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  1. Thanks Oz, thats helpful,I will have a look at some of the vids on get wisdoms page.
  2. These big companies are very clever they maybe paying you to keep you quiet.Or as you said they might be in the wrong.One things for sure there legal dept will have there fingers on the pulse.
  3. Hi Oz, I still learning where i am and whats going on. Can you explain to me what my purpose is and what is this realm we live in,Also what happens when we die.Thanks
  4. First solution would be everyone go back to simple mobile phones that ring and text only,not these super iphone things that do everything. Second stop using Amazon,ebay etc. Third use you local small stores not tesco or asda. Also support local farmers for meat and veg or a local community alotment. Fifth start a neigbourhood watch type community and begin to plan how to survive. Just a few ideas may help.
  5. I agree with you Alex Belfield is a strange one. Sometimes i watch him and hes right on the money,and then as you have said he gets a caller who he doesnt like and just closes them down or is rude. I think when he did that video about free speech,I did understand where he was coming from as hes afraid he will get chucked of u tube and has to stay within there rules.I get that and it must be hard. I do still watch his vids as they do contain some intresting things,But i dont take it in too much. Ann Brees is a lovely looking woman,but that aside i dont like her,she shows contempt for truth
  6. I live in southwest as you do,I was born here but have travelled alot abroad. I didnt relocate and im ok.
  7. Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson warns an asteroid could strike Earth just a day before the US presidential election. With the diameter the size of a refrigerator, Tyson says the asteroid would not end the human race. He says that while it could "buzz-cut" Earth, "it's not big enough to cause harm to the planet".
  8. I was using chrome do you think this is the problem?
  9. Seems some of the vids on new tube arent working.Dr.colemans stuff i cant access?
  10. Anyone know whats wrong with brand new tube as i cant access the vids.
  11. Its ok,we all have days like this. Im sorry you cant hug your daughter i understand how hard that must be.You should hug her anyway.
  12. Hi all, I read somewhere on this forum about a Astroid coming to earth on november the 2nd,and is going to hit near the uk causing a tsnuami wave 300 ft tall. I am concerned about this does anyone have any info on this situation or is it nothing to worry about.Thanks
  13. I use to work for cornwall care. We use to call them cornwall doesnt care,because the managers in that company are total assholes and didnt look after anyone other than themselves.
  14. I like alex belfield he does seem to be the only one online who is trying to get facts correct.But then as you say the plandemic thing comes along and he's stuck.
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