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  1. The devil tells a thousand truths to slip in one lie. It doesan't matter what the far right or left say that appears to be correct, it's why and what isn't right that matters. Divide and conquer isn't it? RT might often point out shortcomings in the West, and there are plenty, but there's, at very least, the same there. In that self determination must be the protected freedom not to want it else everyone is being led by dictators in daily life and by those in power. Forcing folk to be national is the same as forcing them to be international.
  2. The divisions between nations and religions are and will be an everlasting cause of war. It's not that I'm against nationalism but the end result is division and endless war. I personally don't think we should involve ourselves in the buisness of other countries, "tyrannical" or "liberal", but to divide ourselves with them will cause war between some of them. Nationalism is an endless winter. Why have an interest in restoring pride? Pride is as insidious as it gets and when folk presume to speak on behalf of everyone, the nation, it comes over as dictatorial: you must think like this and if you don't, you'd better watch out. You may not agree with aggression toward an individual who doesn't agree with your view but you're still stating what's an acceptable view and there will be folk who pay for not agreeing as, to some, your words sanction it. I'm not sure I trust anyone's destiny in your hands or anyone elses, including mine. Confusion has bad ideas as a matter of course.
  3. Hal Huggin's book: It's All in Your Head - The Link Between Mercury Amalgams and Illness, discusses what a Professor of Psychology found when testing pre and post mercury removal patients. The results showed a marked change in thinking patterns after removal for all patients, even those supposedly well. Patients with unexplained suicidal thoughts had them abate immediately post removal. It could be argued that whilst you have mercury in your mouth, your thoughts are not so much your own or what they would be. Some tests show that you're more likely to fail word tests if mercury toxic.
  4. Waiting for the green light to go so i could enter the petrol station shop so perused the headlines. The Express said something like "All vaccinated by Spring". I didn't read much of the article but it started off very upbeat about the prospects of everyone getting as stated. No question of anything but it being great news to everyone. Seem to be more folk weary of this vaccine than ever before. Trying to subtley steam roll any questions by implying, kinda, that you'd have to be dumb to think anything other than it's obviously great news. I don't think it'll be a small minority refusing making it easier for folk to say no
  5. The SAFIRE Project, if I may, is not being carried out for the purposes of creating fusion. Not that you're saying that's the important point here. Fusion may be a byproduct more so. I followed the Project at first and think it has merits for sure but in relatiion to this subject, I reckon going straight to Don Scot's Electric Sun makes more sense as it's not experimental https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kin9zqPMPaI
  6. The Dalai Lama walks into a pizza shop
  7. Released in 2013 Pandemic by Dr. Creep and Lone Ninja Quote "2020 combined with coronavirus"
  8. During a meditation, which went unexpectedly fairly deep without any intention from myself, I became aware of a single celled organism in my mind's eye :) The first thing I registered was it surprise and sheer delight at being noticed. It then offered to share consciousness and I accepted. What came next was a bit of a shock that I wasn't ready for. It's consciousness had no centre and so had a limitless quality to it. I felt my self, the me, completely disappearing and what was coming over me was so immense, so powerful that I shrank away from it in fear. I've always regretted pulling away as I think it may have been one of the profoundest happenings of my life. I know it sounds a little silly but there it is, honest as I felt it. Another was, whilst lying in bed one night, something came over me and I was told to lie still. I knew that where ever this was coming from that it was of goodness so I had no need to be afraid, I was safe. I felt like a diamond was being pressed into my forehead around the area of my third eye. After a while once it had opened, or whatever, what felt like an eagle (chuckles) flew out of my forehead and out of the room. I had to wait a few moments and then it came back and re-entered my forehead. With it had come 3 spiritual doctors/healers of a sort. They were male. Actually there was a forth whom I was less aware of but felt that he was some kind of overseer. The 3 spiritual healers proceeded to take up parts of my aura and swish it with their hands or some kind of wand maybe. After that was done, they left. For the rest of the night I had a great deal of energy rising up and down my spine. One other I recall occurred whilst looking at a picture of Krishnamurti. The picture below. I was just looking at it and had, without realising, entered into a deep meditative state. In this state, I became aware, and I use this term sparingly, of his enlightened state. I saw and felt the power of an ocean that nothing could stand against yet it was delicate and subtle whilst being immensely powerful at the same time. Then the picture came to life and I felt his presence in the room and a recognition that he had been viewed from a point of no self. The only way he could've noticed. I have since read that similar ocurred to Krishnamurti and his brother whilst staring at a picture of the Buddah. They described it as being sent a thought by "the Great One". I have since felt that on occasion, I'm looked in on, although I know I'm not helped by them in any way.
  9. Discusses PCR test and radiation among questions around covid. Dunno if anything new
  10. But each one is tried by being drawn out and enticed by his own desire. No one needs a judge beyond themselves. The only judgement at death is the clear light of our own understanding.
  11. It's black and white for me: either you're a Buddha or a Hitler, literally, give or take a few things that barely count. It is violence when we use a sharp word, when we make a gesture to brush away a person. So violence isn't merely organized butchery in the name of God, in the name of society or country. Violence is much more subtle, much deeper. In one conflict lies the seed of all conflict, whether subtle or obvious, and until you've ended inward violence completely and totally, you're the cause of all this mess. Me saying I'm a Hitler is trying to own and recognise my part in the mess so that potentially, I can end it in me. If you don't know that you're ill, you can't recover. Perhaps, being human does end it. I would suggest that we're not human till we're Buddahs, for want of a better description w/o religious overtones. There are no Buddahs on Earth right now as far as I can tell. I see black magic expressed by everyone, uknowingly, with our gossip and running people down and so cursing them to be a certain way. Having had an NDE and hence ego death, my experience of that was that we walk through life almost completely unconscious of the negative knock on affects of our words and even thoughts. To be made aware of how what we have said impacted those around us, feeling their reaction as if it was our own, is a disconcerting experience. It's now only a memory and I negatively impact again and I know everyone else does this too. We might feel awake but we're deep in slumber from what I've learnt. Peace
  12. Thanks for the info. I'd like to know more and may research it. I'd like to understand the mechanism whereby, as you imply, it will be used to kill folk going forward. I'm not yet convinced it's anything other than misguided stupidity but, experience has shown me, discard no possibilities.
  13. Obviously, only a fool can be fooled. I'm being gang stalked as I type this btw by specific noises put together. Not that it bothers me. Isn't the real idea behind Anarchy the notion that we don't need governing because everyone self governs? The law being written in their hearts is no longer needed externally? Obviously, right now, most if not all don't self govern. I mean, I'll come round yours and take your stuff, like it or not. So because no one actually self governs, an outward agency is necessary. Now, they may be corrupt and abuse their power but it's still the result of the fact that folk don't self govern. Depends on what you mean by behaviour. If you're a pedo then yes, folk should have access to contriol your behaviour. If it's just speaking up about the BS then no, they shouldn't have that access. So long as you don't directly incite (folk indirectly misinterpretting not beiong your fault) to violence, psychologically/emotionally or physically, then you should be able to say as you please. Me too, as far as Covid goes. We've seen through that one. Are there any that we haven't seen through? Not eating 100% organically might be seen as trangressing natural which you pay for by being full of monsanto poisons. If we want to start pulling up where folk are sleeping on themselves, despite seeing the covid agenda, we'd be here all day.
  14. Me too, but I am still governed by a little Hitler within that seeks to dictate and control what others think, thinking my view to be the answer. Better a society where you can read what you like though but until we end our inner turmoil, completely, more dictatorships, as we're now seeing, will arise and if my brothers in other countries suffer, then I do too and have promoted it because I live in concepts and doctrines
  15. Of course not. Likely you and I mean well but ultimately sow the seeds of division and genocide, unknowingly. Same result
  16. The thing about vaccines though is that they generally don't kill people. They make people chronically ill and sometimes unable to work. Seems a poor choice of population control that clearly isn't working as population is still growing faster than ever
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