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  1. Sorry but this is a good start. I'd rather have this for one day than nothing at all. This will unite our thoughts. Sometimes I am suspicious of comments that poo poo ideas like this. What have you organised or done lately? The awaken humanity is trying really hard and every journey starts with only one step. It doesn't start with people bringing everything down and call all those who dare speak up 'controlled opposition'. Anything to unite us is valuable.
  2. But wanting injection aware people to die, not letting them into shops and not giving them lifesaving operations is differen? Yup to the idiot class. Those morons are hypocrites.
  3. When I worked in the lab, where sometimes you had to wear masks of all sorts, there were time limits put on them for health and safety reasons. Those were the rules. I'm not too sure about the length but I kind of think it was 20min. Then they had to come off. Now people wear breath restrictors all day. Re inhaling your own breath is not a good thing for a variety of resons. I don't wear those poop rags. Not even to the doctors. Had to see a nurse and went free faced in to enter my details, wjhen I heard the expected "excuse me", in the righteous tone of voice the receptionists have. "Do you have a mask?" I just said "Nah, I'm still exempt". Without even turning around to face her and finished my data entering, then sat down. Never acknowledged even her existence. So frigging sick of dumb rules, it grinds on me heavily.
  4. You saying that about herpes, but my sister who had all shots (in Germany) and who lived 70 years with Herpes fine, nearly died a couple of months ago as it suddenly caused Herpes meningoencephalitis. She is still not 100% I am sure the dodgy jabs lowered her immune system for this to run wild. She used to get it on her lips quite bad when stressed but apart from that nada. Suddenly it causes HM?
  5. Been to the dentist yesterday and for the first time ever in over 50 years have I seen a defibrillator in a dentist surgery. I guess there is one in every room or it would have been in the hallway. This dentist doesn't even use gas to knock you out, NHS, no time for all of that. Only local injections. I "wonder" why they are a thing all of a sudden. Seriously, to have that many 'things' must have happened where just calling an ambulance is not enough...
  6. Yeah, that's whats in the bible. In mathematics it isn't evil at all, it's ingenious. Hence my long post. Quoting the bible to me is as much use as quoting Klaus Schwab's book to tell me how he is right. That was my point. The bible was written by humans. Any real omnipotent being would not behave like a human, with orders and fearmongering, hatred and murder, yet the biblical god does. He's petty, angry and loves dishing out punishment. The biblical god is an impostor out to rule over humans. Nature however contains all numbers and none of them are evil.
  7. Satan has nothing to do with 666. It is a very special number in mathematics. If you understand, it will actually lead to amazing eye opening. Again, those that rule and pretend to do it all for your own good don't want you to be curious or have understanding. Hence they make it real easy for the sheeple and blame Satan. Yawn. Because everyone who doesn't get how religion is the bad guy will go bonkers when they hear the name Satan. Satan is equal to the scientists and people who are trying so hard for you to see through all the crap, but just like those who go mental when you try to enlighten them about the covid hoax, so many are still serving the wrong side. Satan or the Serpent are those good people literally demonised, banned and cancelled, and you all go along with it by perpetuating their newspeak using their words. Satan juice, Satanic numbers etc. If you can't see this, then how on earth cam I trust you to see through polititians, who all belong to the same cabal as the church? Believe in a god if you must, but it's time to see religion for what it is. Satan is merely a freedom fighter, a scientist, a sane voice against the absolute oppression by a manmade sky authority to keep you obediant with fear of a wise being. Check out 666 mathematically, it's not an "evil" number but a very, if not the, most important number in existence.
  8. What on earth has this got to do with covid? As if this thread isn't abandoned enough. Personally I come here because I haven't forgotten about covid and forced injections. If I want to read about this idiotic war, I am sure there is a thread for it.
  9. This is a sad thread. I see completely different things from OP, if anything. I have a BSc hons. In Neuroscience and there is something going on in OP's pattern recognition centre, it's overactive. Also the telepathy worries me. These aren't messages, these are random cloud formations in which almost anything can be found if you look for it. Sounds like a psychosis to me. Of course part of it is to disbelieve me. So there is not much else to do or say.
  10. He wasn't and science isn't a religion, it's a method. The most logical and unbiased way of finding truth and facts. Have some scientist dragged it into the mud by lying and fabricating stuff for gain? Sure. However they are not scientists then but liars and greedy sods. Darwin came up with a beautiful and working theory that can be observed and recreated. He was a genious. I think there are a lot of people here that don't understand what a lot of things mean and mix that with the closest mindset of medieval prasantry and stubbornness to learn, I am close of giving up on here. Science is a method, a method has no opinion or belief. It is a way of looking at evidence and then either reproducing it or calling it an error. Adjusting it with new findings. You lot are talking on this website because of science, not made up mambo jumbo. Belive what you want, I'm only an evil retired scientist.
  11. It's called the Hamsa hand and is a Hindu and Buddhist symbol. Nothing to do with the illuminati I'm afraid.
  12. Is this satire? Tell me you are joking. Just in case you are not. We don't come from monkeys. Monkeys and humans have the same ancestor, then we split into our branches. Youcan look this up in two seconds. Evolution is beautiful and it can be proven, but if you don't understand how it works then any claim you make sounds silly. It's like claiming that cars drive because of some ghost. That's the explanation of someone who hasn't got the foggiest and who has never shown any interest in mechanics. God made us is the same principle. A ghost made us...really?
  13. Stupid thing is that it is the exact opposite way round. No virus mutates because of healthy people catching it and becoming immune, because the viruses in a person that beat it will all be dead and an immune person cannot spread a virus as their viral load is too low. If you have the jibby jabbed with trillions of spike proteins floating in their bodies, then you get mutations galore, because a virus wants to spread and not be killed. Just like you have to finish a course of antibiotics so that you don't leave one surviving bacteria, because the surviver 'knows' your weapon. Dumb, lies. The jabbed are causing the mutations. Without them, this whole thing would be long over.
  14. They do sequence testing. The testing is quite easy when you know what you are looking for. The bigger question is how on earth do they know the original sequence on which they have based anything, from jab to any new variant, if they never isolated the first virus? You need a standard first to distinguish any new variants. I know that they literally designed the jab mRNA on the computer, that's also not difficult, but without a virus to show, it's all designed and planned, instead of ibeing based on anything that occurred naturally.
  15. If this was the case, then there is no need for a jab. Funny thing is that they could be partially right. The test animals all did ok after being jabbed, but they all died when exposed to the wild version of a virus. In plain English it means that, yes a virus killed them, but only because their immune system was so fecked up from the jab it was not only useless, but created cytokine storms that killed them. They kind of painted themselves in a corner. However you look at it, it's the jabs that do the damage.
  16. How often, the snake is not the evil one. It isn't anywhere but in two very similar manmade religions. It's at best used as a scapegoat and at worst it tells people that knowledge is bad. Snakes are awsome, knowledge is awesome. At least in most advanced civilisations.
  17. The Serpent has never been the problem. It is the symbol of wisdom and knowledge throughout highly civilised people all over rhe world. From the ancient Egyptians to the Mayans to the Indians. The only one slagging off and hating the Serpent are literally only two religions. Both Abrahamic I don't think these two and the current cabal which is part of the same likes gaining knowledge. They prefer to rule by fear (hell/covid) and call everyone who brings actual truth 'evil'. Hiw anyone can still parrot their slanders is beyond me. Those that do are unknowingly part of the cabal. King James Bible: chap. 9 vrs 4: only those with the sign of god on their foreheads will be spared.... Your god is a killing machine, the reasons are always non compliance (flood etc), openly threatening unbelievers with death. All for your own good of course. Ring a bell? Unvaxxed/ Unbelievers? Needing ID to not get killed? Give the Serpent the benefit of doubt, the whole world appreciates them for what they are. Eve clearly wanted to be more than a naked dumbass for some megalomaniac. Applause for Eve. If the Serpent was evil, then so are all the scientists, doctors and nurses on our side who are trying to wake up the sheeple. Time to ditch all cabals, they are one and the same, only dressed differently. Amazed than some clever people have not caught on to this fact. Phew that had to be said.
  18. As long as they can save just one life from covid... I think the overall death toll, including suicides, homicides, long waiting lists deaths and deaths directly linked to the jab must be in it's millions by now. ...but if it saves just one life from covid, it seems worth it to them...
  19. How are healthy, symptomless humans a danger, is what I don't get. It's how we are born and used to live for hundreds and thousands of years. Especially to those that are apparently vxxed? Wt actual F? Having said that, those that do pose a danger through shedding are those that have added a manmade concoction to their bodies. Not to me as I have now natural immunity, but to themselves. It's not for health reasons. It's to punish those of us who still have a spine.
  20. This is all well and good, the difference is that the Maori see these trans people for what they are, trans. They have words for them etc. This means there is a distinction between them and the others. No confusion for children, no inner confusion etc. In our society men in dresses demand to be called a woman, whilst some call women cis women or birth givers instead of Mothers so as not to offend the men in dresses. Children are told they can be whatever, which is confusing. See one is acceptance, the other is a take over of womankind whilst putting real woman on the backburner.
  21. Yes, lets go with that. Makes no difference to my point at a scientific level. Here is why: 1. There is no AIDS in the idiot jab 2. It is entirely possible to design a strand of mRNA that, like any virus, but apparently (in the case I was answering) was a very successful way for hiv to get into cells. 3. Hiv has been isolated and Luc Montagnier got a Nobel prize for it. 4. Please don't tell me viruses don't exist, or the Earth is flat, please don't.
  22. Not AIDS. They used a portion of the HIV virus' mRNA that makes proteins which facilitate the entry of said virus. But it's only a few proteins worth. Like using a key to a specific lock. So no, there is no AIDS in there. Only one specific function borrowed from the HIV virus and used in covid. Aids is the disease anyway, not the name of the virus that causes it.
  23. Millions have had the jab and about 40 000 have keeled over dead and over 3 000 000 have had bad side effects. As there is no longterm data as to what will happen in the future, I would stop laughing if I were you, you should be worried. I also agree that this is an anti mRNA thread and personally I come here for refuge from all the pro jab propaganda. If you want a medal and a pat on the back, try joining a mainstream forum. It's like trying to get away from kids in a pub after 10 p.m and someone brings in a toddler running around screaming. Where can we get away from you pro russian roulette people?
  24. Don't know what it's called but it had Rick Mayall in it, should be easy to find as it was his last film.
  25. H Battling cases...oh my. How do you battle healthy symptomless people who happen to test positive? You stop testing them, and voilà no more cases and a normal world.
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