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  1. Have been lurking as I am a noob here but I have to say you are right. And there is no evidence for any covid virus ever being isolated. Many professionals have asked for it but never got an answer. The whole jab is based on what they think the relevant virus sequence looks like. It is literally designed on the computer. There needn't be any actual virus parts in this gene therapy like in the old fashioned vaccines, because all they need is the strands of mRNA that they believe/guess/make up and bob is your uncle. I also don't believe that there is a novel virus with a separate name, it's just
  2. Hello I am a German woman who has lived decades in the UK. I am old enough to remember oppression, the wall, have been plenty of times to E-Germany to know that this is not what I want to happen everywhere. I am also more British than some of the younger people nowadays. It isn't my fault I love this country and the people and the culture [whatever is left]. I value freedom far more than just intellectually. All my life I have been taught what to look out for in politics so that bad things will never happen again. And here we are and everything is happening that I was warned about, and suddenl
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