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  1. No, look up the other meaning of 19. I am sure you'll love it there. OVER AND OUT.
  2. Aha. Well, you are not understanding what I am communicating to you. I will leave you with a wonderful true story, happened some months ago. This guy showed up here with his friend, supposedly coming to help out. They turned out to be weed junkies, constantly smoking. Really seems to mess up peoples mind, but anyway. I, one day, explain to this guy that certain individuals had stolen from me in the past and I do not appreciate behavior like that. He listens. He leaves some time later and steals both my flashlights. He is messaged about it, but he doesn't reply. So, I walk around here and decid
  3. Number 19? Well, I have known about this for quite some time: http://www.mesacc.edu/~thoqh49081/handouts/19.html#:~:text=God's name in Arabic%2C 'Allah,118123 or 19 x 6217. And this: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:19_(number)#Islam%3A_%2319_in_Qur'an So, apparently, number 19 refers to God and Jesus according to certain sources. Kinda funny. I had this whole thing with 11 and 38, you know? Like in Star Wars man. Jedis man...
  4. Surface level? And you know this how exactly? Because I do not believe what you believe? You know what's funny? I bought this apartment years ago. Yeah, I left. But, it was number 19. I was living there when these Muslims tried to kill me on the street, because I had gotten into an argument with a Muslim guy, who asked me if I wanted to invest my money in his trailer full of weed plants. Which is illegal. Apparently discussing things in a civilized manner was beyond their capabilities. Violence seemed to be their tool of choice. Let me ask you something: Do you support sharia law?
  5. Yes, well, I am sorry. I had decided not to get involved in other threads, but this is.. Well. Changed my mind. I can assure you that you are not living in the Matrix. I can also assure you that Islam was not created by your parents. It gets difficult to determine, after reading most of the last posts, who is trying to pull who's leg here right? If any. For some reason, after reading all of this, It just reminds me of this old track that was popular once upon a time. Maybe you guys will like it. Lets jam right? Have a nice day!
  6. A generalised reply. I have read the other threads on this board and have chosen not to participate in any of those discussions. There seems to be an interpretation/push by certain people to constantly want to pin "evil" on certain aspects of Christian religion. I put evil in quotes, because evil does not exist. Let me explain. There is a constructive force, the creator, that is good. The opposite of that, is a destructive force, but such a force would also destroy itself. It has no love for anything, nor itself. What there is, is people who do bad things to others. They seemingly do not under
  7. How about you come have a chat with me on the thread instead of trying to take stabs at me over here? You completely misrepresent what that document says, so either you are dumber than dirt or you are one of those people that sleepwalks through life. If you have something to say, you know where. Else, keep your unintelligent opinion to yourself. It is non constructive, and YOU are part of the problem. Have a nice day!
  8. Do people actually know how God/Jesus separates the sheep and the goats then? You see, an intelligent shepherd has them do that by themselves. What he does is, create a whole bunch of somewhat human like beings, different ones, in the past, and makes them go extinct before he actually places modern humans, in his own image he chose, on the planet. Then, he creates a whole bunch of variants of certain species, puts them all over the place, including on this island. Galapagos right? Then you have this ass go there on a boat. And he writes a book. Ever since, these people who do not have the fain
  9. You know what is also very funny? To get back to the written account, as I left out more: One day, the hat wearing mutherfucker(Oh, I am still getting to him later.) decided to start talking more BS after I had explained something to him. He then started laughing and thought it was funny to propose there would be this girl that would be talking about the second world war and the jews. So... I SAID OK. Now, for those that actually paid attention, such a person actually did appear. Her name, Veronica BouCHard. Otherwise known as Evalion. Apparently, after a break from soc
  10. Can I do like a musical interlude here? Kind of reminds me of Monty Python and the Holy Grail right? That has to be, still to this day, one of the funniest movies I have ever seen.. Well, I am still waiting. Working on a certain stipulation. Might have sent more messages. Yeah, my memory is kinda vague right now. I can't SEEM to recall exactly who I have been emailing. But, anyway.. O yeah, how about.. I have been really busy lately. So: And: Yeah, I know.. And to stay really on topic. We got the Omega thing go
  11. While I am waiting to most probably retract the offer mentioned in the written account, I will get back to telling some more truth that certain people can then say is all BS ok? - All this new age energy vibration oogie boogie nonsense is just that. Nonsense. If you are using it as a metaphor, my advise would be to STOP IT. All of that is coming from misinterpretations of science by people who do not even understand how electricity works, but supposedly can give you the answers to Quantum Mechanics right? - Wave/particle, and specifically wave function collapse how it is called
  12. Aha. Well, I guess Jennette McCurdy does not want to direct my movie "idea". No problem, no problem. There is something I would like to add here, that I completely forgot to write down in the written account linked in the first post. Yeah, just slipped my mind right? When I was at that workplace, the assclowns decided to make fun of my name. Now, apparently it is difficult to make fun of my name. So, what they came up with is: The slogan of Logan. Well. I then asked them if they wanted to hear my slogan and they did. So, I told them: "Het is struik wat ik gebruik."
  13. I wanted to share a little side project I have been working on, that some people might be happy to know about. It involves this guy known by the name Onision. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Onision As you can read, CHris Hansen already paid him a visit once. So, as I was feeling charitable one day, I decided to email Onision and offer him a deal. If he accepted the deal, I would leave him alone. It took quite some time, but he did respond. His response was: "What?". That was it. So, apparently the deal is off. I sent him a response as well. This fantastic track, which
  14. Yeah, I see the BS about the Anunnaki is still going on right? Hey, maybe I know those guys right? They suck. No, really. Here is Brutale 16. Maybe that means something. I don't know man. Just got up and stuff.. Have a nice day!
  15. Euhm, yeah, last thing for the evening. Cliff RiCHard man. There might also be something with the colors. And the lyrics. It's nice right? I think so. No really. Doesn't always have to be boom boom boom. But, you gotta say(sing) something valid and nice right? Mja... Bye!!
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