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  1. You are right 100% This is what I meant but worded it differently. I mean do you feel better for not ingesting all the shit in the water every day
  2. Have you noticed any difference in yourself or your health drinking pure water? I must admit, I'm interested in doing this.
  3. I started pointing this out on Twitter. It's always a good laugh as things like this wind up the sheep
  4. Haha. I hadn't noticed until you just said actually! Lol.
  5. The end result will be the same. They have failed to achieve what they wanted out of covid as too many people could see through the shady "science". Now they will use the war to pick up where covid failed.
  6. I hope she doesn't croak until after the extra bank holiday. If she were to go just after we might get an extra 2 days off this year
  7. Wonder if I'll ever be able to go back to Spain? I have family over there, but no way I'm getting a jab to enter the country. Hopefully next year the entry requirements will be dropped.
  8. My twitter is literally full of posts and articles about the new HIV variant. I wouldn't be surprised if this is the vaxxed getting ADE. Wonder if people are about to start getting very sick..
  9. I personally think there is a virus. It's been massively blown out of proportion though. Just my thoughts, I know a lot of people disagree.
  10. Out on the piss I think. Either that or at grass roots football with the kids, but that seems unlikely as it's outside. My kids have pretty much zero symptoms. It's been through the classes several times and missed us up until now. I honestly thought it would never get to me. I've been unmasked etc since day 1. Although this is going to make me even worse going on about it. Firstly because it's not even comparable to a cold, secondly because I now have guaranteed better immunity than all the double jabbers and lastly because I'm now even more adamant I don't need a jab. I think it'll get to everyone eventually.
  11. Unfortunately yes.. it's not something I take lightly and didn't do it before but I have kids at school so it was hard not to. Pretty sure it's just a variation of the common cold.
  12. I've had covid this week. Positive on Sunday. I had a runny nose for one day, and then a sore throat for a few days. I'm fine now. It wasn't anywhere near close to man flu. I work from home and didn't even need a day off. Hard to think they are vaccinating the whole population against a few days worth of sore throat. Technically I have better protection now than all those triple jabbers
  13. It's nothing to do with Bluetooth. Look at this. This shows a tp link setup for a single house. https://www.tp-link.com/uk/mesh-wifi/ Now imagine a smart speaker in each house, they can reach each other, so instead of a single house setup it could be a whole street instead. if one house internet goes down, the smart speaker can use nextdoors internet connection, or any other that it can route traffic through. That is it in a nutshell.
  14. I got this in December 19. I never generally get sick. I was out of action for 3 weeks and couldn't stop coughing for a month afterwards. I'm pretty sure what I had was covid and the Chinese were in the stages of covering up the leak.
  15. A smart speaker listens to you so it can respond, it has to listen all the time. The mesh wi-fi is to prevent connection issues, or so the devices still work if your internet goes off, as they will just route traffic via your neighbours connection. They are probably already stealing data, the mesh connection won't make much difference to that though. I'm pretty sure they could abuse it in future too.
  16. They don't share information, it's mesh wi-fi. It's like a repeater to get a stronger connection if they are too far away from your own router.
  17. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CYy8S-9FtKl/?utm_medium=copy_link This is well with a watch. They visit the vaccine centre with a lawyer, it's linked to the Mark Sexton legal case
  18. I remember something a while back about not being allowed to use the PCR test after new year for to it not being able to tell the difference between certain viruses. It was being withdrawn I think. Now today they are saying that a PCR test is no longer required. Seems a bit fishy to me. Does anyone have any info on what this was all about as I can't find it now?
  19. How did you get on? Maybe just use the liquid for the test on it's own, or a bit of water. I read the acidity from Coke or fruits is what gives the positive, so maybe you can swab milk for a negative result without taking the test as this is alkaline. I would be interested to know. Maybe if they do ask for a photo, you could just use a pen for the lines
  20. Queue the disappearance of the common cold
  21. I played about with a lateral flow test today. You don't even need to put the thing anywhere near your nose. Just go online to register test result, scan the QR code and it'll ask you if it was positive or negative. Select negative and you get a text message confirming. According to the government website, you can then show this text to gain entry to any event where a covid passport is required. So the system is full of holes. I didn't even unpack the test, nevermind sticking it in my nose and I've got a valid text for the next 48 hours. You can self certify a covid pass exemption until Christmas Eve, but assuming this doesn't change, there seems to be a loophole.
  22. The daily expose generally just writes any old shit. It's pretty awful to be honest.
  23. Found it https://dailyexpose.uk/2021/12/09/distracted-by-christmas-party-data-shows-9-in-10-covid-deaths-vaccinated/
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