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  1. Hello, I am Clara. I come from Czech Republic. I found David Icke on the internet in March of this year because I didn't believe the pandemic comedy from the beginning. I saw all his videos and read some of his books. Today I decided to join the discussion. Vaccinating against something that doesn't exist is nonsense.
  2. When I found out about it, specifically about "Pizzagate", i could't believe it, that there is hell on earth. Surely we read The News every day about murders,unhapiness.... But this is too much awful. I don't understand how someone can treat a child as sexually attractive and i will never understand. It is disgusting. An ordinary prostitute would not be enough for them? who would like to get paid for it. It is crazy world.
  3. Thank you for comment. I will definitely look at other forums.
  4. I read News from my country and around the world every day. It is already limited in my country movement restriction,speech of freedom(facebook deleted my account), curfew after 21:00,fines are given for trifles, wearing veils is a religion, death numbers is manipulated, there is divided society(one side believes everything and a few people dont believe in anything), How its look in England? Sorry my english isnt perfect. Hallo from Czech Republic.
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