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  1. I'm following a thread on twitter, that disputes the Chinese building the Wall. It's really fascinating. :Billy-Don :I-AM on Twitter: "1) The Great Wall of China. What would you say if I told you Genghis Khan was/is a Dark Actor in this game. So then...who really built the Great Wall of China? Is there ANYTHING we haven't been lied to about? Let's move on to some evidence! https://t.co/7njkAvLx8W" / Twitter Who actually built the Wall ?
  2. Just watched this movie, and was blown away. It showed many "metaphysical concepts" including the tunnel of light, and how you "escape it", encountering lost souls etc. It's truly amazing how they did this, and it has some really nice messages about living life. Go have a watch! I love it.
  3. Below are interviews with him. I have found him to be sincere, truthful with no agenda. However, Steven Greer seems to have a problem with him. He seems to disavow him. Which I find incredibly strange. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzFZzaCnjAE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ssNHqvIYnk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Chn7i42aDh0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLD5uTDKITQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zg-zV7y-clU
  4. Here in South Africa, the property market boomed during co-vid. It's the strangest thing.
  5. Child circumcision is child abuse.
  6. We have a 2 storey house, and i sleep on the top floor, and the room directly below me has the wi-fi router and the internet is on during the night. I sleep directly above the router meaning my bed position is directly in line with the router as is my head position. I need some science to back this up, because i read somewhere that it's not harmful.
  7. Cellphones have a lot to do with it. Cellphones make people apathic to many things. I hate cellphones. Mine is off 99.9% of the time.
  8. Denmark. You have signed your own execution. Mother Nature will get even.
  9. Been reading that Mcdonalds has human meat in their burgers. The movie was good.
  10. According to this lady, Trump has already won. Mind the language you brits
  11. I don't see anything. Sorry. In the original post.
  12. Icke cannot support Trump. Much of his base would disappear, so he has to condemn all politicians.
  13. Who knows ? It's possible. We might be dreaming our current existence in its entirety and the real us are someplace else, possibly in suspended animation or in an entirely different state.
  14. ...if we are just balls of energy floating around in a gigantic energy field, and the matrix converts the energy field into 3d physical reality.
  15. So many stories regarding Bush. I read another one where he choked to death on a shrimp at a restaurant in the 90's and was replaced with a double. Who knows what's true.
  16. I saw something this morning that opened my mind, in a certain way. Trump tweeted "Pro Life" "Vote". Then someone (presumably a lady) replied with: "No uterus, no opinion" Not very classy, but very relevant. This led me to the conclusion that men have absolutely no say regarding a woman's body, especially when it comes to making and enforcing laws. Women in power need to make pro or anti-abortion laws. Men should stay out of it. Also, for a long time i have been against men being gynecologists. Only women should be gynecologists. It just makes sense. Women understand women bodies. Men should stick to men's health. Common sense people. There should be more of it.
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