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  1. Their is NO gay gene and no amount of manipulation or word play will change that Sexuality is more likely to do with a person's upbringing, if you're being honest with yourself you'll be able to work that out. How you manage to somehow link that to 'choosing your sexuality' is something only you understand, I don't see the link If anything I'm saying the opposite, it happened when you were so young you had no choice, but it's unlikely you were 'born that way' The gay lobby is very cunning and shrewd and we'll funded and have clearly had a big influence
  2. I get what you're trying to do but it's never gonna work The gay lobby is very shrewd but historically they've been wrong more often than they're right, remember when they lied to us until recently and claimed there was a gay gene, we now know that's a load of rubbish Your questions are irrelevant to any point I've made, but you knew that anyway surely, if someone is gay due to being raised in an overly feminine environment thats doesn't make it a choice, but it also makes a mockery of the failed born this way belief It's hard to respect someone such as yourself who is a shill for the corrupt LGBTQ look, although I accept maybe youre just naive or struggle to think for yourself
  3. Do we really have to listen to regurgitating rubbish that became popular in the 1990s Mer personally I'd rather not but each to their own Not everyone wants to buy Into your 'born this way' belief, some people like to go a bit deeper, that seems too much for you but that's not the case for everyone
  4. Thatll be mostly liberal/secular London types pushing their narrative, the church was no more homophobic than any other part of society
  5. The while church hating on gays thing is exaggerated At one time the church was the only safe place for gay men, they'd be given a wage, a job, a respected member of the community etc Mainstream/secular society wouldn't have treated them with the same kind of respect
  6. I always wonder why there is so many more gay people? Before say the 1950s it was extremely rare, Now one in ten men are gay? That means up until say 1950 one in ten men spent their whole life's successfully suppressing their sexuality Or there's another reason? I would guess nurture, family dynamics etc, noone will ever study it but I'd be fascinated to see how many men who were raised by a single mother are homosexual compared to how many men who were raised with both parents are It'll be way way higher but anyone ever mentioning it would get so much abuse I doubt they'd bother
  7. I work in care and want to level up and the only way I can do this is with a social work degree I would hate the politics, marxism, feminism etc Is it possible to just kind of ignore it and get on with the degree or will it just totally grind me down to the point where I can't cope I'm not sure if it's wiser to just swerve it completely and man up and do it and fight my corner Any advice would be appreciated Thanks
  8. I read this earlier, the mother seems extremely keen to praise the NHS, if my 15 year old daughter had died thats not something I'd even think of Also I've got a feeling she'd already had her jab and was waiting for her second one, otherwise it doesn't add up, if she was sick with myocarditis you'd stay at home and put your feet up, you wouldn't be so desperate to a covid vaccine, when one of the main nside effects of the vaccine is myocarditis
  9. Just a heads up guys, one pm local time today, it's potentially one of the biggest news stories in a long time Live link here. https://youtu.be/GnLpd7MkGL0
  10. It makes no odds to me but he would disagree with you, so would most Irish people I've met, he's not anti British he likes it here, but Britain is just a place where he lives, he'll always identify as Irish In an ideal world he'd be happier in Ireland but he wouldn't have the connections or finance or even health to be able to do it, I do believe people are more comfortable amongst their own people though
  11. Take away the religion Destroy the family, promote divorce, abortion etc Create a gender confusion Import other cultures and encourage them to keep their traditions Promote all of this in academia and the media Drugs, street drugs and pharmaceutical drugs Break up communities Pretty much all of this has been done over the last few decades
  12. Since when did immigrants want to be British? My dads Irish, he's lived here since his teens and if I told him he was British or even English he'd be offended He enjoyed living here and is happy but if he lived to 100 hed always be an Irishman I've lived in England all my life and my mum's English and I'd consider myself to be equally both, if both my parents were Irish I'd be Irish even if Id never been there
  13. Is it not a case of vaccines are potentially dangerous but to a person who's from a calm and peaceful home who is stress free, they can probably get away without being damaged Whereas kids In a chaotic, abusive environment, whose bodies are already in the stress response, you add another stressor such as a vaccine and the body goes over its limit and goes into an autistic state
  14. I'd drop a few hints and if he didn't seem to follow I'd probably back off, I've learned most people aren't able to see
  15. I think things are about to get Interesting https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/09/breaking-final-az-audit-report-hearing-results-released-next-friday/
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