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  1. Same. I am mortgage free and have a tidy nest egg. I worked really hard to pay off the mortgage and then continued to save all my extra money. I've been working from home during lockdown and saved an absolute tonne of money on fuel, coffees and drinks out etc. I am thinking bitcoin might be the answer. Even if they reset and give us all a global currency, bitcoin will become the new cash and will be hidden from them.
  2. Makes sense in theory. So they take the property, write off the personal debt. Maybe the talk of negative interest rate is putting the feelers out there.
  3. I agree with what is believed to be happening. My situation is a bit different in that I have no debt at all. Mortgage repaid, no finance or loans. I'm not clear on how I fit into the situation in that respect. Obviously no travel without vaccine but I'm not giving up my property for shit, nor am I having a vaccine. I'll holiday in the UK
  4. Is this genuine and a validated source? The YouTube video links to here: https://thecanadianreport.ca/is-this-leaked-memo-really-trudeaus-covid-plan-for-2021-you-decide/ But is this a cosher source?
  5. This rings a lot more truth https://www.naturalnews.com/2020-07-26-fast-tracked-covid-19-vaccine-alters-human-dna.html# Pay attention to the last block of text. It'll render everyone slaves to big pharma. New DNA vaccines required every year as it's not proper immunity, it's just training t cells to attack something, and as the virus changes you constantly need more vaccines. They can stick that up their arses.
  6. I just spotted a separate thread about it. Off there now
  7. What does everyone make of this Danish mink business? It's labelled up as a mutated strain that is possibly resistant to vaccine and antibodies. Could affect vaccine development. Yet another lockdown would definitely ruin the economy. See what happens with it, could well lead to further restrictions.
  8. Anti fertility into water... How the hell do you get around that! I eat tumeric, Cider vinegar, diatomaceous earth, plus take a few vitamins and minerals daily. Along with a relatively decent fresh diet. Drugs in water is bad though. I'm in Anglia and they don't add flouride here, but that must only be because of the naturally occurring level.
  9. Makes sense. I put some weight on at the start, but then decided to use lockdown to my advantage. I started doing insanity workouts every morning and I am getting into decent shape. Exercise does a lot for the mind as well. Your right about the flu vaccine too. I don't come into contact with many people now, and am unlikely to for the foreseeable, I said myself I haven't been ill all year so why do I even need a vaccine. I don't!
  10. I was thinking about going to superdrug and paying for mine this year I have been working from home since march and I haven't been ill all year. It has been quite nice in a way!
  11. Yeah I am familiar with agenda 21. I read up on that a few years back. True, they could easily poison the water if we refuse the vaccine. But what do you think is the reason behind the need to vaccinate everyone? Agenda 21 is around depopulation if I remember correctly. Surely if people start to die off after the vaccines they will have to stop.
  12. Yeah I have heard about the suspect counting methods too. That's really not great. Yeah 25k is a lot. I still don't really understand the reason why they would do all of this? They already have full control of us anyway. And mass vaccination doesn't sound like it will actually happen as the inner 50s were easy down the priority list.
  13. So that's approx 25k deaths from flu, in Italy for 2016/17. Covid apparently took 38k. 13/14 there were only 7k deaths.
  14. Another question I have about seasonal flu. I hear a lot of people saying the covid is just the flu and the numbers are being twisted. But what about Spain and Italy that don't have masses of flu deaths every year? The theory of twisting numbers fits the UK, but not those places. Again, a lot depends if the numbers they are publishing are actually correct though!
  15. As you say. My Mrs had to help me to the toilet as I could barely stand. The coughing was horrendous. I was off work for 3 weeks and even when I returned I was so coughing fit a couple of months. I kept waking and the bed was so wet, I would have thought I'd wet myself if it wasn't all around the pillow. Horrible. I have had the flu before but nothing like this. I believe I caught this from my kids, who had nothing more than a light cough the week before, which is kind of in line with what is said. I guess I will really never know for certain, but I don't fancy getting it again! I am on some kind of middle ground with the covid stories. I don't believe all of what we are told but I also don't believe all of the alternative theories either. I definitely don't buy the Wuhan market BS, that's a blatant lie! I'm also not buying the DNA changing vaccine nonsense either.
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