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  1. Serious you are moderating the white rose wow
  2. Hi Im Gary Im not mad,i have a beautiful wife,i have a great house, a nice car a motorbike etc I had a great job till recently I dont believe covid excists Once they started masking,testing kids ,i was out These people want a lifestyle fact Doctors,nurses,teachers I had a coversation with a lawyer friend She said we aint gonna make any money out the nhs,so all cases are dropped There saving money to buy big new machines that do nothing
  3. Maybe if we found a way,to leaflet people with the facts Just the facts Yes we will be jailed for it,as in nazi germany I think its worth it
  4. Should we just wear a white rose? Or do what they should us to do?
  5. Last week queeny and phillip got there second jab After phillip was in hospital after there first one,thot they would have known better Oh well welcome to hell Daddys been waiting
  6. Phillip will burn in hell Thats wat his family preaches
  7. Lets make this very clear I have hatred for the royal family There nazi salutes There pedophilic nature There reproducing of family members with family members is wrong These people on a basic level are not us
  8. So how do we work that balaclava? Capatilism isnt working,cause about 2% believe it does work Communism never worked cause about 2% couldnt work it A few nigerian guys and me were working the other day,hard physical work They said,why did you english take over our contry Wat the fuck Im scottish bro And see wen the land owners and the king and queens took over your country My grandparents could hardly afford to put a meal on the table I could just afford to take my family for amonth in nigeria Yet youve been in the uk for how long???? Why the fck would i want to go nigeria and fight with you
  9. Hi I would also imagine Planes slow down, over water To get used to turbulence,if a lower altitude ie 30000ft
  10. Im a plane addict The reason for more jumbos,are because cargo lux and fed ex etc have been buying up jumbos Why ba felt it was a good time to sell off theres Wat has also happened theres bn numerous exercises happening over european skies If in doubt check flightradar 24
  11. We also predicted the weather Day by day We schooled the met office How america was launching,huge amounts of microwaves into the ionsphere To stop rain We said I will come on the so called super saturday They wanted it
  12. Wat title? You made a big deal of the chumpions league Liverpool City Spurs Foxes Ers yer end of year league
  13. Hi Dont understand football at the momment Jurgen,pep want to cancel it I agree If football stopped,maybe we will realise this covid lie we can live with All sports need to stop No shops,no sports,no talking Then we can see through this covid lie Fkn muppets at games with muzzles on,wat the fk are you doing?
  14. Hi 2012 i was part of lets say a group We tracked down and hunted We stopped a dirty bomb,in a london underground station,via german security forces.FACT We did not go through uk forces,we know there crook
  15. Im not a banner waver But we did stop the gov terrorism on the 2012 olympics fact This is like children in the playground No leadership No purpose
  16. What education? You talk about this ,as if its some mystical god All you learn from education is this,if your mother and father could nt be bothered with you You learn to socialize You learn to read,write and add up Thats it
  17. Hello Not hear to be a fud with a banner The next big scary goverment hit on the uk public 'i think' will be this National grid Get your candles out Last nights so called mask demo, looked like a training exercise for the rozzers
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