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  1. Alright. It is time for another true story I really do not like but, for certain reasons, I must tell it anyway. Years ago I was at this workplace, as mentioned in the written account linked in the first post, where something happened that damaged a certain individual which was actually not my intention, quite the contrary. It was the fault of a man named Peter, and so people do not get confused which Peter I am talking about, I will from now on refer to him by the nickname I gave him: "The hat wearing mutherfucker". Spelled with a u. A very important detail. Yes, he knows about it
  2. Alright. I am going to explain something a bit more clearly, as I know for a fact after asking people about it directly they did not get it, so more people actually understand something that is in the Christian scriptures. Now, the old testament, Genesis 1:3 : And God said, "Let there be light," and there was light. So, reading that, it would be logical to conclude that God can program this reality with spoken language right? Lets now have a look at the new testament, Matthew 26:34 : "Truly I tell you," Jesus answered, "this very night, before the rooster crows
  3. I have decided to write a general reply, as I will be explaining something for all to read and understand. The previous posts start immediately with ad hominem attacks and backhanded insults which serve no purpose in any questions directed at me. They really will get you nowhere. The fact that someone is unwilling to read information that will answer his/her question says enough that I am unwilling to invest the time in such a person. There is a synopsis. It is linked in the original post. There are quite an amount of details left out of that written account. Some of which I have already added
  4. Very well. It seems I did: "My name is Leslie, I am the Development Manager. Lauren is no longer with us. I will forward your email accordingly. Have a nice day, Leslie" Synopsis? Oh, I am good at that. Here you go! Have a nice day!
  5. Dear Peter, I am very sorry, but your question does not make any sense. If you would have actually read everything here, including the first post, which actually explicitly mentions comments like yours, you would understand your question makes no sense. But, since I am in a good mood, I will exercise a bit of charity. Have you ever seen family guy? It's a great show right? With this guy Peter always doing silly and stupid things. Have you seen the spiderman episode? Apparently everybody gets one right? Here you go! Have
  6. Aha. Well, I think Emma has forfeited her opportunity right? Everything starts with choice right? In the meantime, I would like to highlight some other things for people. So, I will do so. People remember Abraham Lincoln? What is interesting is his assassin, John Wilkes Booth, was born in 1838. And apparently was killed at a location with the coordinates 38.1385°N 77.2302°W. I can tell you that the reason Abraham Lincoln was assassinated was NOT the 13th amendment: "The Senate passed the amendment on April 8, 1864, by a vote of 38 to 6;"
  7. I am very sorry. I forgot one little detail. Yeah. The last year right? And what then? Well, I would like everybody to meet my now deceased dog. Her name was DuCHess. A Doberman PinsCHer. She was really nice. She also really liked smiling at people, as you can see in the picture. Happy new year! (And HUN is 8 21 14=835, 538 backwards, but who's counting right?)
  8. So, after making it perfectly clear that people now have less than 1 year to make changes, before this entire reality is deleted... Your personal beliefs are completely irrelevant. None of you dictate what reality actually is nor (obvious reading the internet, your books and listening to your opinions) do you understand it. I will be doing a couple of things here at the same time. Because I can. So, while people have started on step 1 written about in a previous post right? Hmm.. Well, I wouldn't be much of a trafficker of information if I didn't know what was going on
  9. After sleeping on it, turns out I do have a track for this. Not really a christmas song now is it? Meh.. And of course, ROOLER=18+15+15+12+5+18=83.. But, who's counting right?
  10. Wait a minute.. wait a minute... You might say, what else did this guy, the man of lawlessness do then? A lot more. I would like to tell people about it: - Illegally transporting things across the border from Germany. - Not putting his kids in school until his ex-wife forced him to, when the oldest was already 10 years old. - Scam the insurance company for a lot of money, saying he had had an accident, while his now disability was caused by a neighbor who hit him in the head with a hand axe for attacking his daughter. - Because certain people that volunteer here in certain ca
  11. It just occured to me there might be people who do not know what to learn. Well, you could start here, actual physics with visual presentations! A lot better and truthful than the false interpretations of these new age charlatans like "What the bleep do we know?". https://youtube.com/user/EugeneKhutoryansky How about 5G?: How about free energy?: And you might have a look at these 4 channels as well, as they are informative and sometimes fun as well: https://youtube.com/c/physicsgirl
  12. After thinking about it for a while, I have decided to reveal some other information some people might find interesting. You see there has once again, with certain people, been a misunderstanding. If you would ask certain religious people if God created this reality, including people etc. they would answer yes. But, how many would tell you he still does to this day? Yes, God is still creating people. It very simply does not state in the original biblical texts he ever stopped does it? It says he rested after he ended his initial creation work. The idea that certain people have been fed that an
  13. I think it is actually supposed to be a st. Peters cross. In 5 seconds I could find an Anglican church using the inverted cross, so it definitely is not out of the question and not only a catholic thing. I think jumping the gun and immediately calling it part of something bad is really premature and negative. https://www.stpetersmemphis.org/welcome-2
  14. There is an extra part I actually want to explain, which is essential. A previous post did mention something about rules people were unaware of. Well, if you pay attention, you might notice the letters CH appearing in certain names, titles etc. Curious. It even is present in the movie Revolver. By Guy Ritchie. In the movie itself there is of course a Dorothy Macha. Now, I know from experience, as I have actually sat down with multiple groups of people to watch it, that many people seem to have trouble following the movie. There are 3 things I would like to highlight. The 2 most important
  15. No matter how government seems to work nowadays people need to start understanding a simple fact. The government is supposed to work for the people and their needs. That is not what is currently going on at all. Most supposed developed countries have a representative "democracy". I put that word in quotes, because it should actually be replaced by "group dictatorship" in the dictionary. There is nothing democratic about representation by some group. I don't know how you people have experienced this, but 9/10 times, if I say anything to certain individuals and I am present when they retell what
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