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  1. It's not possible to wake up a person who is totally brainwashed. It can only happen when someone really wants it himself. The awakening has to come from within, not from without. Talking and trying to help someone who doesn't want to wake up and who wants to believe mainstream media, is a waste of time and will get you only more and more frustrated. I have the same with my family who are completely indoctrinated. They say they are not brainwashed but they never ask the real questions or stop obeying. They wear masks, get themselves tested all the time.... It's an obsessesion. They can only repeat the mainstream narrative because that's all they hear everyday. I have told them many times that there is no virus, that this whole thing is a scam. That facemasks, testing, social distancing and vaccines are bad for our health. It had no effect at all. In fact, they became quite angry and found my thinking 'radical'. It ended in huge discussions. It doesn't matter how many times you will talk to them and tell the truth. Brainwashed people can only do and repeat the Cult script. They heard it their entire life. The possibility that there is no virus is for most people something they cannot deal with. The best thing is to accept their opinion, which is not really theirs but from the Cult and to let it be. Talk to people who are already awake, and there are a lot of them who know exactly what is going on. You cannot get a person out of this trance, it can only happen if they really want it themselves, and then from within. They have to experience what is going on right now. Some will never awake and most of us do luckily.
  2. I don't wear a mask either and avoid people and shops as much as possible as the atmosphere is sooo dead and serious. Sometimes I have to go into a shop which I do without a mask. I don't even have one. Until now, nobody said anything but slowly these awful masks are pushed to be mandatory. If this will be the case, I won't go shopping there anymore. If me and my roommate shop together and we have to wear one, he goes inside the shop as he doesn't mind wearing a mask and I wait outside. But most of the time I get my things delivered. Avoiding people is a bliss and instead of going to shops, I go into the forest and have inner peace.
  3. Yeah I understand you. it's an insane world, even more insane by the hour. It's absolute madness! Every where you go, you see these people with face nappies. It's good you don't wear one and you can build up your self-respect by saying: no. But indeed, if you are one of the few, people start to notice. It's pure social pressure. I still don't wear one either, I never will. But I notice that I am the only one in my family. So be it. I don't want this global fascism and I stay far away from it as possible. We have to keep our heads up and be strong together.
  4. I seriously had it with people and the world and I wish I could escape. Sometimes people drive me mad as I just want to be alone. I see how society can change so quickly. I see people with masks everywhere, it's mad!! It's now even very close with the people around me. The more the world turns into an asylum, the more I am in solitude. Sometimes it's just too much, it's difficult to go away from this hoax and although I do want to escape from society, it makes me so angry why sooo many people just obey and believe the lies. There are many people awakening though, which it's great but in my environment it's not there yet. The misunderstandings, the discussions, the ridicule, that gives so much anger and frustration as I am the only one in my circle of people who believes the plandemic is a total scam. It's like having a mind full of information but nobody wants to know. This year made me think about the world completely different and it drives me to the point that I rather go into nature to be alone to feel peace then to be in public places with people who are totally asleep and just do whatever they are being told. There are so many rules I don't follow them anymore. The combination of people and all these ridiculous rules would drive me otherwise insane.
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