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  1. Can the forum please help and tell me about Gesara n Nesara i heard about today,and someone says this explains whats going on right now.What does it mean and what does it do? Thanks for your input.
  2. I worked for the NHS for 15 years and some of my friends were doctors.When i asked them about vaccines and should i have one they use to just laugh and said they wouldn't take one.so thats good enough for me.
  3. Im confused if everyone is wearing masks and social distancing a bit, how the fuck can there be increased cases other than the fake test kits results. As for boris says over 50s to be lockdown is a joke like the whole Cv1984.
  4. Please give your answers with a reason why they will do it again.
  5. My awakening was two things one, i was working for the NHS for 15 yrs and slowly after seeing many patients over years i saw that no one was ever really cured just given loads of mostly useless medication. The second thing was i noticed that large charities dont ever seem to help anyone,I mean what happened to all the money from live aid and children in need. This got me thinking big time.
  6. Ok thanks didnt know that. could be a simple reason then.
  7. Just seen on line that Tom Hanks and his family are moving to Greece. Why ? What does he know about the USSA? Anyone have an angle on this story.
  8. I went to my local indoor market none of the traders were wearing masks and i wasnt wearing one and they were happy also paid with cash which is great i had no problems. Then i went into a large surf store called annes cottage and the staff stopped and asked me did i have a mask, I said no and then said i was exempt and they were fine. Most people wearing masks but some didnt care. Was very sad to see alot of young children under 10 being masked,one child was begging his parents to remove it but he wasnt allowed, very sad to see, I predict child trauma in the future.
  9. Do you ever post anything positive all i hear from you is doom and the second wave.Try to post some ideas of how to stop them instead.And to your point about wearing masks at home it would be impossible to police so totally stupid.
  10. crazy fucked up idiots who makes these rules fuck your masks up your ass.
  11. HP OMEN I7 second gen SSD 500GB standard hard drive 3TB 2700 NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 2080 super 32 HyperX DDR4 Acer screen wide 27" Windows 10
  12. I still know some staff at my local hospital who have said they are gearing up for another wave. I use to be a medical professional so i understand some things. I don't believe a flu can have a second wave, yes it can mutate but they generally mutate weaker. I know there is no vaccines being given to staff or patients at present at my local hospital all they are doing is a test and swab. If something happens it will be manmade not a natural flu. As the above posters have said i think alot of people are waking up and will not fall for it again,but i see the BBC and MSM ramping the fear mongering already. There are still a few fearful people around and mask wearing is about 1 in 10 people in my area.Social distancing is mostly being ignored as people tend to keep there own space as they have always done. I think there's great hope if everyone stays on there game and keeps spreading the word that this is not as bad as the goverment claims.
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