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  1. If brand serves as a scapegoat for the online harms bill, I wonder where that will leave places like this forum? Has anyone used the dark web before? I have visited a couple of times for a nose about, and I have a friend that used to order weed from the alpha bay so it's perfectly possible to shift this forum to the dark side of the internet away from any kind of rules or laws.
  2. This is very true unfortunately. It's going to get even more difficult to work out what is and what isn't real.
  3. Apologies. I've not been on here for a while. Does seem odd that they closed a hundred odd schools. In not convinced by the concrete story. There must be more to it than that!
  4. Has anyone seen this? Hopefully there is no truth to it, but it scarily makes sense as to why all the schools are closed because of the concrete issue and fits in with the next pandemic. Time will tell. It'll probably be obvious if kids start falling sick around the dodgy concrete schools.
  5. I follow him on Twitter. He speaks a lot of sense. Half the crap in the msm about him is to brainwash people into thinking he hates women, and is a bad guy but he actually isn't. I'm my eyes he's one of the good guys. I recommend following his Twitter and listening to him speak. When you think about all the woke stuff going on, and his they try to silence Andrew, it becomes clearer they are trying to turn men feminine and the messages he preaches are a spanner in the works for the plan. Plus every time they throw something at him, he seems to come out of it even more popular!
  6. this is worth a read. So while SEC crash the market, black rock and the likes are buying guide accounts of BTC. It's corruption and price manipulation at it's finest. Legislation is coming soon, so is the next halving event. Seems like a good time to man up, hold tight and buyt crypto to me.
  7. Either way that's not really my point. I'm pretty sure this thing won't take off.
  8. They aren't going to grow up and shoot people. It's really no different to playing any other video game or watching a movie. I see what they are trying to do with this AR headset. It's another level. Like putting an overlay on to of actual reality, but it's priced too high to even gain traction IMHO
  9. I got my kids vr headsets last Xmas. They have those meta quest 2's. Awesome gadgets, and yeah I've been into the metaverse (horizon worlds) and had an explore. It's mainly kids in there swearing and playing shooting games with each other etc. I did go to a free concert with hologram of Biggie Smalls which was cool. It really stung buying 2 of those at £300 a pop. But I knew they run a modified Android software, and that I could enable developer mode and pirate the games so I don't need to pay for them. The massive issue I see with this apple thing, firstly is the ridiculous price tag. Secondly, you won't be able to pirate anything so it's going to cost a fortune in apps or whatever those apple people spend their money on. I just can't see it taking off at 3 and a half grand a pop. And battery only lasts 2 hours which is probably going to get worse as it gets some use.
  10. Buy yourself a keg. Massive time saver. Best way to mod it is to use hop pellets. 25g of citra in the fermenter and it tastes amazing, just like that stuff from Oakham ales. I don't actually drink much at all anymore as it gives me anxiety when I have too much, but I always have some in the keg just in case I fancy a couple. It keeps for 6 months in a keg and it costs pence to make. I used to mash my own grains and do full 5 gallon boils, but it's a lot of effort. The kits do the job. Wine kits are also excellent if you buy decent ones.
  11. As I say. I'm not convinced I'll get it again. Everyone that I know who has had it multiple times is vaxed. It seems to be a common theme.
  12. Yeah this was Mike Yeadon. He said they tracked down don't of the original SARS virus people, took blood and exposed it to covid and it triggered immune response. Supposedly one of the biggest mistakes was the assumption that nobody had prior immunity. Even people that had had regular common coronavirus's had natural immunity and we catch one every few years anyway. Assuming the virus does even exists!
  13. I'm buying BTC and ETH. I have a ledger and dont store anything in the exchange. Best way is to buy regular in small amounts and store it offline, then you get a better average price overall. Dumping in big lumps of funds at once is a really bad move.
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