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  1. It's the same as motivates all of us, self interest. I'm all for fake news. If folk can't work out that a doctrine is supremacist then tough, isn't it? Am I my brother's keeper? Has the left doctrine brought peace? Confused folk, myself also, supplanting one doctrine for another is doomed to fail. Doctrines are concepts and so the past trying to modify the future with no action in the present. "All idealogies are idiotic whether political or religious because it is the conceptual word, conceptual thinking which has so divided man". A concept being frozen thought applied to a living process. You have your conceptual doctrine and I have mine and they everlastingly fight each other.
  2. Does it really makes little difference who governs or how many governments we have, one or many. The possibility to end the self will and always has existed. DI is right, this is mass hypnosis. I'd say, though, that the hypnotiser is also the hypnotised; the contrioller is also the controlled. We all have a little Hitler within who wishes to force, subtley or aggressively, what others should think. Plenty of that here and from me. We think the issue is external yet, perhaps, it's inward and we are either unaware of it or unwilling to face it
  3. You miss my point. Outward change is no change. Inward clarity first is the only option. I mean in the complete and enlightened being sense. Just found it odd that the far right agree with many truthers on the EU question but then there are often overlaps. I agree more with Trump regarding covid. What is certain, though, is that you'll never have peace on Earth whilst you're nationalistically divided. That doesn't mean one world government in the sense of governing, just no flags to fight over. Peace to you too
  4. Ultimately, I don't want to reform this society. As my post in "Solutions" suggests, it's the individual that must change not the outward structure. Without first bringing clarity in one self and then from that clarity act, all change will be from confusion and therefore be confused. The more things change the more they stay the same as the saying goes. This constant laying the blame at the feet of others and presuming to be one of the few in touch with the truth is, to me, a continuation of the status quo. We must first know we are sick before we can heal. You are correct, I am weak but then "the fool who knows his folly is so far wise: yet the fool who thinks himself a wiseman is called a fool indeed". We are each one of us responsible for every war because of the aggressiveness of our own lives, because of our nationalism, our selfishness, our gods, our prejudices, our ideals, all of which divide us. And only when we realize, not intellectually but actually, as actually as we would recognise that we are hungry or in pain, that you and I are responsible for all this existing chaos, for all the misery throughout the entire world because we have contributed to it in our daily lives and are part of this monstrous society with its wars, divisions, its ugliness, brutality and greed -only then we will act. Respectfully, I don't think you're taking responsibility for your part in all this mess. I don't think I am either but I understand intellectually, at least, that it is so
  5. One of the best ever acting scenes for me
  6. I was a remainer though I now consider myself to be politically neutral. Still, the opposite to beionging in the EU strikes me as being kept under the power of the Squires and land owners of Eton all of whom don't want us in the EU as they'll lose power. Certainly, the far right have grown bigger balls since leaving considering the coward attacks when he feels secure. Brexit is generally considered a hard right stance which would seem contrary to what I'd expect here. I'm not saying remain or leave is best but would generally expect the more liberal, and hence interested in free speach etc, to be more left wing in their beliefs. I guess most here are then happy with the Conservatives and UKIP's stance on Brexit? Keir/Boris, it's all the same to me really but just find it a little discombobulating that being run by the land owners seems to be the end result of Brexit.
  7. Delta is the realm of your unconscious mind. It is the gateway to the Universal mind and the collective unconscious whereby information received is otherwise unavailable at the conscious level. Delta is associated with deep healing and regeneration, underlining the importance of deep sleep to the healing process. That's from duckduckgo and sounds about right. I've also heard it called the catatonic state. Great healing is possible because you get out of the way and are not there to interfere. It's like disappearing. A bit like fainting I suppose in that when you come back, you don't recall the moment you left. It just happened without noticing. It's likely that you're not reaching the delta state in sleep. Perhaps many fewer people do nowadays with wifi etc. The devices that inititiate this state are called Pulsors and were invented by George Yao. Ex Chinese Royalty who was trained in the subtle energy arts like Qigong etc and emigrated to the US in the 50s when the communist party kicked them out. He became a brilliant mainstream scientist working on the Space Shuttle's heat tiles and inventing the miracle fibre in pantyhose. He recognised the detrimental affects of wifi and radar back then and during a meditation, the answer came to him how to protect folk. So was born Pulsor, the original and firsrt EMF protective device which marries Eastern healing, again, with western science. He also created a therapeutic series of Pulsor and it's these I'm referring to. These aren't so cheap though. Ranging from £400-£700 depending on where you live. Known as the healer's healer, they can be profoundly relaxing when placed on the body. Visit pulsor.org if you wish and can afford, and check the section where to buy. If you live in the UK, I recommend Essentia in Canada which is listed on that page as they'll post to the UK as it's part of the Commonwealth. Vital Energetic listed on pulsor.org in Sweden (could be Switzerland always confuse the two) are more expensive. Also, George Yao saw fit to share his invention with one person beyond his family, Dan McBee of Whisper International. He sells similar products. The Pulsor set you'd be after would be the ANGEL VORTEX STABILIZER https://www.pulsor.org/angel-vortex-stabilizer They are placed on the body in certain positions and as they work also with Randolph Stone's Polarity Therapy principles, combined they cause a deeply powerful and relaxing state. All detox, of course, occurs by way of relaxation. They remove the positive charge of anything that's not within the human frequency so that the body can either recycle it or get rid of it. These with the Electroacupuncture device are the 2 most powerful healing modalities that I've ever experienced and I've tried most. Not only that but these can be done by yourself and once bought, require no further money to be spent. I'm a great believer in DIY complimentary therapoy and these represent the pinnacle in my experience.
  8. The Devil Wears a Suit and Tie
  9. Just in the small chance it hasn't been shared
  10. You believe we are the Sun. It's the word steal I had issue with. Never sounds fair, does it? Technically, we may able to do as we wish with it. Theosophy claims all Suns are reflections of the central Sun. I'm not sure I go with that or it even contradicts your statement. In some respects, there may be nothing in the universe that we are not. I'm basing what I said on reading second hand accounts of Krishnamurti having light enter into him. One of those accounts was explained by him as "he wanted to see how much of him could come". So not sure it's a measure so much. Certainly, and from other second hand accounts, on the way to a talk he would appear to grow in stature and deflate (lol) afterwards. So there were transferences of consciousness of some kind. Let's not make hard fast statements. It may happen, at very least and, you may be correct. Nova in the EU sense, I take it, which is not an explosion per se. Sun's can nova more than once as has been found. Still, it would destroy Earth. I couldn't see the point of it and there would appear to be no intelligent design in coming this far just to extinguish it. That would make all this a mistake in some respects. Quite a few folk having NDEs speak of a very bright future for humankind. As did Steiner. He put it around 2700 AD where global enlightenment would be established. How to create paradise on Earth is quite simple, a few drop the self, become realised and fisher king and shepherd the rest. I think we're veering quite off topic now. I'd continue this elsewhere.
  11. Looked up Ragnorak before but never persevered. Will look again Alot of the ancient monuments seem to have similar properties to orgone devices. Long Barrows, for instance, can potentially control or, rather, settle weather. As one Irish farmer replied when asked why he ferried his cattle over to the island where the local Round Tower was constructed, "Ah to be sure the grass is greener over thar". So weather control, of a sorts, is likely a long held tradition. Also Towers and Long Barrows can settle tectonics by releasing and direct pent up Earth energies. As can roofs on houses. All corners direct chi in feng shui and also, specifically here with Pyramids, can release subterranean pressures and setlle environments. So, it's likely here that's what's propsed can be achieved with ancient or new (orgone devices/cosmic pipes) devices used correctly. So for weather and tectonics, the knowledge is already there, perhaps. I would guess that using nano particles to control weather is not so enlightened. I'd guess the universe is locked pretty tight, ipso facto, and without reaching a level of humane enlightenment, we aint playing around with anything. That would need to come first. Dyson spheres would likely be impossible too due to the Birkeland current question. No Star is, or can be, an island. Turn the switch off and the light goes out. It's kind of mechanistic science being applied to a potentially novel idea already in place elsewhere and getting it a tad wrong, perhaps. Never beren a Musk fan either. Don't like the idea of stealing energy from the Sun. Has to be some kind of conscious involvement from all sides. One thing I've found missing in the EU is the talk of Celestial Consciousness. As if events like Ragnorak are mishap, purely destructive and having no intelligent design or intent. As I understand it, the Halo, or more light entering the body and being visible, occurs when more consciousness enters the physical body which presently only happens at intervals. Interesting you mention them becoming a Brown Dwarf. The Golden Age may have existed whilst orbiting a Brown Dwarf (Saturn). One wonders that if mankind were again able to reach a level of Global Enlightenment, would the current Sun disconnect, in part, it's Birkeland current and allow Earth to return to orbiting a Brown Dwarf? Maybe not like that but another thing the EU doesn't address is, what comes next? If upheavels and Golden Ages occurred before, they'll likely happen again and where? It's my guess that these levels correspond with the level of golbal consciousness more so than technical advancement which is, ultimately, hindered by the idea of selfish gain.
  12. At very least, it's a fair thought. Could explain intentional planetary upheavel or what's called in Mythology, The Clash of the Titans. Whilst certainly appearing destuctive to the observer, it could well be considered necessary and constructive, or creative, as a whole. My thoughts have been that it is planetary consciousness doing it's thing but could well be a joining of human and planet for the purposes of further creation. For sure, though, many die but some survive.
  13. One sure way to get a positive test result, and £500 + 2 weeks off work, is to have a weekend smoking crack cocaine. The cleaning fluids will cause enough damage to your lungs to get a positive as damage/toxicity is, afterall, what's tested for. Obviously don't do it though. The cure was an hour on a salt inhaler and the resultant coughing and clearing of phlegm. It wasn't me of course.
  14. "Allegedly" being the word. First, establish they got "covid". To explain why someone still can't smell because they allegedly got covid doesn't make any sense. What were they tested for? They might want to look at what else happened when they lost their sense of smell. Did they go to the dentist or the doctors? Alcoholics often loose their sense of smell. Mine goes intermittently if I eat poorly. And then you might be making it up. Like the username, made me chuckle
  15. Guess this might've been shared already. Intro by DI - Vinnie Paz - End of Days (feat. Block McCloud)
  16. It only takes one sentence for the penny to drop and you know it's time to move on
  17. Excellent, good for you. They do come with a treatment guide but it's nothing like the Healthpoint ebook, which costs £15. Healthpoint is the original name of the device that was created in the late 70s/early 80s by Dr. Julian Jessel Kenyon. It is the original eletcro-acupuncture device. The one you're buying looks identical though is slightly upgraded by colour and has a rechargeable battery. The battery connections in the original were a weak point where they'd break. They are still not the most robust of devices and only last a couple of years if treated well but at that price, fair enough. I highly recommend the additional treatment book. It lists triple figures of conditions with indepth photos of the points to treat. As it uses sound and light to indicate changes in skin resistance, finding the points is easy. A child can do it. It claims to put the ability of a master acupuncturist in your hands and it's no exagerration and is a much deeper treatment than needles. Whilst the ebook is indepth, how to use is only a few pages and the rest is only perused as needed to treat whatever condition you wish. Eastern healing meeting western science in a perfect marriage. I know of another device that's as good in other ways and potentially better as it induces the delta state. If it you get on well with that and are sold, ask then if you wish, or now. I'd also recommend the Hay Diet and going organic. I'd also avoid gluten as it's the bowel. Be well https://www.goodhealthgoodlife.co.uk/mastering-acupuncture-healthpoint-ebook/
  18. EU stands for Electric Universe here, yes? I'm guessing you got that so unsure why the mention of the European Union but fee free. I believe the European Union building is supposed to resemble the Tower of Babel. Both are supposed to look unifinished. Are you being intentionally contradictory? I do wish to understand you reasonings but have difficulty and that's likely my bag, peace
  19. This sounds like clinging to self. Fear of ending and wishing/hoping to continue. The very things that prevent enlightenment. "The master doesn't overcome nature, he becomes it". So there are innumerable macrocosms? Like saying there are innumerable sources. To say that one can be a separate process to the universe would seem counter to the Dao, at very least and fear based. I still don't see anywhere whereby it's stated that not all make it to enlightenment. I'm not suggesting they do but it doesn't state, not have you shown, that the Dao De Jing expresses this. It does state that all beings return to the source...all, not sages or the one's you suggest don't make it. No separate processes ever implied- quite the opposite. Watch the turmoil of berings but contemplate their return, as it says. You may surmise that means recycling but it does not appear that way.
  20. I'm not sure I agree with your interpretation of straw dogs. From one source: In one translation Chapter 5 of the Tao Te Ching begins with the lines "Heaven and Earth are impartial/ treating creatures like straw dogs". Su Zhe's commentary on this verse explains: "Heaven and Earth are not partial. They do not kill living things out of cruelty or give them birth out of kindness. We do the same when we make straw dogs to use in sacrifices. We dress them up and put them on the altar, but not because we love them. And when the ceremony is over, we throw them into the street, but not because we hate them."[1] Heaven and Earth not needing actual sacrific of animals. It seems to mean that God/Cosmic/Source love is impersonal and therefore able to care for all beings as opposed to just the me and mine, which would therefore not be love at all. No attachment to any one being. I don't do qigong. It makes it me very hyper. I've heard such stated elsewhere so apparently, it's not just me. I did do Tai Chi for a bit but I was unwell at the time and couldn't continue. I would like to try it again as my guess is the energy share would offset what doing Tai Chi or Qigong alone, does to me. I have long had an interest in it and would dearly love to learn it but it really does set me back. I've been for chi healing from a highly qualified Tai Chi/Acupuncture practitioner and that was very interesting. I'd like to do that again. I've looked into Trad Chin Medicine and find it to be the most powerful tool for diagnosing and treating illness. Their system is second to none.
  21. Does not Laotzu say in the Dao De Jing that all beings return to the source? I interpret this as they become enlightened.
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