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  1. Nurse Tiffany Dover Vaccination cover up Something didn't seem right that she's a nurse who faints on a regular basis. This nurse fainted 17 minutes after having the covid vaccine. This is what I've just seen. https://beforeitsnews.com/terrorism/2020/12/nurse-tiffany-dover-vaccination-death-cover-up-nurse-kaitlin-kaufman-murdered-by-vaccine-mafia-rockwatch-2462304.html
  2. I remember Claire Edwards (ex United Nations) mentioning something about EMF radiation, but I can't find it anymore. Maybe search on that.
  3. Eggs are quite rich, I can only have 1 these days, and not very often as I'm getting allergic now.
  4. But people are waking up to this, and they definitely do not consent. What exactly do you suggest?
  5. Hi everyone My name is Nats and I've just joined. I first heard about David when a friend told me about him a year ago. I bought The Trigger, a lot to read. I could not believe what I was reading, I didn't want to believe it, but the more I checked it out the more I found it to be true (not quite sure about shape shifters yet). All I can say is my eyes have been opened to what's really going on in the world, and what a shock, some horrifying stuff! I find so much detail in the book, it was a lot to take in, but at last things make sense. My family don't want to hear it, even though I point things out what was written about and has now happened. It must have been rather lonely in the beginning for DI.
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