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  1. Should we ban everything that makes dogs uncomfortable? For a few hours one evening one time a year I think they’ll survive. This mollycoddling of dogs and ‘BAN IT’ culture pisses me off
  2. As far as I am aware there isn’t any appointments going on during ‘lockdown’ so nobody to force a sanction ?
  3. I genuinely can’t wear one because I have respiratory problems and the dirty looks I get when I share this with staff/police/security make me feel like a criminal.
  4. I hear this. I’m 24 and feel extremely alone. If it wasn’t for my partner I’d be going insane. So many people abandoned me when I shared my opinion on this scamdemic. Don’t lose hope. Distract yourself. Hell get on Tinder and find yourself a partner. Take advantage of the technology and free time we have while the ‘outside world’ is (hopefully) temporarily out of bounds.
  5. Just saw that Greece introduced a rule where citizens have to send a text message to the authorities whenever they LEAVE THEIR OWN HOUSE.
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