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  1. Needs followers on facebook till we all go to mewee https://www.facebook.com/thedailyexpose
  2. I dunno, some of the seems like the secret, is it, or postive thinking and the like. I get that being morose is unhelpful and that, whilst down in here in the soup, it's better to still look for the good in stuff. Dig for treasure as it were. I get that negative is not good but positive isn't the answer. OK, lets say we're imperfect then. I heard it put well by one NDE'er that saw himself as the most beautiful set of ruins, like a fallen castle that still had beauty and nature all through it. Chronic longterm illness will have some say in your outlook. In chinese medicine I would, at very least, have a state of damp. Damp extinguishes fire which is associated with humour and light heartedness. Try not to assume what it's like. To me, you all have the greatest possibility ever in your hands but don't take it. I get back, I'll grab it with all my soul. Save doing a rerun at least. I'm guessing you'll like this one then, Krishnamurti "Thought is expressed in words. Without words, is there thinking? Without the word, is there comprehension? To understand something totally, to see the whole process of life, one must be free of the word - the word, the symbol, the idea, the conclusion. Then one can look and listen. That act of listening is a miracle. Perhaps it is the greatest miracle when one can listen totally without any defence or barrier, neither agreeing nor disagreeing, the mind extraordinarily alert." By the self, I'm referring to the man made self brought about by social conditioning which is not me. Everyone who's not a buddah has this and it's the cross isn't isn't it? The one we're nailed to and when the cross is no longer needed, the rose blooms. The I is crossed - out. This being is a monad. This being learns creation in the fire. It is not yet an individual. It's a conglomeration of all the thoughts of others I've heard. Thinking about the meaning of life can only be done in words yet we are to be free of them, no? I wouldn't attribute any meaning at present. The very best we think and create is ashes. Life does not begin till the we're free of the word. I may have picked up likes, skills and vocations along a very interesting path but still ashes till the phoenix does it's thing.
  3. As for the Police, it's just about making a complaint of harassment via a statement. I think it should be on record regardless of what they say or don't do. I think any TI should get themself down as a stat. Already, 1 in 8 stalkings in the UK include multi,le offenders (gang). You never know, it might come out and you'll get compensated. I think the UN aren't popular here but at least they're backing the claims since a couple of years ago so tide may turn though I guess it'll be a while yet, even if it does. There was one lady, can't remember where I heard it, but she left Ireland to escape it and it followed her to London so not sure Ireland will be different. Isn't the TI fella on here from Ireland too? How long has this shit been around then? Earliest I've heard is early 2000s. A van is one aim. The Multiple Chemical Sensitivity has already isolated me for 20 years so alot of this aint new to me. Had one shower in a month and no clean clothes for that time either. Can't use folks washing machines as can't take the scents. Honestly, f'ed on so many levels it's unreal.. On probation too which I agreed to on the basis I wouldn't have to attend offices cos of scents n stuff (first crime in 25 years and due to harassment). Now they say I need a doctors note not to attend but MCS is not yet recognised in UK so can't get one. That means I face a potential prison sentence. I'm what's known as a bubble person in that I can only tolerate fresh air and that's it. I wouldn't last a week in prison. Most I done inside scenteed places is 10 hours and got pleurisy and f'ed for 2 months. I better shush before I bring down the moral. Good luck to you man, hope shit works out for you. Excuse, don't wanna go off topic but so many posts here it'll get lost eh.
  4. Speaking to my Jehovah Witness Aunt last week. They actually have synthetic vaccines, whatever that is, due to not being allowed foreign DNA or summat. She'd had one a few months ago and exclaimed that her lungs and breathing have not been the same since. I called vaccine damage as asthma/lungs are one of the primary signs though this is a knock on affect of bowel damage. She said that I would say that but still said she'd be checking the ingredients next time. She was lucky to have a high level of health throughout her life but at 75, it's time such things will chip away at her. I think, in part, it's karma for force feeding me that sprout when I was 3, which I subsequently threw up. I actually quite like her though she has a few twists but don't we all!
  5. A fact is neither positive or negative. The fool who knows his folly is so far wise. If I were to think positively, as you imply, I would be denying the fact of my condition out of fear of it and thus have moved away from it preventing it's confrontation. It in no way depresses me to feel that way. On the contrary, it has a liberating element. Less and less do I need to protect some self projected delusion of grandeur because I know that this self is not great in any way. I should be in no delusions as to the fact of my condition if I wish to end it. The Dao De Jing and elsewhere speak of knowing one's illness but I don't think it because they say so but because I see the merit in recognising my inward state. That is inward conflict and it is not a state of health. That's not OK with me but any movement away from the fact nurtures it.
  6. Just wanted to retract that. One thing I've noticed as a TI is that they use what they think you don't like against you. Whilst being politically neutral, some of my views could be seen as left when on closer inspection, they're not. If I see more poppies on cars f'ing with me it's intentional so I could not know how they actually thought or would I dislike or like them more or less. Have a beer with anyone.
  7. Flippin eck man. Easy tiger! Certainly the best looking old whore I've seen eh? Not looked at the mountains and shit then? OK OK, nature aside the smelly old cowbag! What is truth to you? What does it mean? Not in mathematics please as that don't compute with me.
  8. I'd have to disagree there though should I even take sides?. Nature is truth here and now. I wouldn't seek to find truth as I would find according to my desires. My goal, if it could be called that, is to end conflict in myself, completely. Truth might then be free to come, like the breeze through a window on a hot day, but it must be unsought. For you to think that you cannot end your inner turmoil seems to be sentencing yourself to eternal struggle. Let's not say that truth cannot be come upon or visitied by as that's a conclusive block. It might be possible or it might not be. Not, it's impossible.
  9. I'm working on it Doug. Or trying to unwork the conditioning tangled web of falsehoods we're all born into.
  10. Yeah for sure I am. I'm in the process of making a statement to the police about it. Just to be on record. I've emailed numerous charities and public sectors about it. Not one to put up and shut up. I've got some evidence too. I'll look up the Plymouth guy, thanks. Would love to join an intentional community. Had the D and D book years ago. Visited one too. They're generally not keen on taking folk who can't work and have no money. Also, being a TI is baggage. You'd have to be upfront as it'd be coming to their doorstep. They'd be dealt vicious rumour whether you spoke upfront or not and would be on the spot to decide. Also, I do have a past albeit 30 years ago. Even any campsite I try to stay on goes bad quickly. The intention to isolate TIs is the norm. Difficult one to sidestep.
  11. I can't find this in a search of The Emerald Tablets of Thoth with "oak"? Also, the acretion model of suns or planets is flawed. I think bind or bound tends to mean held together without choice. The notion of joining would seem to imply a conscious awareness to be a part of something. I'm a hypocrite. It's good to know what you are. There's a kind of freedom in knowing one's idiocy. I know I'm ill and, as such, I can potentially heal.
  12. I suppose it then matters in what way each of us are using the term freedom. I would use it to mean freedom from the self/time where right action (which I agree there's a difference) is all that can be done. But I take the point that it can also mean the freedom for either right action or wrong choices, as one is free to choose which. That could also be said to be right action or bondage but maybe I'm being pedantic. Yes, not having to decide how to act. Decision being caught in the psychological time process and therefore not action. I've heard it put another way, the free man does not choose (decide). Freedom of choice, and it's contradictory nature between right/wrong good/bad, then belonging to those caught in bondage. Like me, of course.
  13. Really? Not very impartial. We discussed this before and you're using what I quoted. Heaven's love is impersonal and therefore able to love the "wicked" also. Much of what you say is misinterpretation as I see it. This what the Chinese did as a ceremony in days past. It's not the Tao Te Ching. All ceremonies and rituals are aberations of any religious teaching. Heaven does not give birth out of kindness all kill out of cruelty. It's humans who kill out of cruelty and throw people in the street. It's saying that divine love is impersonal so can therefore care for all beings, "good" or "bad". It's humans who are partial or personal with their love and, of course, this means it's not actually love.
  14. That's exactly what he was. Question is, which kind? Paid "perp" who does it for a living? Ring fenced local? Informant perp who has sentence hanging over him? Many shapes and sizes. They didn't want me to go but the net goes where your number plate and mobile go. I went country wide and was targeted everywhere. You know it's targeting as that's point. Otherwise you'd just think you had bad luck and where's the harassment in that? Tell you what I did notice. Too much detail to give everything so I'll be brief. Parked by a covid testing centre where one tester was living in a van. He knew who I was. Within minutes, a white merc arrived and started slamming it's car doors doors near me at 12 at night with lights on. Going on one meme I saw here about public sector workers being informants or, as I would put it, also part of the harassment network. Couldn't say how involved each individual is though but end result the same.
  15. I take it you're referring to the Pulsors? Firstly, look up the website www.pulsor.org or put "Pulsors George Yao" into a search engine (duckduckgo) and go to pulsor.org from there. As I said, they mostly talk of their ability to protect from EMFs etc as that's where they're proven to work (check the research section of the website) but there is also a therapeutic series of pulsors. The ones I'm referring to here are the Angel Vortex Stabiliser set https://www.pulsor.org/angel-vortex-stabilizer There used to be a 30 page pamphlet on the web by John Davidson regarding Pulsors. He's a well known UK author on subtle energy and healing. He used to sell Pulsors on his website so knows alot about them. The pamphlet goes into easy to understand detail on how they work but, most importantly, where to put them on your body. Info would be provided on their use elsewhere but this was a succinct info pamphlet on them. I do have it as a file as I scanned it in. You're welcome to it though you'd have to open an email attachment I'd send you. I'd be wary of that myself if it were offered! You can buy the "Miracle of Microcrystals" on eBay or Amazon. Shop around as often charge too much imo. That's another good place to start and the firs half is easy to understand. If you bought some Pulsors you're looking at £500 minumum. But then they last a lifetime and you have free in home powerful healing thereafter. I've no financial connection to them. Just like most folk who've come across them, I know they're amazing. Known as the healer's healer.
  16. Self cannabilism? You mean the ability to self regenerate? To take one's waste and be able to recycle it and use it as food. Look at a tree: it's leaves drop, rot and nourish the soil and feed it.
  17. @rideforever I didn't say it says that. That's a generally accepted term of what it represents, in one way, at least. I believe the sage allows the Dao to flow through him as opposed to using it. Surely, you're not suggesting a Sage lives with effort? Back to the notion of effort to be free for the lowly like you and I. Perhaps when struggle has been set aside the other is? Understanding and insight are surely effortless and how can you be free without them? No amount of effort can supplant understanding.
  18. To requote from the other day, "It is truth that liberates, not your effort to be free". The Dao De Jing also being the art of effortless living. That no effort be made to be free is fundamental to it's appearance in one's life. On the one hand, struggle and suffering can create the other but it's not an opposite. Love has no opposite. Is it not a case of seeing our conflict as opposed to extricating ourselves from it? To say there must be effort through struggle could be dangerous. It might glorify the effort as noble and it might continue ad nauseum. Suffering in itself does not end suffering but promotes endless misery. To understand it must come from a place of no effort. A happy means is a happy end. Once you accept the notion of time in the sense of becoming: I am not free but I will be if I try and eventually make it, you're preventing it. Freedom is not of the psychological time with which we are caught in.
  19. What is religion, actually? If you negate what religion is not, then it is. I see the title is "all religion" not "all religions". Video starts at 16.47. "First you must put aside all the extraneous beliefs".
  20. I became homeless the day first lockdown started. Neighbours knew what I was packing my car to do. As I left the small town, I was followed by a white Merc 4x4 who began agressively tailgating me. I pulled over to let him past. Instead, he pulled alongside and started shouting at me. I am registered disabled and had never met this guy. He screamed that I was fucking spastic and should get the fuck back for lockdown. So, he knew where I lived as well. I pulled off and carried on driving and he continued to tailgate to the point of near crashes, screaming and making gun gestures at me. For what it was worth, I rang 999 and spoke to them as it was occurring. They told me to go where there was cctv so I drove a mile to nearest BP garage. He continued to chase me around the forecourt in full cctv view which he must've known would be there and was not concerned about. When I tried to get out of my car to enter the shop, he went to get out to so I remained in my vehicle. After a while, he left. Workers in the shop came out to see if I was OK and tell me they had called the Police. The Police called me back to say they would take no action and warn the fella when they found the car. It transpired that they never sought him out. I made a police complaint on the basis of what has gone before. 2nd complaint with first being upheld. If I'd have in anyway fronted the guy, I'd have been the perpetrator., for sure. Since being homeless, the worst nimbys (not in my back yard) have been hard right folk. It's been my experience that they are well organised wherever you go. I read a write up on Targeted Individuals and the theory he put forward to it's rise was that similar happens whenever some force wishes to implant a dictatorship. With the militarisation of the police, discussed here, and all the points of control mentioned in this thread, one is left thinking that this is actually the case. Nazism is alive and well. But I am moved to share a quote that reads "Mussolini and Hitler were only the primary spokesmen of an attitude for domination and power that exists in the hearts of nearly all individiuals. Not until the source is cleared will there be change".
  21. Not sure it's a discussion in itself so I'll put it in here. I assume folk know about it? Organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners in China. Live harvesting being seen as key as the organs are better accepted. I watched some insider video on it and it's pretty frightening stuff. The Falun Gong practitioners were chosen, of course, because they were seen as dissidents with views not in line with the country's goals or aims. As it's on Wicki, it's not even a conspiracy theory. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Organ_harvesting_from_Falun_Gong_practitioners_in_China
  22. Watching the vid now so getting the gist as I'm typing so might add. I find it interesting that she mentions the extinction of the mega flora and fauna 12,000 years ago which I've spoken about already. These existed in cold climates that nowadays don't promote life. In the Electric Universe, they put this event down to Saturn discharging from being a Brown Dwarf to becoming a gas giant. Brown Dwarfs are proposed to give even light over the whole surface of any globe orbitting it. Also, being high red light environments that plants thrive in, it becomes possible for them to grown well on any part of the surface. This is because a plama sheaf, which is invisible to the outside that the orbiting globes reside in, gives light in all directions on all sides of these globes. Ultimately, anything outside of the human health range can be removed. That range being the rainbow in the electromagnetic spectrum. As per the chakra energy centres being identical in colour and order. I could not recommend enough, researching Pulsors by George Yao or Whispers by Dan McBee (they were friends). I personally think I've worked out how to make them and was conversing with one of the makers of them regarding how this be done. They entertained me up to the point I gave my understanding and then declined to discuss further. I'm tempted to reveal but the understanding potentially holds financial value to myself and I'm skint. Soap opera and me aside.. They were discovered by George Yao in the late 70s. A brilliant main stream scientist who worked on various aerospace technologies whilst being a keen meditator and subtle energy investigator. Supposedly, the idea came to him during a meditation. Initial therapeutic use on friends, associates and members of the poublic seeking healing, came back as them being highly beneficial and able to heal in ways that other complimentary therapys couldn't come near. George Yao wrote a book on them "The Miracle of Microcrystals". Only book I ever read with rounded pages instead of cornered (feng shui thing I guess). Half of the book is a write up by well known scalar investigator Tom Bearden and is a complex read though you'll get the gist if you have some knowledge. He spoke of the Pulsors as being like a Seargent Major for all the body's energy centres. In that they reinform the centres just exactly what they should be doing that's within the human range of frequencies. Any metals or foreign bodies outside of this range will be removed or recycled as beneficial by inducing a deep delta state of profound relaxation. The body is then free to remove what doesn't resonate with the exact human biofield frequencies that the Pulsors instruct and promote. Not only will it remove phyasical particles that don't fit within the healthy human range but negative thought transference and mind control. Literally anything that isn't beneficial and promotes healthy human life. George Yao claimed as much and is correct imo. For anyone wishing to protect from outside influence, these are the best tools that I believe to be in existance. The idea of producing millions of microcrystals is similar in idea to how colloids are more powerful. One crystal alone is no match for specifically grown and produced microcrystals, counting in their millions, of the same weight. The affects are massively increased. I could say more but it's taken me 20 years to work it out. Check them out, maybe.. Doesn't help if you have a mouthful of mercury fillings, of course, but if anything can get around that block in the road. Do your research if ever youy want those removed as can make you ill. Proviso to even mentioning their removal. Tai Chi, Electroacupuncture are other ways to balance the body as it should be. Your body holds the potential to return to it's pure tonal state if allowed or encouraged. Organic food is important. I find a significant change in my mood if I eat conventional farmed food. Any extra chemicals in the body affect mind as well as body. edit: you'll note that if you research, protection from EMFs, microwaves etc is given mainly as their affect but this is only because they have been independently scientifically validated to negate these affects. The therapeutic series of Pulsors do far far more than just this.
  23. At Whitendale in April of 1922 he sat in a heather covered bower beside a waterfall that flowed between two huge stones to fall five or six feet to moss-covered rocks. There he set about studying water fairies. The tallest was about eight inches high, but all could increase their size to about two feet, some with rosy-colored auras, some pale green. Hodson saw them as diminutive human females, entirely nude, their long hair streaming behind them, a garland of small flowers around their foreheads, beautiful but utterly remote from human life. Because they were more subtle and quick in their movements and changed their form with bewildering rapidity, it was hard for him to attract their attention or influence them in any way as they played in and out of the fall. Flashing through the fall from different directions, they called out in wild tones, rising almost to a shriek, sounding to human ears-only faintly-like a shepherd's call across an Alpine valley, a sound he could represent by the series of vowels E-0-U-A-I, ending with a plaintive and appealing cadence: Wagner's Rhine maidens to a T. With delight he watched as the undines traveled up the fall against the stream or remained motionless within it, generally playing and flashing through it, passing in and out of the great rocks without experiencing any obstruction. When a cloud passed from the face of the sun and the fall was again bathed in brilliant light, the creatures appeared to experience an added joy, increasing their activity and their singing. He found less evolved undines, a foot high, their slim bodies supple and graceful, constantly assuming poses of great beauty as they floated in the midst of the fall or hovered just on the edge of the spray, rising like bubbles in water, body upright, limbs straight, drawing vital- ity from the sun and the falls until charged to bursting point, making a strong effort to compress and contain the vital energy until it became too much for them. At the summit he could see them flash free into the air, releasing the concentrated accumulated energy with a brilliant display of colour and light, radiating joy in all directions, "thrilling at the moment of discharge with delirious pleasure, as the energy impinges visibly on the surrounding rocks, bracken and trees, which means growth for them and for the scenery in which they live". He found the undine's expression at the moment of discharge to be especially beautiful, particularly in the eyes, flashing with dazzling radiance, expressing rapturous joy and a sense of abnormal vitality and power: "At the magical moment of release she experiences an ecstacy and exaltation beyond anything possible to mere mortals dwelling in the prison of the flesh". The condition is immediately followed by one of dreamy pleasure in which the consciousness is largely withdrawn from the physical plane and centred in the astral plane of emotion. The form becomes vague and indistinct until, having assimilated the whole experience, the undine reaapears and repeats the process.
  24. If you can catch about 100 red fire ants that live in the southwestern desert and also about 100 of those large black ants that live there and drop them in the same jar, not much will happen– until you shake the jar vigorously and dump them out on the ground. The red ants will attack the black ants and the black ants will attack the red ants and they’ll devastate each other. The thing is, the red ants think the enemy is the black ants and the black ants think the enemy is the red ants and all those ants put together never do figure out that the real enemy is the one who shook the jar.
  25. You certainly type up a pro review. Got a knack for it. I'll search it out. I thought the interview on Anything goes with James English called David Icke Tells All was particularly good. It's what reignited my interest and why I joined the forum as I agreed with so much. David goes quite deeply into the how it all began in that interview.
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