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  1. Any tips on how to follow today’s news from a trump bias rather a Biden bias?
  2. Wakeupprsyeiseup taken down it seems, was very good one though I got these two open https://t.me/s/GeneralHyten https://t.me/s/greatawakeningenhyt?q= Not sure if there’s any better ones but that’s all I got
  3. Trump seems like he’s biding his time, staying quiet, like he knows, I think he’s got it too
  4. Sorry mate got confused the next two days will be interesting though, if not I’m gonna look silly but I don’t think that’ll be the case, I’m usually right with this sort of stuff and I’m certain I will be with this
  5. Same here ive honestly never felt this way before, I’m nit even massively bothered who wins, but I feel convinced something is gonna happen, I’m not the only one
  6. I’m gonna call this election for trump hes gonna do it if he’s not in charge then it won’t be Biden, I’m putting my reputation on the line here but Biden won’t be president in two weeks im not sure exactly what will happen but to me you can clearly see something is, whether he gets arrested I’m not sure but somethings gonna give, it’s like intuitively most people can sense it, including myself but I’m not sure what exactly
  7. I don’t know why people are blaming trump supporters or maga for the protests the other night They’re not an organised group, they’ve no structure, no leader, you can blame individual people but not any group
  8. I find crazy how people are so triggered by him People on the left, okay they dislike the Republican Party, most of them disliked George bush for example but there was none of this hysterical rage and I don’t think there ever has been before, Bush is more right wing than Trump as well, as are most republicans but that doesn’t seem to matter? He obviously causes a huge emotional reaction in people and it’s fascinating to see, if a little bit confusing
  9. I still think trump has one more trick up his sleeve, why wouldn’t he? ive no idea what it’s, and I don’t belive it’ll be quite enough to keep Biden out but I feel something’s gonna happen over next week or so
  10. I agree, I just wondered is there some place it’s randomly been a success, maybe Brazil? but yeah human experience tells me it’s almost always gonna end in failure
  11. Has anyone ever seen multi culturalism work successfully? anyone who’s ever been in prison or worked on a large construction site knows people will always stick to their own or gravitate to their own kind if they get chance, if one race is the majority usually the other side will reluctantly go Along with becsuse they’ve no choice, but the first chance they get to escape they will people talk of London as being a great example of multi culturalism but generally speaking people stick to their own in London
  12. Can you not just fk off somewhere else? With all due respect it would make the forum a better place Something more mainstream would be better for you If I wanted to be around ‘orange man bad’ types I’d be on twitter
  13. A few people in work had it, I wasn’t forced to take the test but I had it, if I’m being honest I kind of wanted two weeks off
  14. I’ve tested positive myself, I feel great though another right days till I can stop self isolating apparently
  15. I remember visiting a dominatrix when I was younger Not the sort of sentence I ever thought I’d write but it happened i guess I saw it on pornos and it gave me a bit of a rush, i resisted it for a while because at some level I knew it was wrong but I guess in a weakness I cracked and couldn’t resist she was a lot older than me and even though I found it exciting the day after I felt totally numb and suicidial, this went on for years, i tried therapy 3/4 times and each time the therapist seemed offended and insulted , I now know they’d have been Marxist feminists and wouldn’t have been able to accept or understand my emotions i finally recovered in the end but it took me years and the lack of help was scary, it also scared me just how one sided therapy was not sure what the moral of the story is but hopefully a few people might find it interesting
  16. I honestly think it’s easy to avoid you got to be a bit wise but I don’t belive they’ll force, they just shame people who don’t have it ive said on here before, just something like I’ll tell my doctor I had it at work and I’ll tell my work my doctors already done it, I agree with the vaccine but I don’t want it twice lol all they’re thinking about is money or getting home from work or a stress free day so they won’t push you too far if that don’t work then I went to see my dad In Ireland and had the vax as he’s really old so I had no choice, Will an English doctor phone a doctor in Ireland and ask did I really have it? it’ll confuse them enough to avoid it
  17. It’s only my own thoughts and feelings so feel free to disagree but imho the virus is real and genuine but it was all planned in advance, it didn’t happen by accident. so the conspiracy theorists are 50% correct and the mainstream are 50% correct
  18. I bought his ten week course, I’m on week four, week five starts I think tomorrow, I can now do ten min cold showers which I didn’t think I’d ever be capable of, I couldn’t have managed 30 secs before I started so I’ll reserve judgment unTIL the end but it does seem good I’m impressed
  19. Its a good link but I don’t understand why it’s on the official cis website
  20. Macnamara touched on it but I was gonna mention Boyle being of irish descent will see things a bit differently A lot of English people with Irish parents or grandparents sometimes see themselves as immune to this sort of stuff because of the ‘celtic’ but the reality is to the far left you’re just another white guy,
  21. I struggle with it badly, every single person I’m close to has the effect that it takes e a few days to recover it started with my dad when I was younger and carries on to this day, I hate it so much but I prefer it to loneliness sometimes people say just cut them off but I’ve never been able to, but the effect it’s had on me is huge, when I feel drained I notice I seem to drain others sadly so I tend to just spend a few days a week recovering
  22. On the plus side at least influenza seems to be a thing of the past https://apps.who.int/flumart/Default?ReportNo=5&Hemisphere=Northern
  23. Did icke predict the great reset ? I remember asking a few months ago did icke predict the curfew/lockdown and apparently he did in 2013, any evidence he predicted the great reset?
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