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  1. I have a very dark feeling about the truth movement I think they want to take us into riot situations
  2. I think they would rather be able to see what I'm doing then get rid of me .. I've been exposing these staged events for 2 years now starting from speakers corner
  3. If that's who I think it is she is the daughter of a councillor that I have exposed
  4. I haven't made a video about it yet or anything but think of it this way ,,, it fits in with the defund the police agenda doesn't it . We have seen piers corbyn merge with Sasha Johnson (BLM) who again wants to defund the police
  5. Thank you , kind words mean a lot in this time we are living through
  6. Yes and I said this last year however , it's disturbing that they are being controlled without even knowing Again like I said in the video I made .. those who speak on stage don't seem to want to condemn people throwing glass bottles at police , or people biting one another outside downing street or spitting at police . Proof of all of this on my videos as well .
  7. What might have been used for "Sarah everard" ?
  8. This link you gave me was basis for one of my videos so thanks for posting it golden retriever!!
  9. One of them is replying to Lawrence fox, interesting !
  10. Ok so why does the "truth movement" never Criticise the so called violence that happens after these events .They never distance themselves from it and seem happy for the msm to report it without voicing their disapproval, Red flag to me . https://youtu.be/_D8thN0zBZ0
  11. You personally witnessed it ? Well there is no footage whatsoever so that makes you a witness , so did you film it
  12. Lol ok , so this man has incited violence against the police on camera , stand up x cannot be trusted they have a member who was saying the jab was the only thing stopping him seeing his girlfriend
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