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  1. Yes your right,it seems there all playing the tune at the moment. Most odd.
  2. Do your research before you make any choices.
  3. LOL those science people they are so funny. They really don't know do they.
  4. This is someone on drugs maybe meth.
  5. This is excellent from the guy trying to interview him. But sadly all those lefty twats on the tube see hancock as some kind of hero and the interview chap as a crazy. What a fucked world this is.
  6. What a tosser gates is. This evil person needs to go.
  7. What a strange series this was. I thought it was a comedy but i think its more a satire of the jehovah witness. Its started with a picture on the wall of an all seeing eye, then went on about the end of the world and how only this family would be saved due to there praying etc. They gave a date of 2025 as the end of the world. I know its only a tv series but it was kind of strange not even funny to be honest. Did anyone else watch it? If so what did you think.
  8. Nah you just got a max vaxed crazy driver.
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