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  1. It's about thinking way out side the box. Some like you or Adam Crown would read that article and not think about using it to stop radar waves from detecting jets and war ships. Put it on the sides of jet fighters and fly sideways and the American or jet plane that fly's with the thing spinning around on top of it to detect all jets would fail.... disaster for America.
  2. I have an scientist mate that confirmed to me it does stop light. When your talking about fake Info I mean what companies tell you. The post are just scintifict reports from none making money / shares scientist. A bit different a.
  3. Umm it 100% stops all light energy? Read up on it. Like I said I have just told you how to make an 100% Stealth fighter jet.
  4. Kinda sucks how you read info and Don't know if it's true. What do you make of my 100% Stealth fighter jet? Crystals with lasers freeze up light? Wavelength is light radiation. I have just told you something top secret that would make an 100% stealth fighter jet. Cool a?
  5. You want real info bro? I'm a pro strategies and research this. Crystals with laser's stop photons, well light. Radar wave is light. So all you do in on the reflection edge's is put crystals and they hold the light for 5+ min. last I read I think it said permanently. I just read an post about scientist testing laser's with crystals and that they found they could hold light...the only thing known to Holt light is an black hole bro. Laser's with crystals do just that. I'm so smart and out things together. Lockheed Martin in the afterlife is having
  6. I guess I just need to ask you how you got this top secret info? Talk is talk and sale pitches. Most the time they all lie about info and technology for more investors? Investors won't buy shares unless they lie to the public about where there going with new technology? Why did the world buy the F-35 for? Why did America claim they spent $1.3 trillion on the F-35 when the F-22 still can't be exported? That means they just robbed the west country's and the F-35 is an lemon from what I hear. The F-35 is an water down version of the F-22 100%. Thing
  7. Bro if what you said is true why is the world buying Lockheed American Martin F-35 jet fighters? Lmao. But yet Europe and the U.K are close? Please do reply bro? Thanks for your feedback bro and for being polite .
  8. That's so funny because they are stealth for a less distance? Knowbody can match Lockheed Martin's afterlife technology and it's why the F-22 raptor can't be exported? Sorry these other jet fighters are all stealth to an distance. What's the point of having an stealth fighter that can be seen by radar before you can destroy it? Only the F-22 Raptor can sees enemy radar and fire on them before being detected. Bro answer this one. How about There lockon see first technology? Once again Lockheed Martin is the only company that can lock onto others Jets and rada
  9. We'll Assad will be fine in the afterlife. He will trial the very same sick evil people that are called the CIA down here....9/11. Assad can lock them up in an 2 by 4 cell for as long as his been stuck in the embassy and sentence then for upto 30,000 years in jail if his not released soon. Don't I sound like someone powerful from the afterlife hey?
  10. And did you know to make it way more suspicious, that the weather changed to the worst on record once they went in? Not only that but autumn was changed bring the weather way way forward to Winter time? Computer program yes indeed. Way 2 many coincidence here. I'm surprised the CIA haven't bribed the admin yet? They only did 9/11. Reply if you can? You didn't reply to guy above that can't even understand basic English with some easy to correct errors. Thanks for proving it I'm in shock. Can't believe there's an afterlife. Makes sense
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