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  1. there are a million answers to that question
  2. His and his administration's love for Israel makes me want to vomit. Otherwise, he does not seem too bad.
  3. There's some incredible information on the old forum. Real pity it wasn't carried over.
  4. QuodHumana


    Anyone seen this ? LIST OF INDICTMENTS, ARRESTS AND EXECUTIONS!! DISMANTLING THE DEEPSTATE OPERATIVES AND DOUBLES!! https://conspiracydailyupdate.com/2020/06/14/indictments-arrests-and-executions-dismantling-the-deepstate-operatives/ List of names of celebrities, politicians etc. who have been arrested, tried and executed and some waiting tribunals. Latest are the Kardashians. I have no idea to the validity of this, but will keep "watching" to see if it's true.
  5. If you want money, fame and power, your route is through pedophilia. Plus, Moloch wants children sacrificed and it might be that he is head of those things fame, power and money. Traumatizing children is also a way for children to be ready for sacrifice it seems.
  6. https://twitter.com/tradegovuk/status/1304320706482769920 Department for International Trade @tradegovuk   BREAKING: the UK has just agreed its first trade deal as an independent trading nation     Our deal with Japan creates new opportunities for UK businesses that go far beyond the EU-Japan deal. 
  7. I was at https://www.spiritualforums.com/vb/ for years. Those people are the sheep of the spiritual community.
  8. Yes. They live in complete denial and think spirituality is comfort food or something.
  9. Found this facebook post via twitter
  10. Bill Tompkins said: "First off, it's not our moon, secondly, it's not a moon." Who knows what it is, but I've read many times, it is not supposed to be here. It was brought here.
  11. David cannot side with any president. He would lose so much support.
  12. Glitches in the matrix exist. I recently saw an image of a bird stuck in the air. It was a white bird. But it was stuck in mid-air. I will try and locate the image.
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