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  1. "Guerilla Art" page on fb has some great protest art
  2. It's like the difference between 1, 2 and infinity. 1 to 2 being human states and infinite being the enlightened state. We don't scratch the surface. Without complete and constant awareness, we sow the seeds for the mess we see around us. I wouldn't deny the odd flash of insight but it doesn't go very far or practically nowhere. It's not awareness as a constant state and that's what I'm refering to. Anything else is damage with you and I as mess makers too. A good one I heard earlier, "it is truth that liberates, not your effort to be free". Cool eh?
  3. Has it happened before? You suggest that we have been civilised and then lost our humanity as it crumbled. I'm pretty sure we've been getting proper drunk and sleeping with lady's of the night (the oldest profession they say) since time imemorial. Golden Age aside which I guess you're not refering to? You might be right in that there is little or no progress. Hence why I'm concerned more with individual change than societal. Are you and I different from these people we mock? Are we really anymore aware? Awareness is a total movement. Obviously, you cannot be partially aware. Either you and I are aware or asleep, there is no inbetween and we are certainly not our brother's keepers. Too much finger pointing and no self knowledge, I know it as I do it too.
  4. Drinking whiskey is not really going to expose you to different ideas like the net might. Info share can be a powerful thing. Technology has meant that folk in N. Korea can watch western movies from a usb memory stick and be exposed to new concepts and ideas. Like the well known defector, Yeonmi Park, who's world view was radically shaken by watching the popcorn movie "Titanic". What might seem like everyday life to you and me in the movie holds concepts that if you've never even heard of, don't even make it into consciousness. Then you have the documentary, "Chuck Norris versus Communism" which is claimed to have a part in the Romanian civil uprising in the 90s. Worth a watch. Black market VHS videos of what we might construe as nonesense movies are, to others, a revelation. Not that the west has it right but relatively speaking to N. Korea, it's come a fair way. The net is just another tool for this even through so called nonesense entertainment. What we're seeing now is like Custer's last stand. The fear of change has brought it's opposite, more control, but that in itself shows an end. As The Dao De Jing says, if you want to stop something, allow it to flourish. Too cold to type anymore! Might be a good thing :) Oh, one other quote to look at ugggh brrrr
  5. It could be argued that whilst consuming the nonesense, they're also being exposed to different opinions, views and ideas. By you here, for instance. Is it not why you, we speak? Because we see inadequacies in the thought processes going on around us. If not, why type a word? I would not know your differing views if it were not for the internet. What we're seeing is potentially the sores and illness that is prevailent in society, coming to the surface. As with all illnesses, you must get worse before you get better as a means to throw off any toxicity, be it physical or, in this case as well, psycho-spiritual. If someone is a mindless robot now, certainly the propensity for that was here before only buried, else it wouldn't have been possible to confound them. If healing doesn't take place then you will become increasingly chronically ill till you act. Suffering prevents suffering, just how like cures like in homeopathy.
  6. If I were to bring in the Electric Universe take on Saturn...it was seen as our former Sun and indeed, along way from our present Sun but existing as a brown dwarf. It was known as a superior Sun and the "Best Sun". Conventional cosmology even suggests that Brown Dwarfs would be very beneficial to life on the globes, that are orbiting them with Earth being one of them. This has extensive evidence in mythology. Black is not necessarikly associated with evil unless mankind has degenerated and would then percieve it as such. Saturn, as a Brown Dwarf, would simply not need our present Sun to be able to provide a far more pleasant and stable environment that our present Sun does. David has spoken about being in a realm that was completely black. The Dao would call "darkness within darkness- the way to all truth". After the Golden age on Earth ended, it became separated from Saturn, the brown dwarf, which discharged to become a gas giant. With the end of the Golden Age man was thrown to the winds, separated by creed and language, losing the one language of telepathy. All this, in my opinion, because one global consciousness had "ascended" and another was to be created. And we're in the birth pangs of it now. Anything mankind does following the loss of physical intelligence (they lived hundreds of years of course) will be an aberation. When the Dao is lost, goodness appears, when goodness is lost, morality steps forth, when morality is lost, ritual takes it's place and is the lowest we can go. Any cult of Saturn, or anything, may just be an aberation and perhaps collective longing for how things were. Saturnalia was the time of overindulgence at the time of Christmas I think. None of this has anything to do with Saturn, which is obviously perfect within itself but man's use or misuse of what he thinks it stands for, brought about by the degeneration of mankind of which we're all aparty to. The use of the black cube maybe a longing for a previous time of plenty or might, as suggested, be a willimng aberation of it's original meaning, if it had one. I'm not suggesting any of the above is wrong, to be clear, just other angles. Sex as practised by the general population would be considered as black tantra, albeit unknowingly. White tantra being seen as the gate to Eden (no orgasm). Could be said we all engage in sex magic. The loss of sexual energy through sex is what makes people base as the lower centres becoming depleted, are then fixated on. War, survival, money are all attributes of lower nature when there is insufficient energy here. Pan is a nature spirit of the Earthly realms, nature and animals, and as such, has an eerie nature as a matter of course not because it's bad in anyway. Anything beastial is generally considered evil by man, unfortunately. Not that's what's being suggeasted, either. Rattled on enough, I think. Rituals and black magic are performed by the masses daily whilst in our slumber. Gossip as cursing for instance. I've heard it said that we're only affected by Astrology whilst we're not at one with ourselves and those around us, enlightened if you like. So Saturn being a tempter may only be relevant due to our own loss of oneness, or the stepping forth of the self and self interest, in natural opposition of others. The self then being the tempter
  7. One of the best live performances I've ever seen. Got quite a following all on it's own
  8. Meme going on what she said after 36 mins. There was a movie called Pride about how the Gay movement in London helped the Miners during the strikes back in the 80s. A real good watch initself but the poiunt in mentioning it, is that one the main characters real life counterpart put his longevity, after getting a hiv+, down to avioding main stream medications. Antivirals cause acidosis and will eventually make you chronically ill on themselves. I could be wrong but they still seem to be suggeasting that a virus can be present. I'll repost this so excuse if seen: "Dr Lanka states that the scientifically valid method for the isolation of any alleged virus is the density gradient centrifugation technique. This technique is apparently referenced in all current textbooks but for some reason is never used by the laboratories such as the NVRL. I would like the NVRL to carry out a simple experiment: 1) Attempt to isolate the measles virus using the density gradient centrifugation technique. 2) As a control experiment isolate any so-called giant virus such as the Marine Brown Algaectocarpus siliculosus virus using the density gradient centrifugation technique. I am certain that it will be impossible to isolate the measles virus or any other alleged pathogenic virus (such as HIV, HPV, H5N1, mumps, rubella, IAVs, novel corona virus etc) because they do not exist. However, it is possible to isolate the so-called giant viruses with a diameter of 120-150nm; I believe almost 3000 of these giant viruses have to date been isolated by the density gradient centrifugation technique.
  9. I keep hearing the one on the radio, I wear a mask to protect my friends etc...the emotional blackmail of it. Comply or you deserve no friends and they should push you away. Isolate anyone who doesn't believe
  10. I used to own a Ford Capri, cool motors. And, if I could, I'd own one of those Jeep Renegades! Bit of a coincidence??? Sure you guys aint targetting me? (joke)
  11. Imaginaerum, probably the best movie/musical for me in recent times. If anything can get you into Symphonic Rock then this will
  12. Some great tunes in the Winter's Bone movie
  13. Interesting story behind the song - At the Purchaser's Option
  14. @EnigmaticWorld I break bread with anyone too and that's cool, I think. I think a danger is that one person's shared idea becomes another person's justification to commit an act of aggression. My suggestion is always be clear that you're not sanctioning or suggesting violence. Humans promote division as a matter of course, it seems. In that entails every known misery we see. I don't want institutionalised Islam in the UK but how I differ is the means with which to make sure it doesn't happen. That being by allowing it whilst at the same being clear that folk in the UK are free to follow no religion. That'll end it on itself as folk will drift away. Patience being key. But, if I try and stamp it out, I'll create fundamentalists and terrorists because I've resorted to similar, openly, knowingly or not. If you want to stop something (cultural invasion), allow it to flourish within certain nuanced constraints. Beats the alternative and succeeds. We have removed much of the Church's involvement in the state this way. Not that it still doesn't hold some sway and the notions of British Jihad (onward Christian soldiers) is on the rise
  15. @Firebird Yes, different worlds views of course. My contention is that there will be no outward security until there's inward clarity. No EU citizens have transcended anything, including myself. It's just ideas that have no basis in reality. Protect what you will but it'll be a never ending battle that will kill, actually if not psychologically, you and yours. I'm rushing as car needs MOT'ing. You want to protect your culture. If I live in it and don't want that too, is that OK? Not that I want the opposite but there's a great deal of aggression, on the ground, directed at those who don't agree. Freedom of thought is first and foremost even if it be wrong or confused.
  16. It's what you and I do or don't that matters here though, isn't it? We are not serious because all the issues are, apparently, over there and not within our own skins. Can we not see our own part in the created divisions? What x, y or z does or says is secondary to ending this infatuation with self interest in each of us and the mess that entails, inwardly and outwardly.
  17. Just a thankyou to this site. I input DI into a search with Targetted Individuals as I wanted to get David's take on it. The search brought me back to this site and an article published by it referring to the internet site Freedon For Targetted Individuals. It's an excellent resource and goes along way to giving legitamacy to people's claims of being targetted via gangstalking etc. https://www.freedomfortargetedindividuals.org/ This was interesting, under the United Nations sub heading: FFTI's response to the UN's Request for Information (RFI) on torture was accepted and published on the website of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. So, the UN accept that Targetted Individuals in relation to gang stalking torture that includes members of the public sector as perpetraters, is real and is happening. Makes it harder to be called crazy. I've shared this with numerous public sector institutions and members of the public (Councillors). Not sure what good it'll do me but worth a try. I've been complaining about it to them for a while. Thanks
  18. An interesting point, thanks. Not sure it's the same as the EU came together without war whereas the Roman Empire, British Empire etc came by way of force. I don't think either centralisation or decentralisation is an answer. It's all fiddling around at the periphery without addressing the central issue, the self: the fact it's caught in psychological time and hence constructs conceptual based answers to try an address it's inward turmoil by having outward security. And these concepts are at war, either actually or in abeyance, waiting. Question is, what do we want? Is it possible to ever achieve it? Will it divide people? If so, you'll never get it as the very division creates an outward state of insecurity. If endless war and dead children, yours and theirs, is what you want then, by all means, apply social concepts and divide. War is, afterall, a national expression of our own inner turmoil. If the tyrant attacks, am I not justified in defending? If you've lived peacefully your whole life then you'll do the right thing when attacked. But we don't and hence our reaction being from confusion, is not an adequate response and so we further cause war. And so called defense so easily becomes attack, doesn't it? And the fear of other cultures influencing our own and us loosing our cultural identity etc. I understand that fear but to not be part of war and hence, our dead children and theirs, is surely the important point? I would die for that conviction before taking up arms against my fellow man and glorifying in his butchery. That's where the importance of having a "spiritual" component to one's life comes into play. If it's just here and now and your so attached to your black or white form that you can't see that this is intended to cause division so that eventually, all give up their divides because it has caused countless suffering to everyone. The me and the mine will always be in conflict at some level with the you and the yours. But if I see that all people, including my own family or nation and other nations, are as equally important, then all children will be safe, including ours. Promote division and you're sacrificing your own for the sake of an idea. The two and seventy creeds and sects in the world do not really exist: I swear by almighty god that all creeds and scetcs, Tis I.
  19. For a long time he has been awakening in the middle of the night with that peculiar meditation which as been pursuing him for very many years. This has been a normal thing in his life. It is not a conscious, deliberate pursuit of mediation or an unconscious desire to achieve something. It is very clearly uninvited and unsought. He has been adroitly watchful of though making a memory of these meditations. And so each meditation has a quality of something new and fresh in it. There is a sense of accumulating drive, unsought and uninvited. Sometimes it is so intense that there is pain in the head, sometimes a sense of vast emptiness with fathomless energy. Sometimes he wakes up with laughter and measureless joy. These peculiar mediations, which naturally were unpremediated, grew with intensity. Only on the days he travelled or arrived late of an evening would they stop; or when he had to wake early and travel. With the arrival in Rishi Valley in the middle of November 1979 the momentum increased and one night in the strange stillness of that part of the world, with the silence undisturbed by the hoot of owls, he woke up to find something totally different and new. The movement had reached the source of all energy. This must in no way be confused with, or even thought of, as god or the highest principle, the Brahman, which are projections of the human mind out of fear and longing, the unyielding desire for total security. It is none of those things. Desire cannot possibly reach it, words cannot fathom it nor can the string of thought wind itself around it. One may ask with what assurance do you state that it is the source of all energy? One can only reply with complete humility that it is so.
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