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  1. It’s so strange people that have never really lived can be so afraid to die.
  2. Never thought I would agree more with right wing bible thumpers then liberals the parties have been totally inverted the republicans now stand for freedom/anti establishment and the liberals for draconian rules
  3. That’s very interesting the Peruvians do a similar healing process but the use the image of a snake they send into your body then when it cleans you it comes out and dies (hopefully) I’ll order his book I’ve never heard of a obsidian mirror before......
  4. Do you have a website or link to psychic surgery ? ive not heard of this before you don’t mean long distance reiki?
  5. yes,from what I understand the south side can harm you if left on for long periods of time. it’s a common method of dealing with sports injuries but can be useful for everything from headaches to sprained ankles. epsom salts baths are great to :)
  6. I’ve bought a couple of those 9010 power capsules they are suppose to neutralize 5 g energy hard to tell if there working but a I feel good and they have lots of positive feedback on there group chat
  7. Well I made it back to Canada was forced to wear a mask on the leg from Europe to the states and from the states to Canada even with a accredit legal medical system exemption signed by a doctor. also got a 3000 dollar fine for refusing to go to the concentration camp. the only positive experience was the RCMP in the airport agreeing with me that this is insane. There may be hope.
  8. Did not give up I believe there are higher dimensions powers at play we don’t currently understand. part is f it seems to be they need to break your will and get you to agree I will never agree
  9. Ya I’ll definitely be refusing my nose has been raped twice already in the last 18 hours
  10. Well traveling right now with my medical mask exemption quite the experience I must say KLM has been very accommodating going so far as to call ahead to each layover so they don’t hassle me to much. quite the interesting conversation with the chief steward “I’ve never dealt with someone who has a medical exemption” “are you ok?” It’s amazing like these people live in a completely different world.
  11. That is a very naive view almost all wars are fought for resources and the idea that there is patriotic duty behind them is BS. there usually financed on both sides by the same elite scum and Amount to crimes against humanity.
  12. I’m also a reiki master and I’ve lived in Peru,the natives there along with using plant medicine use singing to heal. it seems making large life changes is not one Herculean task but many small day to day choices.
  13. I’m not wishing anyone’s demise but the majority of the population has treated the planet horribly and mocked anyone who tried to speak out against the environmental atrocities out species has caused. the sad part is it’s the same elite who benefited from this destruction that are bringing in our current situation.
  14. Yes,I think I would and there is something rewarding about providing for yourself,doesn’t mean you have to mentally shut down I’ve already got a good start on my library and I’m willing to help people which is very rewarding. knowledge will be the currency of the future imo
  15. It is a strange phenomenon I’ve noticed a lot of people with open minds/alternative to mainstream news seem to agree that as the elite do a lot of people need to or at least kind of deserve to die. wouldn’t that be a pickle whats the old saying keep your enemies close ?
  16. I didn’t say we would be traveling simple life is find by me the only ones living will be growing there own food imo
  17. Have you talked to the average citizen lately? Im much more comfortable alone or with the few like minded people I know the ones who aren’t still raving about q anon. the reality is we have treated the planet and each other horribly overall and if 20% get out of this mess alive it would be surprising
  18. I was thinking of starting a remote viewing forum but don’t have the computer know how
  19. We are entering a new age I believe by 2025 this will be looked back on as a horrible time in human history. unfortunately it will be to late for 80% of humanity. futures looks bright for the survivors thou :)
  20. And they know where it leads they don’t want another holodomoor watch Mr Jones
  21. I’ve said this exact question. the answer “the social distancing,masks increased hand washing etc is working so well the common flu is gone” honestly I understand why the elites,cabal etc hold humanity in such disdain they tried this masking bs at the begging of the century with one of the plagues and were told to shove it. to many people can’t think and just parrot whatever they here on the nightly aptly named programming.
  22. I am in Ukraine and was just in a government building no one wearing masks I asked the guy who was doing my paper about it “I fucking hate those things”
  23. I really feel for these people anyone who has studied history is crazy to trust the government on this or anything else the whole scene reeks. add into it the global food production dropping off a cliff and it’s not a far stretch to say a good culling is in order. “The survivors will have a much healthier world” Henry Kissinger
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