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  1. 1 hour ago, HAARPING_On said:


    Just remember mandatory is not law... it requires your consent.


    Everyone needs to withdraw their consent. Simple.


    Mandatory is not law?


    Can you elaborate on this for me?


    So if they do mandate it, we still don't have to get it, is that what you are saying?  Not trying to challenge you, just interested and keen to understand.

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  2. I was reading about the plans to wind up the pandemic in the UK yesterday. Project ramp down. 


    It seems odd to me that the UK are now looking to get rid of testing and isolations etc, then it's Austria they are locking down the unvaccinated. 


    I know this is supposedly a government leak, and not official, bit it's very strange. Opposite ends of the spectrum for different countries.


    I wonder where the vaccine passports for into this.

  3. Just my thoughts about the differences between this vax and all the ones I had at school.  This is new mRNA tech, we still don't know what will happen long term from mRNA. This is still a huge ongoing experiment.


    We are now also in a situation where most people are double jabbed, and their immunity is now decreasing to zero, so boosters required. This opens up new scenarios that we still don't know the impacts of.


    What if they don't have the booster? They have technically over ridden natural immunity with the gene therapy. Will they die when they come into contact with the virus or will they get a level of natural immunity back, nobody knows as it's the unknown.


    Or do they take the booster, restore vax immunity, but then what's the impact of repeat mRNA shots. Nobody knows.


    So this experiment is still a long way from being over. Maybe the deaths this year will be those double jabbed that refuse the booster, or are too late for it and are exposed. Maybe they will be those that actually take the booster. Who knows.


    The experiment is going to be going on for a few more years. I personally think the safest option is to keep clear of those jabs.

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  4. 18 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

    New mum who started stripping to pay the bills is now an OnlyFans millionaire


    'The mum carried on shooting the occasional scene so the family could get by but when the pandemic hit and the film industry was shut down, she said it was almost a relief for her.


    She explained: "I think a lot of people felt a sense of relief when some industries were forced to shut during lockdown and they couldn’t work. However, then you immediately start worrying about money."


    Karmen turned her attention to OnlyFans, which was something she felt more positive about as it could all be done at home.'




    I just looked her up on Twitter. She's hardcore porn by the looks of it 😂

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  5. 3 hours ago, Sheepy said:

    Well done mate, keep us posted gardening is becoming a lost skill.

    Thanks. I did used to enjoy a bit of gardening before I had kids. I still have some fruit trees but want to get back at it. These perennials look quite hassle free!

  6. Like many people have mentioned on this thread, I am now thinking about getting into growing my own food.  I'll start in the spring.


    I found this website which I thought was quite interesting. This is centered around perennial veg, so effort is minimal. I'm struggling for space with only a small back garden but there are plenty of low maintenance plant ideas on here. I thought it would be good to share 



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  7. 2 hours ago, ink said:


    Sorry but they will.

    You are currently using their transmission system .... they made it, you think it is 'open' .... it is not!

    Even I, a self taught coding imbecile, could track you through an image I upload .... using Javascript .... right through any VPN you have .... to find your actual IP.

    Again sorry .... but for the reasons you hold, you consider this information medium, the internet, to be all 'freedom' .... it is created by them and they are so vastly ahead of what you think this can do, you have only the concepts allowed for you to see.

    They will make any and all other digital currencies illegal to own or use (except the ones they wish to enforce) and you will be 'picked up' for holding or trying to use them :(

    That my consideration anyway.

    A lot of what I buy is alt coins. I do hope BTC also.


    Chinese are still buying crypto, but are using offshore exchanges. The Congress government can't do anything about it.


    Sure, transactions aren't hidden, they are all visible on the Blockchain but they are immensely secure.


    I am not stopping investing in crypto, that's for sure. Each alt has it's own Blockchain and there are constant security upgrades. It's very safe unless you are silly.


    Sure BTC or anything could be hacked, but so could the banks. Cash is secure, unless you have a house fire or something.


    I'm not trying to say you are wrong, but it won't just disappear all of a sudden and people be left with zero balance. It just doesn't work like that.


  8. I keep wondering what will happen to those that are double vaccinated who decide not to take their booster shot. A lot of people I speak to seem to be pissed off about it and are looking to refuse.


    I'm no expert, but surely if the vax has overridden the natural immune response, and the vax is now waning, will these people then be left with zero immunity at all? It seems hard to believe that natural immunity would come back after taking gene therapy, so in my eyes these people are now proper fucked.


    Be interesting to see what happens and if those that don't comply with boosters start dropping off. Obviously we will be blamed whatever.

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  9. 9 hours ago, whatthefoxhat said:

    Surely the petition title should be Do not put MORE fluoride in tap water

    Theyve been dosing a huge proportion of the UK's water for years

    Depends where you are. I used to brew a lot and contacted Anglian a few years back. Their analysis of the water shows naturally occurring fluoride, so they don't add any extra. I can't comment on any other water boards.


    I gather naturally occurring is ok. It's present in green tea and a few other things?


    Personally I am now looking at water distillers. If this goes ahead I'll be distilling pure H2O for my family and storing it in bpa free bottles.

  10. 21 hours ago, Nemuri Kyoshiro said:

    This is nothing new. I remember in the 1960s and 1970s hearing stories about the understaffed, underpaid, and under pressure NHS. If it wasn't smog, it was the Hong Kong flu. It is cyclical.


    Yeah exactly this.


    They might as well say, mid October we are going to plan b. Pretending it's about the NHS being under pressure is comical as they say it is every year.

  11. How long before plan b starts kicking in I wonder?


    Every year the NHS is apparently 'under pressure' so it's just a matter of time really.


    Saying that, not much will really affect me anyway. I won't wear a mask as I never did first time around, and I don't go clubbing either so the passports shouldn't have much impact. It's just another push to force everyone to take the death shot.

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