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  1. Not sure why anyone should even be talking about this evil farker. He shouldn't get any airtime at all.
  2. This is a great idea, But with all the strange people around,Im not sure i would trust a stranger to cook a meal for me. Saying that i do go to restaurants for takeaways and i dont know them so yeh maybe.
  3. I have too listen to R2 at work and claudia winkleman is the most boring person ever. I have no idea how she even on the radio. she is so boring.
  4. Im not surprised, the amount of alcohol being bought down my local shop is outstanding.
  5. I have been trying to rebuild my model railway,But just cant motivate myself to do it.
  6. One of the MSM channels cant remember which one is now saying this is plymouth's 9/11. I almost choked when i read it.
  7. You make your reality at the end of the day. Shape it to suit you.
  8. It could be a simple answer like, Meat will have iron in it from blood.
  9. There are many medical papers written on asymptomatic passing none have proved anything.
  10. You right. But this seems to be what the youth of today do. My own children are no better, You cant get them off there phones or PC. And believe me i have tried.
  11. I dont follow him, just find him interesting. Not surprised he loaded. Maybe like that other person billy graham in the 80s.
  12. I was speaking to the lady who runs my local corner shop today, And i said i will not watch football again after the vax passports come in as i think its wrong. she replied to me not everyone thinks there bad including herself. I had to walk away.
  13. First heard of kenneth copeland through jeff berwick vids, and the covid 19 song. This guy is some what interesting.
  14. Incel, what a cold description. I would just call them single.
  15. My best guess is,this was drug related. I think plymouth has a large drug problem like most large cities.
  16. Plymouth has always had a rep for being fairly rough.
  17. I can only report who i speak too. Where i live alot of people think climate change is bollocks. But i get your point on convid.
  18. There arent many wokers,they are just gobby which makes them seem bigger than they really are.
  19. No-one cares what these two twats say. Most people i know don't believe in the climate bullshit.
  20. I have started a thread for this in the news.
  21. https://www.itv.com/news/2021-08-12/significant-emergency-services-at-scene-of-incident-in-plymouth Mass shooting in Plymouth, Sorry i used MSM as a report.
  22. It was reported in the news yesterday, about the nurse who jabbed alot of people with saline, and now will lose her job. Im surprised the news reported this. I am wondering what angle the MSM are trying to get now? Any ideas.
  23. Jeremy vile is a great description for this nasty evil person.
  24. They can, I would leave it alone,unless it causing you problems. Its your choice.
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