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  1. According to some med beds are on their way this year so any vaccine damage can be repaired quite easily Also if trump was anti vax and didn't 'follow the science' they'd destroy him Science types are ruthless when it comes to debate and they'll convince 90% of normals quite easily
  2. Yeah i have to put why I don’t want it, have tried ignoring it for weeks but they won’t leave, I work in care, I’m no 100% but I know they’re gonna make it difficult and it’ll make me unpopular
  3. My work is pushing me to have the vaccine ive got to give a reason why on the form, anyone got any tips? thanks
  4. If he wasn’t still president they couldn’t do it, not legally possible
  5. https://rumble.com/vdlivz-mike-lindell-absolute-proof-the-important-part-only.html
  6. A lot of democrats do genuinely believe Trump and his supporters are nazis, obviously he isn’t and neither are most of his supporters but if they genuinely hold that belief then no amount of dishonesty to defeat the nazis can ever be seen as bad
  7. I’ve just finished watching absolute truth I wasn’t overly impressed until around 1 hour 36 mins and Mary Fanning spoke with Mike Surely what they showed us from them on is 100% evidence and proof, it was huge Its too late to censor it, it’s out in the open now, I’m not sure how the election can stand, it’s got to hit even the mainstream soon
  8. Here’s an interesting one You have a woman filming at castle rock studios, where they have a mock White House, she seems to belive biden is in there not the real White House heres the video On the video you can clearly see a digger or excavator machine Now if you watch Bidens speaking from his office in the whitehouse a day or two ago, you can see the digger machine out of the window heres the Biden video
  9. I stopped looking on that telegram page, some of the pics are illegal and not the sort id want to see or have in my history, I get that they’re trying to expose abuse but still I won’t look at stuff like that
  10. You’re a better person than that bullying shitbag so I’ll answer you respectfully, id meet him tomorrow if he wants, id be more than happy to I accept I could have been a bit more precise or worded it better, next time I post I will, the angle I was coming from was I: facing or noticing more and more anger towards people like me who refuse vaccines etc, much more so than even a few months ago, but I guess that’s irrelevant now
  11. You're alerting my dickhead radar in all honesty, throw your weight about all you want it won’t get you anywhere, you wouldn’t be capable of bullying me Regarding ‘doing my bit’ that’s what the text said from nhs, not my words, but the words of the nhs and like I’ve already said. Won’t be ‘doing my bit’ to please the nhs and I not be donating any plasma or having any vaccine Shitbag
  12. I didn’t ask if you were real? It was you who asked me?
  13. Thats twice you’ve called me out Either you’re trying to bully me off the forum, or you’re mistaken regarding what I was saying To give the benefit of the doubt I wasn’t telling anyone to do their bit, I was joining in on coronavirus thread, I’d had a message off the nhs regarding donating plasma, which I not be doing, nor will I be having the vaccine, however, the thread seemed an appropriate place to talk about it Not much else to add so I’ll leave it at that
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