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  1. **MAY DAY! MAY DAY! MAY DAY!** ***I I need your help and can help you*** G'day David. Porter here, ordained minister for the universal Life church but just another bloke seeking the truth. I've watched your stuff over the years, as has my brother with avid interest and owe you a debt for speaking up and helping me along my own journey to the self and truth. I remember watching your TV interview with Karl Stefanovic and was disgusted at the way they laughed and treated you. I can't apologise for them, but what I do say is they don't speak for all of us. I hear you've been banned from entering Australia. I found a way around that and I'm inviting you to be my guest under the aegis of the universal Life church in Canberra at your earliest convenience. As per the rule of law constitutional trump's federal and it is my constitutional right to host you. check out section 116 of the Australian Constitution as evidence. If that's not good enough to get past Australian customs or immigration I said the international alliance for religion and Faith an alliance established issue through international legislation and backed by signatory countries which the UK Australia and the United states are. This essentially unless you as a man of faith or a defender of faith all I believe to go into countries and it is your duty to uphold truth virtue and defend the trodden on from oppression by others, whether in government business or countries, or the individual. only a couple of days ago I attended the national war memorial in Canberra and became aware of a paedophile ring in this city one which I'm sure you've heard of I refer to the maglev running under Australia soil. Be at work in the tomb of the unknown soldier is masonic and clearly depicts a reptilian and technology beyond our current level... In a place they use to imbue the view the false flag of patriotism and remembrance. I'm f****** pissed off and I need to know what you know so get your ass to Australia so you and I can further the cause. Being a minister it's like the pope coming to another country he can have his own security team he can have his own religious protocols in other countries except that. I'm taking the information so I can be the the agent of change to stand against those committing these lies and repeating them. Essentially is a humanitarian mission under the banner of religion although I'm a spiritual Minister and this despise then institution of religion. And all back you 100% from the front against any cord or world body who tells you that you can't come especially since I invited you. It may also you were here tonight but I'm currently a refugee from my own state of Queensland fleeing legal and political persecution simply for speaking up for those societies forgotten. I've tried to add political pressure to both the government and the judicial system finding legal ways I can actually arrest the magistrate myself for undue process amongst other things. Queensland is considered a police state is perpetually violating human rights as they have violated more religious and human rights in my pursuit. as one man it doesn't matter how much legislation is on my side what matters is what gets done first and that's why I'm the agenda change I need what you know David and I need your eyes to see the wall memorial to point me out other areas so that I can be more effective and be the hand of justice that's needed answering only to my own conscience and to the gimp. the best part about it is there a religious protection legislations in bodies to defend that throughout the world so it doesn't matter how you look at it this invite no one can fucken say no to, coming from one brother to another. Only being one man with no financial or physical assets to assist you with this trip, as an ancestor of Steve Hart a member of the Kelly Gang, and a staunch believer in the Eureka Stockade vow an oath, your visit would be like the pulling back of the bow and I be the arrow. So what do you say David when can you get the Canberra and shake my hand? it may be a good time to bring to your attention that on the 11th of this month it will be alive televised ceremony for armistice Day Centre around the very war memorial that I spoke off. this will be broadcast to the country and to the world if they choose to see it and part of this is a minute silence where we have 60 seconds to draw the nations attention when they're quiet. The whole ceremony it's beneficial for remembering those in spirit that was served in and credibility to the GMC and the emotional spiritual sacrifice and practice ofBlood magic that i believe is occurring at they're very war memorial. where it's men fighting blindly and giving their lives for patriotism false label, weather at sea breeding and enslavement of people and children abuse the sacrifice upon a dark altar, something's got to be done. the emotional scar is already left in the nation's conscience, in the world conscience in the land itself and the galactic community. I'm inviting you and asking for your aid so I can end this s***. But I need your help. And Leia said in Star wars, help me David Icke for there's still hope. Porter (Brother Porter, ordained minister, universal Life church, Australia's defender of faith, globally).
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