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  1. So it wouldn't be real then. More like skynet than damien.
  2. The question is which one's the anti-christ?
  3. I see that twat Zelensky is in the UK today. Doesnt he have to fight a war? He never in jewkraine.
  4. start using gold and silver as payment instead. Or offer services in trade for items. Digital cash is full control and slavery for the masses.
  5. Post of the day, almost choked with laughter on my breakfast.
  6. It will be interesting to see who has the real power us or them. According to the magna carta it should be us.
  7. Shows fine with me. Why? There was absolutely no need for him to be there, people know what he did, which he still has to pay for. Stop trying to get us to like him, it will never happen for many. Reply 23 19 Share MJ MICHAEL J. 8 hours ago Perhaps, like other members of the audience he just went along to enjoy the show??? Could it be that simple ?!!! Reply 18 8 Share 1 reply S SIMON 3 hours ago He's as entitled to be there as anyone else. What a stupid response. Reply 1 2 Share J JANEY 8 hours ago I think he's got some dirt on someone high up in ITV!! That's the ONLY reason I can think of why this slimy toad is traipsed out time and again? He's a nonentity a liar and a cheat, shame on ITV for promoting him and the old slapper he's knocking off!! Reply 12 8 Share J JAY 8 hours ago JANEY Spot on , I'm sure you aren't far wrong , as coincidently my spies told me a few days ago there is a big ITV share buy out on the cards as a big player wants to buy enough ITV shares to get a controlling stake Reply 3 4 Share 1 reply M MICHAEL 7 hours ago I doubt he's alone, one other name comes to mind. Reply 1 Share ST SIR THOMAS 8 hours ago Good man, probably talent spotting. Reply 1 1 Share C CHRIS 8 hours ago To me ,to me ,to me ,no, to me... Reply 2 8 Share C CHESTERWOLF2 8 hours ago Another AOL attempt to whip up the small minded haters over the most petty incident in political history He kissed his "girlfriend" -- BIG DEAL Reply 12 8 Share G GARY 7 hours ago He put sick people into care homes He and his sister own the sole rights to distribute a drug for long covid Through their medical company A contract which was done in 2019 before covid started He was part of a nasty plan He's the kiss of death Reply 12 7 Share 2 replies C CHRIS 7 hours ago and murdered a lot of people Reply 8 9 Share Show 1 more reply G GILL 8 hours ago Give this man a break. OK he has made mistakes, maybe big ones, but surely he has paid the price by now. It's time to leave him alone to get on with his life. Reply 18 25 Share C CHRIS 7 hours ago give over you stupid cow Reply 4 14 Share M MARK 7 hours ago over 100,000 dead pensioners is one hell of a mistake, he is not known as Midazolam Matt for nothing. Reply 14 4 Share 2 replies Show 3 more replies J JACQUELINE 7 hours ago Another load of Bolero. Reply 9 Share G GRAHAM 7 hours ago Is this supposed to be newsworthy? The hacks at AOL (pa media) must be desperate. Reply 4 2 Share G GARY 7 hours ago Needs something to take his mind off the people he killed during covid Reply 9 6 Share C CHRIS 7 hours ago only place this man should be appearing is in a court Reply 14 4 Share S SHEILA 2 hours ago One day hopefully Chris. Them that are after him will never give up. Reply 2 Share H HUGH 7 hours ago Pity he wasn't spotted under the ice. Reply 10 3 Share M MARIE 7 hours ago Is Hancock having a middle age crisis? Reply 3 3 Share D DRURYDRUM 7 hours ago He is going after the sympathy vote from the jabbed. Reply 2 4 Share D DRURYDRUM 7 hours ago How did he get any other job than a binman? Reply 6 3 Share M MIKE 7 hours ago He's not suitable for being a binman. Binmen do valuable work. Reply 5 1 Share 1 reply N NICHOLAS 7 hours ago Matt is turning into a real media ho…the Rylan for the middle-aged! Reply 1 1 Share G GILLIAN 7 hours ago Cant stand the man he left his wife and children and not concentrating on the country he is a disgrace Reply 10 Share W WILLIAM 7 hours ago Why is this news Reply 5 Share S SHEILA 2 hours ago Because the media want everyone to forgive him and that's never going to happen. In fact many more have woken up to his dirty deeds and angry they had the jabs. Reply 2 Share M MIKE 7 hours ago They're all dancing on thin ice. Reply 5 Share NV NORTHERN VIKING 6 hours ago Hope he does it!.....and slips and breaks his brass neck.... Reply 6 3 Share R ROBERT 6 hours ago Well he is often skating on thin ice Reply 3 Share P PETER 6 hours ago So? Reply 4 Share P PAUL 6 hours ago And ? I am sure that a lot politicians have been spotted somewhere during their free times. Reply 3 1 Share D DAVID 5 hours ago Why do we need to know this? Reply 5 Share S SUE 4 hours ago Lord knows but he wasn't "spotted" in the audience he was on the front row! Reply 1 Share N NIGEL 5 hours ago Anyone with half a brain cell wont care .Can you please publish proper news stories and not garbage like this????? Reply 2 Share D DAVID 5 hours ago Absolutely beggars belief that sleazy Doris gave this man one of the most important jobs in the Cabinet during the Covid crisis. Reply 4 3 Share P PETER 5 hours ago So What! Reply 2 Share P PAUL 4 hours ago Wow, anyone else there we know,its so riveting. Reply 2 Share M MICHAEL 4 hours ago Tory twit ,???? Reply 1 Share T TERRY 3 hours ago I'm surprised he was contented to just be in the audience, and not the centre of attention. 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  8. I don't think drinking and driving should be allowed at all to be honest. When the goverment allowed this there was always going to be a problem.
  9. The comments are still there at the bottom of the page. I see Aol have deleted some of the best comments.
  10. https://www.aol.co.uk/entertainment/matt-hancock-makes-surprise-appearance-195458960.html He's trying to get back on tv again. The comments are interesting.
  11. I don't disagree, but ask most people what they think of blair and they will say he's a waste of space.
  12. There is some thought that they will be given jobs by Serco or G4 group as some kind of security force. But i dont know if thats true.
  13. Pneumonia is usually the result of a pneumococcal infection, caused by bacteria called Streptococcus pneumoniae. Many different types of bacteria, including Haemophilus influenzae and Staphylococcus aureus, can also cause pneumonia, as well as viruses and, more rarely, fungi. As well as bacterial pneumonia, other types include: viral pneumonia – most commonly caused by the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and sometimes influenza type A or B; viruses are a common cause of pneumonia in young children aspiration pneumonia – caused by breathing in vomit, a foreign object, such as a peanut, or a harmful substance, such as smoke or a chemical fungal pneumonia – rare in the UK and more likely to affect people with a weakened immune system hospital-acquired pneumonia – pneumonia that develops in hospital while being treated for another condition or having an operation; people in intensive care on breathing machines are particularly at risk of developing ventilator-associated pneumonia
  14. No one listens to blair in the uk. Most people cant stand him.
  15. Most people on here know campbell is not to be trusted.
  16. What they want and what they get are two different things.
  17. Well i have seen most of this already. But those people like gates are very sick fuckers.
  18. I have listened to Dr.cowan before he talks sense.
  19. That wasnt my comment. It was velma's.
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