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  1. Hi

    Im Gary

    Im not mad,i have a beautiful wife,i have a great house, a nice car a motorbike etc


    I had a great job till recently


    I dont believe covid excists


    Once they started masking,testing kids ,i was out


    These people want a lifestyle fact




    I had a coversation with a lawyer friend


    She said we aint gonna make any money out the nhs,so all cases are dropped


    There saving money to buy big new machines that do nothing

  2. On 12/23/2020 at 9:52 PM, EnigmaticWorld said:


    I don't like Marxian Socialism because of how anti-God it is. I'm not against all socialist ideas though. I'm right on some things and left on others. A party like Blue Labour that is serious would appeal to me. I think predatory capitalists and the far-left that are anti-property are both bad. We need a balance.

    So how do we work that balaclava?

    Capatilism isnt working,cause about 2% believe it does work

    Communism never worked cause about 2% couldnt work it


    A few nigerian guys and me were working the other day,hard physical work


    They said,why did you english take over our contry


    Wat the fuck

    Im scottish bro

    And see wen the land owners and the king and queens took over your country

    My grandparents could hardly afford to put a meal on the table


    I could just afford to take my family for amonth in nigeria

    Yet youve been in the uk for how long????


    Why the fck would i want to go nigeria and fight with you



  3. We also predicted the weather

    Day by day

    We schooled the met office


    How america was launching,huge amounts of microwaves into the ionsphere


    To stop rain


    We said


    I will come on the so called super saturday


    They wanted it

  4. Hi

    Dont understand football at the momment


    Jurgen,pep want to cancel it


    I agree


    If football stopped,maybe we will realise this covid lie we can live with

    All sports need to stop


    No shops,no sports,no talking


    Then we can see through this covid lie


    Fkn muppets at games with muzzles on,wat the fk are you doing?


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  5. What education?

    You talk about this ,as if its some mystical god


    All you learn from education is this,if your mother and father could nt be bothered with you


    You learn to socialize

    You learn to read,write and add up


    Thats it

  6. Hello

    Not hear to be a fud with a banner

    The next big scary goverment hit on the uk public 'i think'

    will be this


    National grid

    Get your candles out 


    Last nights so called mask demo, looked like a training exercise for the rozzers



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