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  1. Well, it's kind of cake and eat it. You say the EU back up your claims and are also wrong. Their assertion that Saturn was our previous Sun (as a Brown Dwarf not like our present Sun) is backed up by a vast amount of Mythological data spanning the globe and being in accord across continents. The EU, and I don't speak for them and could be corrected everytime I say "The EU", don't ever try to attempt to explain how the Earth could've moved according to your assertions as they don't even propose it occurred. They have provided alot of data to back up their claims. If I may, there's seems to be very little knowledge here of the EU paradigm in general. A deeper look might resolve that and who knows, might reveal data to back your friend's claims. As far as how Earth moved following Saturn's discharge from a Brown Dwarf into a Gas giant, whilst there would've been a degree of chaos involving ice ages and times when the atmosphere was unbreathable, some survived through going underground. The movements proposed do not disagree with orbital mechanics when I view them. Also, it's been proposed by myself and others that many of the Earth's ancient monuments, henges, barrows and pyramids, would greatly assist the Earth's movement or rather, self creating environment, at these times and may have been partly why they were built. But that's theory.
  2. This may have been shared also but, if not, I think it has meaning to this conversation. This fb link discusses the many flaws in isolating "viruses". If you scroll down, it discusses the case brought against Dr. Stefan Lanka who'd offered 100,00 Euros to anyone who could prove the existence of the measles virus. He won the case and the existence of measles has *never* been proven. Quote: "Dr Lanka states that the scientifically valid method for the isolation of any alleged virus is the density gradient centrifugation technique. This technique is apparently referenced in all current textbooks but for some reason is never used by the laboratories such as the NVRL. I would like the NVRL to carry out a simple experiment: 1) Attempt to isolate the measles virus using the density gradient centrifugation technique. 2) As a control experiment isolate any so-called giant virus such as the Marine Brown Algaectocarpus siliculosus virus using the density gradient centrifugation technique. I am certain that it will be impossible to isolate the measles virus or any other alleged pathogenic virus (such as HIV, HPV, H5N1, mumps, rubella, IAVs, novel corona virus etc) because they do not exist. However, it is possible to isolate the so-called giant viruses with a diameter of 120-150nm; I believe almost 3000 of these giant viruses have to date been isolated by the density gradient centrifugation technique. https://www.facebook.com/notes/tracey-northern/prove-the-existance-of-coronavirus/10157170035063865/ Might as well add this:
  3. In The HIV test, a virus is not tested for but antibodies that every human has. Only when you are said to have a certain amount of these antibodies are you said to have HIV. It's a contradiction in terms as some antibody tests rely on you having a low number to get a positive test result. I might be overquoting this text here but I think it has some meaning to our current situation. There's a line in the Dao De Jing - If you want to stop something, you must first allow it to flourish. I don't think it's advocating inaction. The situation certainly fetters out the easily fooled. I've come across hardcore anarchists who resolutely adhere to and back the lockdown so the playing field is certainly different and new. My guess is that it's gonna shoot itself in the foot at some point. Things were going badly anyway so potentially need to get worse before they get better. I thought I knew a fair bit about germ theory and so called viruses prior to the current debacle but, obviously, I didn't and info I may never have come across has been brought to my attention. Stuff like this (excuse if these memes have already been posted):
  4. 6 of one... In the condemnation of others lies the justification of ourselves?
  5. Ceres is thought by the EU to be a dwarf planet, no massive craters like Vesta (Vesta has a crater that is 460 km across and 13km deep which is huge- a lightning bolt crater 80% that of it's diameter of 525km), so would not be considered an asteroid, also due to it's spherical nature. The difference between comets and asteroids generally is only their orbit. Venus, which is obviously much larger than Ceres even, and a planet, is viewed as once being a comet ejected from Jupiter as a planet/moon. The EU do put forward that the Earth used to have another luminary. I stated that in my previous post. This luminary was Saturn, according to myth also, before it discharged as a Brown Dwarf approaching our present Sun and became a Gas giant. Gas Giants are viewed by conventional cosmology as "failed suns". They also give out more energy than they receive from the Sun. During the discharge, proto planets, asteroids and comets can be ejected to resettle the new eletrcial environment. You seem to be suggesting that the Brown Dwarf was peopled- this other luminary was the sun's companion which is now a Brown Dwarf ... but neither conventional science nor EU can possibly explain how it could be moved and end up orbiting the sun especially without killing everyone aboard. Do you mean that the planets orbiting this brown dwarf couldn't have sustained life during upheavel? Certainly many were killed. Here we bring in the underground chambers and subterranean cities found today. In Native American Lore they speak of coming back to the surface and finding animals instantly fossilised which can occur via lightning strikes. No doubt it would've been a very inhospitable environment.
  6. All the best with it. To be clear, the device wasn't a meter. Hope it's not presumptuous but, if you like, search eBay for: Acuhealth Acupuncture Kit Without Needles Helps Pain Diet Arthritis Painless This device is being siold for £17 as bankrupt stock and used to sell, and the updated but no better version still does, for £240. For the money, it's the single most powerful healing too I've ever come across that works immediately, deeply and powerfully. Take the painkillers if you feel you presently need to but obviously they'll be bathing your colon in acidic blood and that'll hinder improvement. There's a better online treatment manual for the above. Good luck
  7. Is the pain in the lower right side of your bowel? You can hire a microwave meter for fairly cheap from the Healthy House. It's very good to know if that's what you're dealing with and can mean focussing your attention elsewhere if not. Are there specific times you are awake during the night? Are you getting some extra sleep in the day? Edit; excuse, just read your last reply. I can think of a cheap device that would likely help if you're interested?
  8. Well that's alreet then eh! lol...it does say "The Fight" in the title of the vid I posted but it's not a fight scene
  9. Man of Honour fight scene in Highlander 5
  10. This scene in Igby Goes Down, I found particularly powerful. Had respect for Bill Pullman's talent after this. Great movie all in all
  11. @rideforever I've been using a squatty potty for a couple of decades. Only way to go eh! :) Many things cause allergies. Mercury fillings don't help and vaccine damaged guts are a contributing factor. So even eating a healthy diet of food grown properly is not enough if you've already been compromised. I can't eat any grain without getting manic. Even quinoa and amaranth grown organically. I went to a real cool retreat in Glastonbury - The Fisher King Centre and did a gut reboot. All good but restructuring a misshapen bowel is a timely process that takes a few months of strict adherence but there's little that can't be resolved. My keyboards decided it doesn't want to allow paragraphs. I also like Dr. Randolph Stone's Polarity Yoga. That's all about squatting postures.
  12. Had the gangstalking via coughing, honking horns, always at intersections shit happens like cars nearly causing crashes, been discredited alot and folk around me are ring fenced into disliking me etc etc. All done so only I will notice. All started from allegations I made. I'll post a specific art picture on fb and the next day it'll be imitated by someone passing me. All sorts of odd stuff. Gotten used to it now. Being homeless in a caravan doesn't help as I'm easily gotten to. Made homeless and will be kept that way if they have their say. I'd even assume that this'll be read. Ultimately, I try and not identify too much with the physical realm and have ways to deal with it to the point I can remain upbeat. I would suggest looking into Pulsors invented by George Yao as these can be highly protective against mind control and similar. All the best with it and anything I can do, I would
  13. So by your reasoning, wheat grown biodynamically, according to Steiner's methods (which produces amazing tasting food bar none), would not cause an allergic response to those with a wheat allergy? I think you'll find it still does. I eat 100% organically most of the time and it agrees with me more than conventionally farmed food but not to the extent, by any means, that allergies cease to be an issue. It has been shown that biodynamically produced cow's milk is much less likely to cause allergic responses in those supposedly with lactose intolerance. This though is apparently due to the cows keeping their horns as even conventionally produced cow's milk is more tolerable than organically produced, if the cows keep their horns. The horns being the main player in this instance then. Soil is very important
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_JGakuhjpw
  15. Everybody should try and go gluten free for a week. It's the quickest way to know if it's an issue. I've met folk who consider themselves to be robustly healthy who have had surprising health improvements by avoiding it. Also, wholemeal is a fairly recent thing and likely not as healthy as folk think. The rich used to eat white bread as it was considered purer. The East have eaten white rice for thousands of years. I've noted that Quinoa is becoming more wholemeal seeing as that's what the West demand. The husk contains phytates and is designed so that it's undigestable. I'd guess that wholemeal is the reason for more grain allergies. Not that shelf bought white bread is healthy but if I could tolerate it, I'd have it freshly baked over wholmeal any day. Better to tax the gut less and get some carbs in than overly stimulate it.
  16. What prevents us making that realisation? Consciousness is likely one. I don't expect an answer but the right question is king
  17. Thought might be unreal once transcended but it's currently the reason you and I are not Buddhas. The human condition is the same in the occident or orient. If you're not a buddha, you live in sorrow and that's due to the psychological conditioning you been unable to understand. Why else sit with a teacher if your problems were resolved? I wish it weren't so but it'd seem fairly obvious that folk in the East have been as miserable as the rest of us since day dot. To think they lived some kind of utopian ideal seems to be stretching it, if I may. To speak for them all as if there were little to no misery behind every door.. Things have certainly hotted up with westernisation. Communication has ended the more pernicious aspects of tribal culture where folk were expected to endure some kind of torturous rite of passage. If they had sorted themselves out in the East, like the Dao De Jing says, they'd be a light to the world, but they didn't and so it goes on
  18. I would suggest that the primary way to end sorrow is through understanding one's psychological distortions. Balancing one's yin yang through yoga or tai chi would aid this process but without clearing the mental clutter, you can train or try and open your heart all day long and this may make you a healthier, outwardly appearing more balanced subject, but I'd hazard that you won't end sorrow. Pride must be seen fior what it is. By thought, I'm referring to the ending of thought. Not practical thought which is useful, necessary and causes no blocks in the spine but psychological thought- I am like this but I should like to be like that etc.. Awakening thought would be counter productive in this sense. Krishnamurti, The Christian Mystical text- The Cloud of Unknowing (Wu Wei), Buddha's Way of Virtue, La Vie Negative are all about ending thought. So is, as I see it, The Dao De Jing. For instance- If you see some things as beautiful, you'll see other things as ugly. Purely psychological in that we choose to percieve by comparison. The Dao De Jing is about ending mind clutter by seeing how clarity is distorted. Not by doing anything about it- when nothing is done, nothing is left undone, but in seeing how the mental distortions arose, they end naturally. Then energy flows freely throughout the entire spine and all centres are what they are without predominance. It is psychological human conditioning that is responsible for greed, pride and all the rest of it. I'm not aware of any traditions that discard thought.
  19. @rideforever I have taught myself acupuncture and understand the basics of Tai Chi and Quigong fairly well so do, I think, have a fairly good idea of what the Tantien is. In one instance, at least, where your centre of gravity resides, or should. I'd have to diagree that Wu Wei is specfically centred there. I see Wu Wei all over the globe, including Christianity, as La Vie Negative, The Great Negation etc. I don't see their language as any different from many other proponents, across the globe, of Wu Wei. Krishnamurti is identical in my experience. The Dao De Jing seems chocker block full of how psychological thought interupts the process of seeing clearly. Must one not understand the the thought process (psychological thought not practical) just so that it sees it's futility and ceases? How can pride be resolved without understanding how it came into being through fear and self interest? All of which requires logical, psychological reasoning. I question the heart based approach as it seems to seek to just obfuscate the understanding of oneself by "opening the heart" etc. Whilst the contradiction in oneself remains as to what one is and what one thinks he should be, there can be no ending of the mind clutter. As for the Sage not knowing woman, I interpretted that differently. Humans are only straw dogs until they're not though, I'd guess. A sickening medicine to produce a sage.
  20. I can't recall how to split quotes.. Would you say that the Void is The Holy Ghost? Not sure about the idea of Tradition and traditional marriage. Humans are to balance the yin and yang/male and female in themselves as opposed to doing so with another, surely? Traditional marriage does not, as is, bring harmony and without first doing it in oneself, it cannot be done in society, which it would then do ipso facto. Are we here suggesting that anything other than man with woman is corrupted? How are we interpretting "straw dogs"? One meaning I found: a straw dog is a scapegoat group, place, person or idea in which we dump our evilness, so we can blame it and then by attacking, dissing or destorying it, we externalize it outside of us so we feel free of sin. Another: In business, something (an idea, or plan, usually) set up to be knocked down. It's the dangerous philosophy of presenting one mediocre idea, so that the listener will make the choice of the better idea which follows. I accept the notion that once you have harmonised male and female in yourself that you no longer need to rebirth though I question whether that can be achieved purely through Quigong. Without the comprehension of the workings of the mind, one will remain blocked on other levels, no?
  21. In the Dao De Jing, there's a line: The Dao gives birth to Unity Unity gives birth to Duality Duality give birth to Trinity Trinity gives birth to the 10,000 things It also says that the Dao is older than God and that it was never born and so can never die. I've heard this elsewhere put forward as The Ground. I'd guess that Unity is God and gave birth to the Universe. I'm unsure whether the Universe is therefore Duality and proceeds from God as opposed to directly being God. Obviously it contains Unity but has dark and light (duality). Trinity, I'm guessing is Mankind that gives birth to children and the 10,000 things. Happy to hear other thoughts on this passage as I'm in no way sure. It is said that the "Master" (realised soul) knows that the Universe is forever out of control. I'm guessing that even God acts according to what's presented by The Dao. What is The Dao? It appears to emanate, as far as I can tell, from Absolute Nothingness. Just like the space in the cup allows the cup to exist and be of use, nothingness allows there to be a something. Unlike the space in the cup, which actually contains air etc so is only relatively "nothing" compared to the cup, this is absolute nothingness. No space even. Zero contains all numbers and One/Unity/God follows it. Without absolute nothingness, the notion of an infinite Unity/verse would not be possible and anything less than that would be limited and therefore impossible, I'd guess. I find the notion of infinite life to be mind bending but also that anything less would be impossible. God is the child of The Dao in this understanding, if I have it correct and without wanting to label it specifically.
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