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  1. I'm still hoping to get away with being unvaccinated. Might have to try and fake an allergy.
  2. So what does everyone think it's next? Lockdown for the summer?
  3. Anyone got any decent info to discredit the fact check websites? They are obviously one sided nonsense, and it really annoys me when people share a link to snopes, politifact or fact check etc and think that's it, argument over, you are wrong as fact check said.
  4. People are crazy. I've shown people news stuff before that is on RT and been told "you can't believe any of that, that's all Russian propaganda on there" or similar, but then the same people believe everything the BBC says, without even questioning that it might be "all British propaganda". It's just insane that people are so quick to jump to an opinion about one thing, but then don't question the other side at all.
  5. The top video no longer works. Where's did this come from, she says you can see more info on their site, but where is that? Do you know?
  6. I get beer from Wilko. Woodford Wherry, same as they sell in some of the shitty wetherspoons. I get the wine online, Solomon Grundy or beaverdale kits. Works out around a quid a bottle. If I drink 3 quids worth I can't remember going to bed and wake up extremely dry Certainly is a good hobby, but it's a slippery slope of you don't take it easy!
  7. I already do this. I make wine and beer. It's really easy and comes out great with the kits nowadays. But if they ban the kits I can make it out of straight raisins and fruit of needs be
  8. What's the thoughts on hand sanitizer. My kids are being made to slap it on every time they go in and out of the classroom. I can't stand the stuff. I am sure I read somewhere that it causes infertility, cancer and other nasties. I am not sure it will wash if I say to school I don't want my kids using it.
  9. Sorry, dunno how I did that 3 times!
  10. I really just cannot believe this. It's crazy. Even phizer are saying it's not effective after 21 days, and the government want to miss and match with another vaccine. You just can't make this shit up.
  11. Are you saying meditation effectively removes all this from the system? Or a lot of it? I started taking something called diatomaceous earth a few months back, which is a totally natural substances and is also said to remove metals and leftovers in the body from vaccines, drugs etc. It sounds like it will do the trick.
  12. How do I get this delivered?
  13. Any evidence to back up the nano chips in food?
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