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  1. Apparently the Pfizer death shot is getting FDA approval on Monday
  2. Sorry, more of a rhetorical question with a hint of sarcasm. I was referring to this https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-58281332 My understanding is the the emergency use authorisation for the vax is only allowed if there are no other treatments. According to the above, there now is..
  3. Nice. I'm all over it, going on my Tesco order and I'll feed it to the whole family. On another note, now the anti viral treatment authorised today, there is a treatment, so why isn't the emergency use with invalidated?
  4. Never used this before but I see you can get it from Tesco. It's going on this week's delivery. Google searched it and had a read, sounds delicious and right up my street! Also sounds like it can cure up the Rona too. Going back to the topic, these things sound like they protect you from spike protein damage, but thinking logically, if you're body is going to produce spike proteins whenever triggered by the virus, your really going to have to be eating or supplementing permanently. I've come to accept that now it's confirmed vaccinated are spreading it too, it's a matter of time before I catch it, so I'm going what I can to make things as easy as possible.
  5. I hope you are right. I'm well past my clubbing days but I might dig out the white gloves and whistle just to take the piss
  6. I got Dandelion leaf extract tablets off eBay. A bag of 365 tablets for about £13 or so. Started taking them a week ago. I think you can add raw leaves to salad if you have them in the garden, but you don't want ones that have had weed killer on them. I'm just sticking to the tablets for now. I figured I'm going to catch it sooner or later. I have friends that have been mild, and friends that have been written off for weeks. It seems random, so I want to do my best to make things as smooth as possible! I also read chicory, milk thistle and artichoke blocks spike protein from attaching to cells. I like chicory and artichoke. Milk thistle is available in tablet form too, and is a relative of the Dandelion.
  7. Definitely. This bit is what makes me think it's likely to change. "A digital solution is being developed which will enable individuals with a medical exemption to show their COVID-19 status using the NHS COVID Pass. In the interim, please follow the advice below."
  8. Here you go https://www.nhsx.nhs.uk/covid-19-response/using-the-nhs-covid-pass/#exemptions I think, given the wording this will change.
  9. I started taking Dandelion leaf extract. I am not vaxed, but I read it can stop spike protein damage of you catch the covid, making less symptoms and earlier for body to fight off. Time will tell.
  10. Ah ok, i understand the point. I saw the ingredients somewhere a while back, but it's the fact the mRNA isn't disclosed. Makes sense, thanks
  11. I thought the ingredients list was already public?
  12. Sorry if posted already https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9894487/Booster-Covid-vaccines-mandatory-care-home-staff-foreign-trips-UK.html Daily Mail saying boosters for flights. And I saw this on Twitter earlier. https://www.congress.gov/bill/117th-congress/house-bill/4980 USA planning to only allow vaccinated people on flights to or from US airport's.
  13. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/high-consequence-infectious-diseases-hcid
  14. I just read on twatter you can exempt yourself from the vaccine if you are vegan. That's pretty easy to lie about, do long as nobody grasses you up
  15. I'm sure it's pretty darn good for you either way though
  16. Pretty sure this isn't correct, is a man made substance.
  17. Where do you find that actual table in your post? I was looking for that a while back but still can't find it on the links?
  18. Vaccines working well then... https://news.sky.com/story/amp/covid-19-delta-infections-produce-similar-levels-of-virus-regardless-of-vaccination-status-suggests-early-analysis-12374244
  19. Does anyone know where to find the official statistics for cases in vaccinated people?
  20. I have seen some things about dandelion leaf extract. Basically saying it blocks the spike proteins from doing any damage, works in the same way as ivermectin. I just bought a bag of 365 tablets off eBay for a shade over a tenner. My understanding is this will help stop us getting sick, and could help people who have been jabbed protect themselves from vaccine damage, as their bodies are producing spike proteins. One link below. Plenty more online.. https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.03.19.435959v1.full
  21. Wonder if this is connected to the building of that body storage containment place..
  22. I make my own booze too. I don't drink a lot nowadays but I refuse to pay the price for it. Keg of wherry lasts me months, I do 30 bottle wine kits as well.
  23. They are already working on mRNA injections for cancer and HIV. Probably other things. So this is why they are pushing the vax pass so hard. It won't just be covid vaccines on there. Have you seen a screen shot of the app? Look on Google play. It says "immunisations". If it were just for the covid vaccine surely it would say that. It reads to me as though there may be many things under there eventually. So if any of them aren't up to date you will be excluded from society as unclean or a burden on the NHS. The plandemic had to happen for them to be able to enable all of this.
  24. So they are saying that even if everyone has the death shot, covid so isn't going away?
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