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  1. Things we call "cold, flu...' are the effects of the body expediting toxins from the body which have accrued (or a new particular toxin has been recognised by the body) to a point where the body decides it's neccesary for a more 'rapid-response' over tge usual bacterial, paraxitic methods. In these cases the body produces particular viruses, dictated by the mitochondrial DNA, which forms the virus from proteins in the cell. These viruses are replicated within the cell until the cell cannot contain them, then they are released into the body system to go to work communicating via their RNA
  2. Hello friends, I'm male, origin UK, 52yrs, ex-Military, (contractor)... Therapist (natural healing) I've followed David Icke's work for over 20 years, and all that comes with that! Am now retired from work, but busy doing all I can to help this transformation along. Looking forward to all this brings.
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