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  1. I don't have a smart meter either. But surely they can still turn off your electricity if you don't have one. They do it to people all the time that don't pay, surely?
  2. Going to hunt this out in the morning.
  3. I read all of your posts in my head with the voice of Del Boy because of that picture. Sorry it's off topic but had to share
  4. Telegram is supposed to be censor free bit it's not. I used to follow the RT channel but you can't see that since the fake war started. Somehow it's blocked by region.
  5. Nothing really bad, there was a thing about cashless society and I suggested that if cash was to go, you could use decentralised crypto in place of cash, for back hander cash payments to be off the radar. Car repair, plumber, or even selling something.. Moderator blocked me from the chat. Really annoying. It's a perfectly reasonable suggestion too!
  6. Cryptocurrency. I can still view the telegram page, but just can't reply to anything. It's annoying.
  7. Not convinced by then anymore. They blocked me from talking on their telegram group.
  8. Me too. I keep thinking about shedding and being around people. I am genuinely quite introverted anyway. I still work from home full time, my girlfriend does most days too, goes to the office once a week. 2 kids at school. Correct me if I am wrong here, but they jabbed the over 50s in the beginning, then worked their way down to school kids. They have boosted the over 50s but not younger in the UK. Is that correct, I've lost track? I read something that said shedding can go on for up to 4 months Nobody in my household is vaxxed but my parents are. They stopped telling he when they got boosted as I gave them shit for it all the time. Reason I am asking all this is, because I don't have a lot of social contact, I'm trying to gauge from everyone who they think the risk groups are for shedding?
  9. Apologies if posted elsewhere. https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/statements-releases/2022/11/16/g20-bali-leaders-declaration/ Point 23 basically says vaccine passports to be used for local and international travel. Then point 27 goes on to say about cbdcs. This is moving towards end game. Social credit system will pretty much be in effect with those 2.
  10. I've been saying for a while. It was meant to be Rishi all along. They obviously need Truss out as the couldn't fiddle it. I think we will see cbdcs coming now quickly followed by digital id.
  11. It's bad if you are looking to retire shortly, but economic downturn also means that your contribution buys many more units than before. If you have a way to go, and the unit price increases again, you make huge gains. I would be looking at investing more spare cash now into anything like this. Unitised pension fund, cryptocurrency, unitised isa etc. It all works along the same lines. If you are looking long term it's the right thing to do. Drawback is, people don't have a lot of spare cash due to inflation and cost of living.
  12. Apologies is already posted. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-11287305/Your-friendly-neighborhood-PFIZER-MAN-pharma-giant-partners-Marvel.html The next wave of propaganda really is awful. Comedy gold in the daily mail comments though as always.
  13. I've used turbo yeast before. I put 8 bags of sugar in a fermenter, filled it up to 5 gallons and added the yeast. It went like mad.. I added activated carbon once it was done which gets rid of any nasty flavours. I then used Kwik clear to fine it clear. I stored it in demijohns. You can buy little shots of flavouring that you add to an empty spirit bottle and fill up with the clear liquor, then get sloshed on it. You could easily distill it to increase to spirit strength before mixing it with the flavouring though.
  14. I'm supposed to be going to a wedding that evening I keep seeing bits on Twitter about this day. I think another false flag is coming.
  15. I have to say, I know a lot who are vaxed, some still blindfolded, but I am seeing more and more people who realised they have been conned. I know several who are vaxed, some even boosted that are now saying enough is enough and no more shots. I also know some that were dumb enough initially to get it just to go on holiday, but then couldn't go, and then realised the con. Still plenty of people asleep though. I can't see many people taking the new Omicron shot to be fair.
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