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  1. Thanks. I am already a faster anyway. I do 18 hours every day, and the occasional 24 hour. I'll keep at it
  2. Today I switched over to flouride free toothpaste as well. Do you have any idea how to detox flouride from your system? Quick Google suggests tumeric which I already eat daily, green veg and tamarind. Not sure where to get tamarind from in the UK. Open to any more advice or suggestions though! Think the flouride collects in your bones, teeth and pineal gland in the brain.
  3. It heats the hot water on demand, not all the time. Like those instant water heaters. There is an element on the piping that heats up on request. Tbh I would probably still use the kettle but put RO water in it.
  4. £280 https://www.waterdropfilter.co.uk/products/instant-hot-water-reverse-osmosis-system-wd-k19-h 5 litre tank. Probably do a tank a day plus half with the family. I'm talking myself into it as the missus seems to have a constant cold. Funnily enough she works at the local water company lol
  5. That's good to know. I agree the water companies can't be trusted. I have read that the tap water is full of bacteria, micro organisms and viruses so doesn't surprise me your health has improved. It's not just the flouride, it's the micro plastics, estrogen, metals and god knows what else we are ingesting that keeps us sick. Wondering how much reverse osmosis I would need a day for a family of 4. Probably 1-1.5 gallons.
  6. I'm contemplating one of these. Removes the need for a kettle too. https://www.waterdropfilter.co.uk/products/instant-hot-water-reverse-osmosis-system-wd-k19-h
  7. I know you are right. I just kicked the can down the road, so to speak. Obviously if it's low, it's not as bad as I've they are topping it up. Anglian water tell me the only flouride in my supply currently is naturally occurring flouride, ie no additions. I don't think the issue is really the water companies, but the government telling them that they have to add non naturally occurring flouride to reach a certain level. I'm keen to know when the government are going to instruct them to level this up so I have a target date. After looking around, I think the only way to do this for a family is reverse osmosis. I have seen that you can actually now but countertop reverse osmosis systems for 3-500 quid. I think this might be the best solution for me. Has anyone got one of these they could recommend?
  8. Does anyone know when this is happening? I've been speaking to some of the filler people who said my current levels of flouride are very low, so not much point in installing a filter system with the intention of reducing flouride due to the fact that it is already so low. However, seems that may change soon so I have started looking at it again. I currently use a jug system that reduces flouride, micro plastics etc, but there is going to be a point where I need to install a filter. Considered reverse osmosis but that'll need a pump system too due to the pressure of my mains water.
  9. Talk of conscription now. Proper scaremongering that is. Imagine trying to send the woke brigade to war
  10. What I often do in mine, is soften the chips in the microwave as I mentioned above. While that's going on I cook pork steaks in the air fryer. Take the pork out, tip the pork grease over the chips and then air fry then. Bootiful!
  11. Don't have an issue with the microwave tbh mate.
  12. I cut chips, skin on. Microwave for 10 mins, drain off any steam water, dust with flour and then air fry. No fat required and they come out really crispy. I do a whole chicken in mine as well every week. The skin tastes great!
  13. Energy levels are good. I actually feel much more awake fasting than not. More focused at work too. I dunno green tea and black coffee when fasting do I don't trigger insulin production which breaks the fast. When I started I kept getting hot and cold flushes until I got used to it. Think that's the body getting used to switching fuel sources. This was only the first couple of weeks. Ghee has a different taste to butter. A little more cheese like. It's nice on toast!
  14. Cheers. I did a lot of research and it seems to be working. If I keep it up and increase the resistance bands, I'll be ripped by next summer! And it's actually costing me much less to feed myself because of the fasting. All those protein powders and bars the fitness industry promotes are crap. Basically an excuse to sell ultra processed chemical junk to people in the name of being healthy.
  15. I got this from Tesco for about 4 and a half quid. Nice to fry eggs in, then i tip the melted hot ghee on the toast instead of butter. Good in curries and also works well to put a knob of it on freshly grilled chicken. I'm getting hungry now.
  16. Yeah ghee is basically clarified butter. I think they boil it and skim off the impurities, and what you are left with is ghee. It's delicious! I do intermittent fasting as well Monday to Friday, then eat normally at the weekend. I do 18 hour fast window and eat 2 meals in the 6 hour window, Monday Weds and Friday, then on Tuesday and Thursday I go around 23 hours and just eat one meal. Couple that with high protein and high fat mainly animal based diet, walk for an hour a day and a bit of resistance bands and I'm in the best shape I've ever been. No gym or expensive food things required. Fasting is similar to keto in a way, after 12 hours your body switches to reserves and gets used to doing it, so it becomes used to running on fat reserves. Think that's helped drop day a bit at a time, and while running in fat I'm as alert as ever. You don't feel hunger either! If you Google autophagy and zombie cells and have a read, it seems like it forces your body to rebuild itself and clear out old dead cells too.
  17. Not sure of the importance of it exactly tbh, but I think we do need it. I dropped all seed and vegetable oils, they are supposedly toxic to us and cause internal inflammation. Ever wondered why they add it to absolutely everything now? Links between pharma and food are too close. If they make us sick they can keep us on medication. I think seed oils are part of that. I now eat olive oil and ghee, and I snack on boiled eggs rather than junk. I bet if I looked at what I eat on paper I would be well over on fat, but I've actually lost body fat, loads of it. I think eating fat isn't actually linked to being fat, so long as you eat animal fats or fish, avocado etc.
  18. I used to follow the alkaline diet a few years back but don't really anymore. I have lost a lot of body fat and started toning myself up a bit, but am now using intermittent fasting and a more animal based diet. Lots of eggs and meat Eggs and meat would be considered acidic foods, but my mind has swayed a little from that thinking. Eggs contain every vitamin the body needs except for c. The vitamins in an egg are highly bio available for the body. Same goes for the protein. It's massively available for the body to use. There is an argument vegans use about their being more iron in lentils than in steak. But the bioavailability of the iron in lentils is very low so it's just excreted. You ever look at vegans and vegetarians and think they look sick? I think it's because we need meat in our diet personally. I do still eat vegetables and the GMO business with them containing round up is scary, but there is a constant war now on meat and eggs, when throughout history they are renowned for keeping us fit and healthy.
  19. I was thinking this. Israel was one of the most heavily vaccinated areas. Maybe war deaths would hide a lot. Also there is the worry that UK is being seen to be taking a side. The opposite side to the majority of the immigrants living in our hotels. It could get nasty(er). Some kind of false flag, war break out on the UK streets. Maybe I'm just falling for the fear though.
  20. I'm thinking about putting one of these under my kitchen sink and then using the filtered water for kettle and cooking. https://www.brightwaterfilters.co.uk/products.html?gad=1&gclid=CjwKCAjwyY6pBhA9EiwAMzmfwW2ksB14MVEEXaeS1LAlHSicwaWvlFI4AE0sBPBZRm28Re6TlpVHJBoCKyoQAvD_BwE#!/V-3E-Bright-Water-Filter-Purifier/p/469079073/category=0 When I enquired they told me it takes out nearly all the flouride, any heavy metals will be gone, rust, viruses and bacteria too. Limescale. Just need a tap that has a drinking water spout on it. It won't remove the minerals from the water like reverse osmosis or distilling.
  21. So Hamas are Moslem terrorist organisation right? They are supposedly attacking Israel for some reason. What/where is Palestine?
  22. I must admit, I really don't understand all this Israel stuff, no matter how hard I try. Finding out anything from Google is so hard nowadays because it's all subjective and biased. Anyone care to give me a high level bullet list of what on earth all this is?!
  23. Thanks. I think I tried to post something a few years back and got sent round and round in circles.
  24. How do you get to 4chan? I've never been able to figure it out and then wasn't sure I was even in the right place.
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