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  1. I have to say, I know a lot who are vaxed, some still blindfolded, but I am seeing more and more people who realised they have been conned.


    I know several who are vaxed, some even boosted that are now saying enough is enough and no more shots.


    I also know some that were dumb enough initially to get it just to go on holiday, but then couldn't go, and then realised the con.


    Still plenty of people asleep though.


    I can't see many people taking the new Omicron shot to be fair.

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  2. I used to get this when I was in my 20s. I suffered with it badly one year after a holiday to Ibiza and taking far too much ecstasy. I must admit, I did quite like it! I never had a nasty experience though. I used to feel like I was falling out of bed slowly. Sometimes I saw my parents but couldn't speak of shout out to them. The things you get up to when you are younger 😂

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  3. 1 hour ago, Saved said:

    I should have said the internet 'as we currently know it or used to know it'. Anything worth reading or watching or contributing will not be available once the entire thing is gone and then rebuilt from scratch in the image of their god.

    There's always the dark web. It's easy to access if you know how.

  4. On 5/5/2022 at 12:24 PM, eddy64 said:


    its growers cutting back on crops they need to grow in heated greenhouses afaik.



    My tomatos are rubbish this year. The compost I bought from Lidl seems crap.

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  5. 8 hours ago, kj35 said:

    Also you don't need special seed potatoes.  Just plant ones from your fridge that are sprouting so can't be eaten.


    Also scrape chilli seeds from your chillis and ditto seeds from your tomatoes just dry them out in kitchen roll first.

    I knew about the potatoes but not how to dry seeds. Can you dry them on kitchen paper and then use next season?


    This thread is awesome.

  6. Some of you more experienced gardeners might know this, but I only learnt it last year and think it's an interesting tip.


    I bought potted herb plants from the supermarket, basil and mint worked best.


    Snip a few ends off, and take all leaves off  the cutting apart from the ends. Put them in a glass of water for a couple of weeks and they root. You can then pot them up and you have a new plant.


    Last year i kept them on my window, but this year I made some planters out of old pallets that I'm planning to fill with herbs and lettuces.  If you buy a potted chives plant, you can snip the ends off and eat them as normal, split the clump and plant it outside. You can then keep using them when they grow back, and they survive the winter.  


    I think there must be more top tips like this out there, it's just discovering them.

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  7. 8 hours ago, The Old Knight said:


    That's why i'm growing them as it's good practice, I'm thinking of doing some gorilla growing just need to find a spot in the woods where no one goes. Going to buy some wild garlic seeds and spread them about in the woods as well. 


    Anyone here had compost issues from shop bought this year? 

    Good on you mate. Great idea too.


    I planted Jerusalem artichokes in my garden. Never eaten them before, but they are coming up. Apparently they grow like a 9 foot sunflower in summer which dies off. You then dig the root and they grow edible tubers like spuds.


    Chuck a couple back in for the next year and they will keep coming.


    I've got some chard too. I read that grows back every year.

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  8. Snap 😂


    I stashed around 100 tins in lockdown 2. Started using a few here and there but barely dented the stash. I'm starting to stash things again. Not panic buying level, just a few bits weekly. I think it will pay off.

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  9. 21 minutes ago, Bombadil said:

    That’s the difficulty in food prep imo. As we don’t know exactly how fast things potentially become dire, it’s difficult to plan.

    finances, space and patience are all ok if you have them.

    I also have a lot of local sources for fresh produce. If things go pear shaped there will queues even there. I’ve built up good relationships with local producers but might mean nothing when it matters. Only time will tell



    My thinking is, if potatoes suddenly become short on supply, I have a sack in the shed that I could last several months on.


    Most people will generally have a few in from the supermarket that really don't last long as they are washed and clean.


    If things start drying up I can easily grab another sack. A lot of people living in cities don't even realise this sort of luxury!


    I am stashing a few tins a week now. Canned veg, soup, fish. Plus dried beans and pulses.

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  10. 19 hours ago, The Old Knight said:


    30 litre containers, 2 potatoes planted in each =  2lbs +  per container. I've got 5 in already just waiting on a compost delivery. 


    Cherry tomatoes go well in hanging baskets, make sure you got netting for those brassicas as the cabbage moth will come for a visit.  



    I haven't bothered with potatoes.


    I already buy mine from a local farm. They cost me a fiver for a 25kg sack, still have the dirt on them. They keep really well in the shed and last ages. They generally have them all year around, but I guess that might change if there are shortages.

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  11. I'm trying to grow my own food in a raised bed and some flower beds. It's not easy.


    I have limited space and not much has started growing outside yet. 


    Some radishes, carrots beetroot and artichokes are starting. I have a couple of fruit trees, tomatoes and chili's indoors, and some beans and peas started too. Also done perennial kale plants.


    It's going to be a struggle to feed the family at this rate!

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  12. The whole point now is for vaccine passports / digital IDs. Cash will disappear. They are already in the process of bringing in central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), and moving into web 3 will make everything Blockchain based.


    With these things in place they will implement a social credit system.


    They have already openly spoken about CBDCs being programmable so your money will expire, or can only be spent on certain things. I believe this is where we are heading. If covid doesn't achieve it, the Russian war will. Different disaster, same end result.

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