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  1. https://youtu.be/-0oZA1B3ooI World economic forum cyber pandemic video
  2. I posted about 9 July a few days ago. Definitely sounds possible. Cyber pandemic. I stocked up after lockdown 1, over 100 tins built up, plenty of dried food, and home made wine galore.
  3. Definitely wearing thin now. Something else must be in the pipeline
  4. Wonder what's going to be next up. A lot of the official narrative is now pointing towards things easing up a bit. I can't see it happening though tbh.
  5. I was reading something on here a couple of months back about a total blackout coming. It fits in with that. But yeah I see your point as well.
  6. https://sociable.co/technology/prepping-cyber-pandemic-cyber-polygon-stage-supply-chain-attack-simulation/ This might be next!
  7. People are crazy. I've shown people news stuff before that is on RT and been told "you can't believe any of that, that's all Russian propaganda on there" or similar, but then the same people believe everything the BBC says, without even questioning that it might be "all British propaganda". It's just insane that people are so quick to jump to an opinion about one thing, but then don't question the other side at all.
  8. The top video no longer works. Where's did this come from, she says you can see more info on their site, but where is that? Do you know?
  9. Are you saying meditation effectively removes all this from the system? Or a lot of it? I started taking something called diatomaceous earth a few months back, which is a totally natural substances and is also said to remove metals and leftovers in the body from vaccines, drugs etc. It sounds like it will do the trick.
  10. How do I get this delivered?
  11. Any evidence to back up the nano chips in food?
  12. Anyone seen the handmaids tale? That'll be a reality in a few years. Seriously though, if the vaccine does make the body attack is own placenta cells, women's fertility problems should be visible quite soon after child bearing age women are vaccinated. They will be quite low down in the priority, so it may not be for some time.
  13. Tricky. I have several Google home smart speaker devices in my house. I use Kodi to stream films on a PC with pirated Windows on it. I do have a smart phone, but I don't use all the smart features. I have no intention of rushing to 5g.
  14. Anyone have any thoughts on how we can make it difficult for them?
  15. Followed and ready to troll, as soon as I am able to! I think we need a thread on how to resist the great reset, sharing any possible ideas to make it difficult for them.
  16. Keen to be kept updated on this. They seem adamant that testing is the answer.
  17. I wonder if bitcoin will be safer than money in the bank
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