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  1. It's a good thing we don't carry over the memories from previous lives, isn't it? Imagine the multitude of debts folk might want repaid or feuds that would be attempted to be settled? I'm not sure this existence could happen without the mind wipe. To have to carry the pain of all those lives would be too much for anyone but an enlightened soul. If that's the sort of mind wipe of memory you're referring to? "Many a truth out of the mouths of sucklings doth come" thanks to that erasing
  2. I believe the EU would claim that the asteroid belt is indeed created by mass excavations of planets during planetary upheavel. Not sure about the total destruction of any one planet or planets. These excavations occurring by way of gigantic interplanetary lightning bolts that then throw off huge amounts of debris that become asteroids. It's suggested that this is how mountains, canyons, ocean floors or, for instance, Valles Marineris on Mars is formed. Close proximity of planets giving rise to naturally occurring gigantic lightning bolts. A cosmic painting brush if you will that the Earth would be the lesser without. The notion is that this occurred when Saturn, as a Brown Dwarf and Earth's previous life giving Sun, came close enough to our present Sun to discharge and become a Gas giant (or there abouts). Not sure then that this is in total accord with EU theory on this matter as Saturn is no longer a brown dwarf. As an aside, brown dwarfs are even proposed by conventional cosmologists to provide a very beneficial environment for life for those planets/moons orbiting it. Also, you could not see inside it's plasma sheaf so we could not know of life existing in such places where the temperature and light would be equal over it's whole surface. The high red light in these environments is also very beneficial to the growth of plants and that would explain the remnants of gigantic flora supposedly found in colder climates. How and why this occurred is indeed up for speculation, or claim, and I wouldn't exclude the possibility that it was instigated by The Annunaki. What caused the end of this Golden Age? My own feeling is that the humanity of that time had reached such a level of evolved consciousness, that this planetary existence was no longer necessary and that they experienced "The Rapture". Brown dwarfs are, I think, also able to move on interplanetary courses like a huge spaceship - don't quote me there though. I'd guess that the Clash of the Titans, as it's also called, is for another round to evolve a completely new consciousness or further refine the previous one. I doubt this is exact but, if it were a Golden Age as claimed, there's no power that can confound a race that's already reconnected to the divine source if, in fact, they did. Certainly, I'd guess most EU proponents would disagree that it was insidiously instigated but they might be wrong, eh?
  3. They may even have actually turned it off. I've heard of them turning them off before yet the person had a wifi meter which showed that it was still on. If you don't have an Accousticom 2, or similar, I'd at least hire a meter from the Healthy House to check. In this day and age, everyone should own a microwave meter. I know a few people who've had them removed so it is possible
  4. Only got so much Jesus to go around
  5. Another fave with a well made fan vid
  6. Inspired by the 6th painting in Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer series
  7. Have been thinking about this lately and this seems like a good platform to share those thoughts.. I'm basing what I'm saying from listening to two separate but similar sources. Ultimately, the contention is that only realised individuals will have any affect on the outward structure because they have, first and foremost, brought clarity in themselves. Any change from confusion only brings about more of the same. If a person can first bring clarity in himself and then from that clarity act.. Bearing in mind that it appears that not one single person in the world has done this. This would be quoting J Krishnamurti but it does not matter from whom it is said, either it is true or not. Is belief necessary? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBtIUWnKoZ0 Also, these thoughts come from listening to this audio of the Dao De Jing which is, as some of you may know, a treatise on the art of government as well as "right living". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2UYch2JnO4 To quote again: All idealogies are idiotic whether religious or political, because it is the conceptual word, conceptual thinking, which has so unfortunately divided man. A concept being a frozen idea applied to living which is a moving, fluctuating phenomenom. All human beings being caught in conceptual thought can therefore do no more than perpetuate the state of affairs even if they mean well. So it doesn't make much difference whether the left or right govern because they are both peopled by the deeply confused who are caught in the conceptual word (time). Presently, as far as I can tell, there is not one realised human being on earth. I use that term loosely but if you can appreciate the possibility that there can be such a thing, then the conversation might have meaning to you. I'll be honest, I used to think that a one world government might be helpful in that, at very least, one might assume no more war as nationalism and the divisions it brings, you'd expect, would be dissolved. Perhaps, to some, that might be the intent and to others, not. But, I've passed any feeling or belief that it would be helpful and likely insidious. Though, I would guess that in a world where the individuals had brought clarity within themselves and ended nationalism and all that first, a one world "government" from a purely functional and administative perspective, might be useful. But not from a governing point of view. So, a few of us must end the self for any real chance of "peace on earth". I say a few because from what I can tell and have read, it only takes half a dozen to have a global affect. To see all issues before they arise and act accordingly. Down to me and you then with the rest just being straw dogs, as the Dao De Jing would say.
  8. Folk wearing masks in their cars with the windows closed
  9. By a cold, we generally mean a blocked stuffy nose, yes? On every occasion, I've come across so called "colds" in family members, it has been possible to "cure" it immediately. This can be done in one of two ways: acupuncture on colon 5 on the hand or using a salt inhaler. The former being more likely to work immediately with the use, by yourself, of an electro-acupuncture device. Electro-acupuncture being more powerful in my experience than needle treatments though they may work too. From what I can gather, in both instances, you're activating a sluggish/bliocked colon. Brought on by diet or excess and the like. The colon meridian starts on the index finger, runs up through the arms, over the shoulders, up through the neck, around the mouth and, most specifically here, up either side of the nose ending at the top. Hence, a blocked or sluggish colon creates an energetic block in the nose. As is often found, "colds" do not always produce phlegm and so could be said also to be an energetic block in nature. Activating colon 5 has always, in my experience, immediately removed any feeling of having a blocked nose or cold. The way a salt inhaler clears a cold, or flu, is similar but coming from a different angle. You cannot have a colon issue without also having a lung issue as the latter meridian precedes the former - lung meridian high phase is 3-5am and colon meridian is 5-7am. Therefore, when you greatly soothe and relax the lungs using a salt inhaler, this meridian is then free to flow smoothly into the colon meridian and free that up too. Normally this will present as a bowel evacuation and your nose will clear as the colon meridian terminates either side of it. When looking at health issues this way, you can easily diagnose and treat many illnesses. For instance, stuttering is caused by bowel issues as the colon meridian flows through the voice box. Similar also to Tourettes. Both likely the result of vaccine damage to the bowel. Hence why asthma is one of the results of vaccine damage as the lung meridian is closely associated with the colon meridian.
  10. If I recall, Einstein took more seriously, as did others, Velikovsky's theories and assertions following his accurate predictions of what would be found when probes visited the various planets- Venus in partcular. The big seller for the Electric/Plasma Universe, in general, is it's highy accurate ability to predict celestial phenomena. In conventional cosmology, we're always met with "breaks the laws of physics" or "shouldn't exist". This is because conventional cosmology just does not understand the basic fundamentals of how the universe works or is created. Not to forget that the known universe consists mostly of plasma and therefore anyone viewing it must have an understanding of how plasma and electromagnetism behaves. When the first probe was sent to Venus, it was expected to be similar to Earth. Velikovsky predicted it would be very different and that the surface and atmosphere would several hundred degrees. He was, of course, correct and interest in his work was re-ignited. He based his prediction partly on the notion that Venus was a relatively new planet- possibly 10-12000 years old, and as such, still very hot. Don't quote me specifically but in these ballparks. He also predicted that Saturn would emit microwaves and was correct etc etc etc When you take into account that the gas giants have somewhere around a couple of hundred moons, the idea is that the moons are birthed from them, in many instances at least. I believe Velikovsky's book was on Einstein's table if I'm correct. Whilst some of his assertions have now been refuted by current enthusiasts of his work and the Electric Universe in general, his body of work and many of the assertions are still highly regarded. And then there was the modern day "book burning" of his best seller "Worlds in Collision".
  11. Anthony Perrat is a plasma physicist who attended an electric universe conference. He was very surprised to see that the pertorglyphs shared at the conference were identical to high energy plasma discharges viewed inside the classified laboratory environment where he worked. Why did rock art resemble high energy plasma discharghe only presently viewed in a classified environment? The idea is put forward that it was viewed in the ancient sky as the rock art is slightly different, to a very specific degree, depending on where one is stood and viewing it from the Earth's service. Squatter man petroglyph as plasma discharge:
  12. Watching this now. Straight off, I'd go with the strong possibility that humans have been around for millions of years. Partly basing that on the fact that humans have been scientifically proven not to have evolved from any known primate. This has forced science to come up with the "common ancestor" theory, which is no more than a theory. So science has no idea on the actual history of human kind as evolution has no basis in fact. Also, we tend to view ourselves as humans rather than spirits. Science does, at least. Could human kind, as the physical form, be viewed as a vehicle for evolving/growing cosciouness? If we could entertain the ideas of Dark Ages followed by Golden Ages, that are followed by cataclysms; what would be the point of that? It might seem like a cycle of birthing, coming of age/worldwide "buddahood" and then dying on a global level via cataclysm for the purpose of a completely new consciousness coming into being- creation. For something new to happen, something might need to end. That previous one global consciousness then moves onto planetary level, i.e. becomes a planet/moon in itself. Perhaps not that but to illustrate a point. In the bible it talks of human kind being cast to the winds, separated, following a Golden Age and almost made to be divided by creed, sect, colour and language. The hundreds of years old living humans then losing the connection with source and having to start over and grow a completely new consciousness to the one that has passed on to a higher level. Potentially reincarnated from the animal kingdom with all the notions of territorial divisions brought into the human realm. Cataclysms erase a great deal and carbon dating is thought to be majorly flawed by many.
  13. Potentially, pretty much everything we learnt in geography, earth history and cosmology is incorrect. It covers so many topics that it disproves many at the same time. One easy way to describe it is in crater formation. Craters are generally thought to be impact created by meteorites yet 90% of them appear to have been hit directly from above vectoring directly to the centre of the planet or moon. Clearly, this impossible as most impacts would be at an angle to the vertical. So what causes craters? They can and have been accurately reproduced in labs using electrical discharge arcing so the notion is that they are created by gigantic interplanetary lightning bolts occuring during a time of inter planetary upheaval - Clash of the Titans. Craters can be hexagonal, have bullseye craters smack in the middle, smaller craters placed around the perimeter of larger craters, craters in a straight line etc. Going back to the Clash of the Titans, Medusa is seen as the Planet Venus in her "Terrible Aspect" moving across the sky as a large comet and, at one point, interacting with the Earth to cause massive planetary scarring via interplanetary lightning bolts. The valleys and the mountains being thus created instantaneously. The scene in Clash of the Titans whereby if you look in her face, you're turned to stone. Even in native American Lore, it's stated that after coming back above ground, animals had been turned to stone. Emmanuel Velikovsky ignited much interest in the topic with his Best Seller "Worlds in Collision". He has some excellent vids on Youtube. One of the best watches, is "Symbols of an Alien Sky"
  14. Oh, I just uploaded my first youtube vid. Might be a tad premature to start sharing but here it is.
  15. Hello, swung by here before but wasn't really for me though I'd liked a fair bit of it. A few life experiences have swayed me toward taking alot of this more seriously. Would consider myself a T.I. which was a bit of a jolt at first but not so much now though it aint going away. Currently in a caravan on the sides of roads so homeless, 7 months now. Have Multiple Chemical Sensitivty, Electrosensitivity and M.E. So a few challenges! Interests are organic farming, complimentary therapy, Tai Chi- not currently practising, Electric Universe, spirituality- Dao de Jing; Krishnamurti, underground esoteric hip hop. I guess I'm here as little I can share that'll raise eyebrows and that'd be a nice change. I think I can be a little bit self absorbed so working on that. Hope to find some like minds though I don't mind what folk think, I'd be friends with unlike minds if their game. Peace be with us all, the others too
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