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  1. As you say. My Mrs had to help me to the toilet as I could barely stand. The coughing was horrendous. I was off work for 3 weeks and even when I returned I was so coughing fit a couple of months. I kept waking and the bed was so wet, I would have thought I'd wet myself if it wasn't all around the pillow. Horrible. I have had the flu before but nothing like this.


    I believe I caught this from my kids, who had nothing more than a light cough the week before, which is kind of in line with what is said. I guess I will really never know for certain, but I don't fancy getting it again!


    I am on some kind of middle ground with the covid stories. I don't believe all of what we are told but I also don't believe all of the alternative theories either. I definitely don't buy the Wuhan market BS, that's a blatant lie! I'm also not buying the DNA changing vaccine nonsense either.

  2. There is a virus for definite. I had it and it was horrible, it is not just the flu, that is BS.


    I have never been so ill as I was. It's ok saying that there is no virus, but nobody has any evidence to back this up. Maybe there is no solid evidence that there IS a virus either. But I do know I have never felt anything like what I had. I have experience seasonal flu (not a cold) and this was far worse and felt very different.


    I believe this thing was developed in a lab and escaped. It's likely a bio weapon, that's why they can't vaccinate it. It's been made that way. Now there will be a lot of deaths and it will be around for the foreseeable.

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