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  1. They do sequence testing. The testing is quite easy when you know what you are looking for. The bigger question is how on earth do they know the original sequence on which they have based anything, from jab to any new variant, if they never isolated the first virus? You need a standard first to distinguish any new variants. I know that they literally designed the jab mRNA on the computer, that's also not difficult, but without a virus to show, it's all designed and planned, instead of ibeing based on anything that occurred naturally.
  2. If this was the case, then there is no need for a jab. Funny thing is that they could be partially right. The test animals all did ok after being jabbed, but they all died when exposed to the wild version of a virus. In plain English it means that, yes a virus killed them, but only because their immune system was so fecked up from the jab it was not only useless, but created cytokine storms that killed them. They kind of painted themselves in a corner. However you look at it, it's the jabs that do the damage.
  3. How often, the snake is not the evil one. It isn't anywhere but in two very similar manmade religions. It's at best used as a scapegoat and at worst it tells people that knowledge is bad. Snakes are awsome, knowledge is awesome. At least in most advanced civilisations.
  4. The Serpent has never been the problem. It is the symbol of wisdom and knowledge throughout highly civilised people all over rhe world. From the ancient Egyptians to the Mayans to the Indians. The only one slagging off and hating the Serpent are literally only two religions. Both Abrahamic I don't think these two and the current cabal which is part of the same likes gaining knowledge. They prefer to rule by fear (hell/covid) and call everyone who brings actual truth 'evil'. Hiw anyone can still parrot their slanders is beyond me. Those that do are unknowingly part of the cabal. King James Bible: chap. 9 vrs 4: only those with the sign of god on their foreheads will be spared.... Your god is a killing machine, the reasons are always non compliance (flood etc), openly threatening unbelievers with death. All for your own good of course. Ring a bell? Unvaxxed/ Unbelievers? Needing ID to not get killed? Give the Serpent the benefit of doubt, the whole world appreciates them for what they are. Eve clearly wanted to be more than a naked dumbass for some megalomaniac. Applause for Eve. If the Serpent was evil, then so are all the scientists, doctors and nurses on our side who are trying to wake up the sheeple. Time to ditch all cabals, they are one and the same, only dressed differently. Amazed than some clever people have not caught on to this fact. Phew that had to be said.
  5. As long as they can save just one life from covid... I think the overall death toll, including suicides, homicides, long waiting lists deaths and deaths directly linked to the jab must be in it's millions by now. ...but if it saves just one life from covid, it seems worth it to them...
  6. How are healthy, symptomless humans a danger, is what I don't get. It's how we are born and used to live for hundreds and thousands of years. Especially to those that are apparently vxxed? Wt actual F? Having said that, those that do pose a danger through shedding are those that have added a manmade concoction to their bodies. Not to me as I have now natural immunity, but to themselves. It's not for health reasons. It's to punish those of us who still have a spine.
  7. This is all well and good, the difference is that the Maori see these trans people for what they are, trans. They have words for them etc. This means there is a distinction between them and the others. No confusion for children, no inner confusion etc. In our society men in dresses demand to be called a woman, whilst some call women cis women or birth givers instead of Mothers so as not to offend the men in dresses. Children are told they can be whatever, which is confusing. See one is acceptance, the other is a take over of womankind whilst putting real woman on the backburner.
  8. Yes, lets go with that. Makes no difference to my point at a scientific level. Here is why: 1. There is no AIDS in the idiot jab 2. It is entirely possible to design a strand of mRNA that, like any virus, but apparently (in the case I was answering) was a very successful way for hiv to get into cells. 3. Hiv has been isolated and Luc Montagnier got a Nobel prize for it. 4. Please don't tell me viruses don't exist, or the Earth is flat, please don't.
  9. Not AIDS. They used a portion of the HIV virus' mRNA that makes proteins which facilitate the entry of said virus. But it's only a few proteins worth. Like using a key to a specific lock. So no, there is no AIDS in there. Only one specific function borrowed from the HIV virus and used in covid. Aids is the disease anyway, not the name of the virus that causes it.
  10. Millions have had the jab and about 40 000 have keeled over dead and over 3 000 000 have had bad side effects. As there is no longterm data as to what will happen in the future, I would stop laughing if I were you, you should be worried. I also agree that this is an anti mRNA thread and personally I come here for refuge from all the pro jab propaganda. If you want a medal and a pat on the back, try joining a mainstream forum. It's like trying to get away from kids in a pub after 10 p.m and someone brings in a toddler running around screaming. Where can we get away from you pro russian roulette people?
  11. Don't know what it's called but it had Rick Mayall in it, should be easy to find as it was his last film.
  12. H Battling cases...oh my. How do you battle healthy symptomless people who happen to test positive? You stop testing them, and voilà no more cases and a normal world.
  13. Yea we got this both, husband and i and it went straight inti the bin. Husband defaced his with rude comments then chucked it. Totally forgot about it.
  14. There is a reason they do unreasonable things. Well two actually. One is that they are all totally mad and powerhungry at the same time and the vaks is there to kill off people...or, and I really wondered about this, because it's all so weird, that they want us angry and annoyed. Why? So they can give us a solution via the one world government, which will at first be oh so benevolent that it doesn't seem bad at all after what we have been through. They couldn't just have implemented this when all was hunky dory, but now it would seem like the lesser of two evils, especially if they announced that they found all politicians corrupt and covid was just a made up thing by those people, whilst the new gov will scrap the jabs and lead us all to freedom. Yay. Everyone would clap for the new way.
  15. It won't fizzle out because of the jabs. Normally there is one strain, people get immune, some die, end of. This time the jab, which isn't a vacx, is causing the virus to mutate. Serious virologists know that but nobody is listening to them.
  16. Yes please someone reopen the old savile threads, i come here for covid news. I read all books and watched plenty of indie documentaries about that necrphile paedo, don't need this thread cluttered with this.
  17. Sorry but I don't get it. He says that hundreds of thousands of cases will swamp the NHS unless they all get jabbed. Isn't the majority already jabbed, does the jab not work, and if it does, is he only counting cases or are there more unjabbed than they told us about? Plus the NHS was never overloaded, most hospitals were empty. There were maybe a few ICU wards crowded because, lets face it, they only ever have a handful of beds. Also they had enough time to get in shape in case any new virus suddenly emerges again. Or what else did they do during the months of thumb twiddling, nothing? Which seems strange. Something doesn't add up.
  18. These numbers are only those they accept as jab deaths and side effects. Now imagine a political plot to count every death up to 60 days later with the jab being counted as jab death. The nubers would shoot up to a level worse than covid deaths. But they won't, that strategy was only used when it was for their power plan. These deaths after the jab are far more worrying than the artificially elevated covid deaths for the simple reason that what we see here is merely a tiny tip of a massive iceberg.
  19. I am probably too late and someone else got there befire me, but I am German and absolutely shocked by this. They say that they have some sort of warrant but it isn't signed by a judge just a secretary. The mum knows all her rights too. Don't know the story behind it but the kid is in distress as he has been abused before when away from home, and I couldn't think of anything really to come into her flat and do this. More details are needed. This is horrendous.
  20. So the vaccines don't work? Or it's blatant blackmail. Either is telling.
  21. I might be a bit late answeing this but yeah I blocked them as spam. Got called by gp receptionist and told her that I don't want the jab. Got called by NHS, told them the same. Since then I haven't heard from them again.
  22. This is so wrong. I personally want the world just to be logical. If it were logical, there wouldn't have been any need for this jab at all. I have a vaccine for when I may inhale a couple of viruses. It's my immune system. tested and approved for Millions of years. Working a treat. Shame that the injection you tell others to take, totally upsets this carefully balanced and super efficient defense mechanism. I've just found out that some of my family took the jab, despite telling me last year that they wouldn't. It upsets me. The reason given was that after reading everything about it on the MSM they came to the conclusion that it was safe and keeps them immune. I had no more words, because to explain it all you have to really start at the beginning again and I haven't got the energy any longer. Do you really think that our freedoms only hinge on these injections? As in: If everyone took it, we'd be back to how it used to be? That is the most naive thing I heard so far [unless you were joking]. This has been brewing for many decades, if the 'rona wouldn't have come on stage and gave them literally the gift of treating us like cattle, then there would have been global warming to lock us down or something else. It was all already kind of going there. People can have injected what they want, but the freedom of choice MUST remain and nobody has any right to coerce, force, blackmail or even softly nudge people into something that could very well [and has been] leading to their death or disability or even just extreme discomfort for weeks. Normal to me would be if everyone would behave towards this one out of 37 corona viruses just like they do towards the flu previously. Protect the vulnerable, wash your hands and don't cough without covering your mouth. The rest of humanity could have just got on with it. Normality has NOTHING to do with this injection.
  23. Have been lurking as I am a noob here but I have to say you are right. And there is no evidence for any covid virus ever being isolated. Many professionals have asked for it but never got an answer. The whole jab is based on what they think the relevant virus sequence looks like. It is literally designed on the computer. There needn't be any actual virus parts in this gene therapy like in the old fashioned vaccines, because all they need is the strands of mRNA that they believe/guess/make up and bob is your uncle. I also don't believe that there is a novel virus with a separate name, it's just a bad bout of a known corona strain in my opinion. Presented as a new and dangerous one. What worries me most is that because it isn't actually dangerous at all as it doesn't affect any young people and not even many of the old ones, just those with underlying illnesses. It looks like a safe trial run. I am in no doubt we will be let free at some point just to face an actual much worse scenario. What will happen then is that those vaccinated will die from it [like all the lab animals in the trials] and the rest of us will be in actual danger of an actually bad virus and we can be blamed for it and persecuted. I am so glad I am older and had my good times.
  24. Hello I am a German woman who has lived decades in the UK. I am old enough to remember oppression, the wall, have been plenty of times to E-Germany to know that this is not what I want to happen everywhere. I am also more British than some of the younger people nowadays. It isn't my fault I love this country and the people and the culture [whatever is left]. I value freedom far more than just intellectually. All my life I have been taught what to look out for in politics so that bad things will never happen again. And here we are and everything is happening that I was warned about, and suddenly I am to shut up? I hope that I find likeminded people on here and I hope that even posting some truths will be my small contribution to this massive problem we are facing as humans. I can hardly do anything else as I am physically not able to, but I guess every little helps...or as we say in Germany: Steady drops can hollow stones.
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