like meditation would make me aware of it and is one of the few times I can slow it down it’s nothing bad, usually mundane staff like having an imaginary conversation with someone I’d seen a few days ago, hope I don’t. Sound too crazy but that’s how my mind works
  23. How can it be 90% effective when the flu vaccine is only around 40% effective?
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