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  1. Hey folks, have decided to focus my energies on sorting out my health and life. Thanks for your interaction and often support. Seems a tad rude just to disappear so a friendly goodbye to you all. Take care
  2. Only time I got captcha here was trying to post without logging in
  3. I was down in Brighton a few months ago. Got targeted alot down there. I think the nastiness is pretty much global. I saw an interesting meme once stating, in a much better way, that folk everywhere had become more aggressive and put it down to the advent of wifi. I've noticed a change in folk generally since wifi landed in the mid 2000s. I would hazard that it was, in some ways, a precursor to the current situation. I've noted that wifi directly affects the chest region. Likely due to this being the most powerful electromagnetic centre in the human biofield that must now work much harder as it's the primary motor that's been weakened. This has a direct affect on folks ability to be compassionate. This and that together...not good.
  4. That's horrendous. Hopefully it'll fall flat on it's face
  5. Just listening to Radio 4 in the car. Only because I've lost my SD card so have no tunes to listen to. They were having a call in and folk were saying how they're coping etc. One old lady was asked if she was eager to have the vaccine when it drops. "I'd like to but I've still not recovered from the last flu jab I had". She went on to say that she had M.E. (still psychological as far as the NHS are concerned) so the presenter exclaimed that "oh it's different for you then because of low immunity". Aren't the vulnerable, old etc top of the list and supposedly need it more than others because of a poorer functioning immune system? Quickly onto the next caller...
  6. The truth about our pchological confusion, angers, hatred and the like. Why are humans in so much inward conflict? That seems pretty clear and not at all abstract. K would not deny that practical knowledge, or truth as you put it, is indeed necessary. Where did you find that meaning of the word? Generally, it refers to dispeller of darkness- In Sanskrit, guru means literally dispeller of darkness. I've never heard it referred to as a yoga teacher. Either or, here the meaning we're attributing is obvious. If you wish to be pedantic, do so, but it doesn't alter the quote's meaning, obviously. I've watched a few of Monroe's videos. Thought they were interesting. Some of it seemed true. For me, it does not hold any value. My interest is to end my inward conflict. I'm not saying no one should find any value in it though. Just like when we seek out a guru, or spiritual authority if that's a better way of describing it, we seek according to our desires and predjudices. Unless someone has set all that aside, physical wold reality aside (and that can be disagreed on), then how can anyone know that what he sees is not a projection of those predjuduces and desires? I would say that often they probably aren't but also that you can see only according to your limitations. But this all by the by. Have these astral travelling experts ended their inward conflict? K did yoga daily when he was alive. Showed a few moves to a few friends but was not a teacher of it. I wouldn't put Osho or Watts in the same category but you're free to. So which are the rambling words?
  7. Can truth be found through another? Question: You say that gurus are unnecessary, but how can I find truth without the wise help and guidance which only a guru can give? Jiddu Krishnamurti: The question is whether a guru is necessary or not. Can truth be found through another? Some say it can and some say it cannot. We want to know the truth of this, not my opinion as against the opinion of another. I have no opinion in this matter. Either it is so or it is not. Whether it is essential that you should or should not have a guru is not a quest1on of opinion. The truth of the matter is not dependent on opinion, however profound, erudite, popular, universal. The truth of the matter is to be found out, in fact. First of all, why do we want a guru? We say we need a guru because we are confused and the guru is helpful; he will point out what truth is, he will help us to understand, he knows much more about life than we do, he will act as a father, as a teacher to instruct us in life; he has vast experience and we have but little; he will help us through his greater experience and so on and on. That is, basically, you go to a teacher because you are confused. If you were clear, you would not go near a guru. Obviously if you were profoundly happy, if there were no problems, if you understood life completely, you would not go to any guru. I hope you see the significance of this. Because you are confused, you seek out a teacher. You go to him to give you a way of life to clarify your own confusion, to find truth. You choose your guru because you are confused and you hope he will give you what you ask. That is you choose a guru who will satisfy your demand; you choose according to the gratification he will give you and your choice is dependent on your gratification. You do not choose a guru who says, ''Depend on yourself; you choose him according to your prejudices. So since you choose your guru according to the gratification he gives you, you are not seeking truth but a way out of confusion; and the way out of confusion is mistakenly called truth. Let us examine first this idea that a guru can clear up our confusion. Can anyone clear up our confusion? - confusion being the product of our responses. We have created it. Do you think someone else has created it - this misery, this battle at all levels of existence, within and without? It is the result of our own lack of knowledge of ourselves. It is because we do not understand ourselves, our conflicts, our responses, our miseries, that we go to a guru whom we think will help us to be free of that confusion. We can understand ourselves only in relationship to the present; and that relationship itself is the guru not someone outside. If I do not understand that relationship, whatever a guru may say is useless, because if I do not understand relationship, my relationship to property, to people, to ideas, who can resolve the conflict within me? To resolve that conflict, I must understand it myself, which means I must be aware of myself in relationship. To be aware, no guru is necessary. If I do not know myself, of what use is a guru? As a political leader is chosen by those who are in confusion and whose choice therefore is also confused, so I choose a guru. I can choose him only according to my confusion; hence he, like the political leader, is confused. What is important is not who is right - whether I am right or whether those are right who say a guru is necessary; to find out why you need a guru is important. Gurus exist for exploitation of various kinds, but that is irrelevant. It gives you satisfaction if someone tells you how you are progressing, but to find out why you need a guru - there lies the key. Another can point out the way but you have to do all the work, even if you have a guru. Because you do not want to face that, you shift the responsibility to the guru. The guru becomes useless when there is a particle of self-knowledge. No guru, no book or scripture, can give you self-knowledge: it comes when you are aware of yourself in relationship. To be, is to be related; not to understand relationship is misery, strife. Not to be aware of your relationship to property is one of the causes of confusion. If you do not know your right relationship to property there is bound to be conflict, which increases the conflict in society. If you do not understand the relationship between yourself and your wife, between yourself and your child, how can another resolve the conflict arising out of that relationship? Similarly with ideas, beliefs and so on. Being confused in your relationship with people, with property, with ideas, you seek a guru. If he is a real guru, he will tell you to understand yourself. You are the source of all misunderstanding and confusion; and you can resolve that conflict only when you understand yourself in relationship. You cannot find truth through anybody else. How can you? Truth is not something static; it has no fixed abode; it is not an end, a goal. On the contrary, it is living, dynamic, alert, alive. How can it be an end? If truth is a fixed point it is no longer truth; it is then a mere opinion. Truth is the unknown, and a mind that is seeking truth will never find it, for mind is made up of the known, it is the result of the past, the outcome of time - which you can observe for yourself. Mind is the instrument of the known, hence it cannot find the unknown; it can only move from the known to the known. When the mind seeks truth, the truth it has read about in books, that 'truth' is self-projected; for then the mind is merely in pursuit of the known, a more satisfactory known than the previous one. When the mind seeks truth, it is seeking its own self-projection, not truth. After all, an ideal is self-projected; it is fictitious, unreal. What is real is what is, not the opposite. But a mind that is seeking reality, seeking God, is seeking the known. When you think of God, your God is the projection of your own thought, the result of social influences. You can think only of the known; you cannot think of the unknown, you cannot concentrate on truth. The moment you think of the unknown, it is merely the self-projected known. God or truth cannot be thought about. If you think about it, it is not truth. Truth cannot be sought: it comes to you. You can go only after what is known. When the mind is not tortured by the known, by the effects of the known, then only can truth reveal itself. Truth is in every leaf, in every tear; it is to be known from moment to moment. No one can lead you to truth; and if anyone leads you, it can only be to the known. Truth can only come to the mind that is empty of the known. It comes in a state in which the known is absent, not functioning. The mind is the warehouse of the known, the residue of the known; for the mind to be in that state in which the unknown comes into being, it must be aware of itself, of its previous experiences, the conscious as well as the unconscious, of its responses, reactions, and structure. When there is complete self-knowledge, then there is the ending of the known, then the mind is completely empty of the known. It is only then that truth can come to you uninvited. Truth does not belong to you or to me. You cannot worship it. The moment it is known, it is unreal. The symbol is not real, the image is not real; but when there is the understanding of self, the cessation of self, then eternity comes into being.
  8. Theosophy isn't needed so we move on. Yeah, Leadbeater said the World Teacher thing had gone wrong. Obviously because K denied their hiearchy and Leabeater didn't like that. Still, K was well fed, had is teeth strasightened etc bla. Physical needs were taken care of and they couldn't touch his mind so their nonesense didn't matter. K was in a poor state when they found him so needed looking after on a physical level. Besant didn't turn her back on K ever so if she's Theosophy then not all did. But it wouldn't have mattered if they had. I'm no Theosophist and had no time for Bailey. You say K was right and I agree in part. We are our own teachers. He likened himself, in one instance, to be a telephone ha. You can use it but you don't worship it or put it on a pedestal. All authority is corrupt in the sense of being above us. Difference between function and authority though. If I read something by K and understand it, it is my understanding and therefore I have taught myself. I could not deny that on my own, I wouldn't have gotten that understanding but it was still me that allowed myself to teach myself. That's the difference. Not that we don't need to be exposed to that intelligence. It would be better if we didn't but apparently we do as it's a bit of a mess round these ere parts eh. I'm not sure if you've even heard the teachings? What is about them that grates, if you have? Waking up is certainly on the agenda. Thanks for the advice on how to do it though I reckon I'll be looking a while and I aint as pretty as I once was. Get the feeling none of us are awake. Had a quick look at the Leipzig thing. Not sure how that factors in? Thanks to you too :)
  9. Had problems getting here with Lebara too. Giffgaff, no worries
  10. I'm subbed on youtube and facebook. Intelligent lady and pioneer in her field. Very interesting what she finds in the aura using tuning forks. I understand better now what your referring to by charged body of trauma and experience. Further out in the biofield/aura she goes, the closer to birth. We do carry the pains and it weighs on us. Folk supposedly feel lighter after a session as the biofield blocks are reduced. Every video she does has interesting new insights. Great to have her on board with the Electric Universe crew as well.
  11. @killing raven sun I'm not anti Tolle but I don't find his words work for me but i think he would call what you're suggesting, the pain body. I'm a believer in the gut/brain axis and hence the gut's affect on the mind. The body must be healthy because it takes harmonious physical energy, a healthy pineal etc to free the mind of it's conditioning. Mercury fillings affect the mind in a big way. I feel we must come at this from the physical angle as well as the mind. No amount of reading or learning will get around a body not in vibrant health. No amount of physical health will get around a mind stuck in the word, eh?
  12. Subdued? I prefer understood. It is OK to act in the face of danger. Problem is that we psychologise that fear. Fear of falling off a cliff won't be psychologised. But fear of being beat up and reacting can turn into kicking someone in the head even though you've already fended them off. Psychological fear means that defense becomes attack via anger or hatred. Physical fear of the precipice or rattle snake does not produce psychological aberations but rather a healthy desire to survive. We can calm those psychological fears as you say. The human has taken the natural animal fear and made it psychological. So war, as means to protect territory, goes from defense to attack. To quote "if you have lived peacefully your whole lives, you will do the right thing when attacked". But we don't and so the end result is not peaceful intelligent defense but further brutal attack. Therefore we are responsible for the outcome even if we are attacked first.
  13. I wasn't meaning in that respect, exactly. By hard fast system, I mean, it does not take a set amount of time for any one person, myself for instance, to go from darkness to light. I will not, for instance, definitely live 100 lives of a set amount of years till enlightenment is allowed. I could longer, it could be shorter. Point being, that some dgree of it is down to me in the here and now. I trust, that what I would call the Dao, will adjust, put in to birth with whom I need etc that will be the fastest route but not a set route else there's no freedom in the sense you ascribe to it. More clear? Or just as wrong :) Oh yes, definitely constantly attended. I do not dismiss the experience. There is a line in the Dao De Jing, put in better words but as I can recall it now: can you allow a dificuly course to run it's route? Glad I heard it. Also, another one: there is a time for safety, a time for danger and more but you get the point perhaps? Hard to discern my own mind chatter from that which is meant for me to know or hear as a means to move out of a situation. When I left where I lived, I laughed as the first number plate coming toward me read "DAO". By wrongs, I mean social conditioning. By focussing on the right, if I'm serious about it and not just playing with words, that conditioning ends. And, we've all hurt folk and nowt wrong with making good.
  14. Let's be clear, I don't represent his words in any way. I may have a view on them but I may be distorting it. To use my words to prove someone else is wrong is stretching it, to say the least. You seem to be deflecting as, I guess, you don't want to quote K. I'll try and explain as I see it though don't assume this is how K would present it. Regarding physical fear, look at the animal kingdom. Animals live with the possibility of being eaten at any point so there is physical fear and it's healthy and keeps them alive. But they do not translate this into hating their predator or going back to the den depressed and morose because some gits trying to eat them.
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