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  1. On 11/5/2020 at 9:09 PM, bamboozooka said:

    #banfireworks is trending on twatter


    do you think the dog is terrified by fireworks or terrified by having its ears and body wrapped up?

    he can't hear the bloody dog calming music




    Should we ban everything that makes dogs uncomfortable? For a few hours one evening one time a year I think they’ll survive. This mollycoddling of dogs and ‘BAN IT’ culture pisses me off

  2. 7 minutes ago, TheAwakened said:

    During lockdown my friendships have dwindled to the point now I have no real friends to speak of. Even my family members seem distant except maybe one the rest are false or mutual respect at best. 


    My younger brother hardly converses with me (its been like this for years) and as I said friends just seem to message me now and again and thats it. Most my friendships are online with no chance of ever meeting these people.


    I feel like I live in a world all alone with no hope of finding anything meaningful. I do have one good friend but I wonder how long that will last but I should be more positive as I understand (not, ''believe'') that negative thought patternings lead to the negative outcomes. 


    Humans have lost their ability to think for others deeply, I was told by someone ''lockdown hasn't affected you much because you're still working...'' I replied quickly ''I DON'T WANT TO JUST GO TO WORK AND COME HOME THATS NOT WHY AM ALIVE...'' to which he corrected himself and showed a bit of understanding.


    People seem to think life is just work and everything else is secondary including deep human relationships. 


    The world is rotten I'm only 24 I dread the future I've got ahead.


    I hear this. I’m 24 and feel extremely alone. If it wasn’t for my partner I’d be going insane. So many people abandoned me when I shared my opinion on this scamdemic.


    Don’t lose hope. Distract yourself. Hell get on Tinder and find yourself a partner. Take advantage of the technology and free time we have while the ‘outside world’ is (hopefully) temporarily out of bounds.

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