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  1. They will get whats coming to them. The karma system will see to that.
  2. Hi thanks, I really dont understand what you are telling me. Please can you explain more.
  3. You can say what you want. But i dont have to agree with you.
  4. You have no idea whats really going on do you. You think you do. I am fully aware of what maybe going on.but negative thinking isnt the answer. And no im not scared. I believe you have bought into too much fear.
  5. You are the most negative person i have ever seen. Do you think you post maybe something positive for a change. Yesterday you were doing the same thing.
  6. People of this thread, I fully understand that times are difficult and very challenging. I myself struggle at times,but where is the higher vibrations gone,we need to lift ourselves up out of negative thinking. Or were just playing into there hands. Can we slow down the doom mongering a little. I dont see that as anyway helpful to anyone. Thanks
  7. I dont agree with your point of view. Its now we must stand closer together. The game isnt over for me.
  8. Sounds like you have given up. you have no idea how this will play out. There are millions of possibilities.
  9. Come on Ziggy we havent lost. Its going to take time like any war.
  10. Fuck me i wouldnt want you fighting beside me in a war.Jesus wep.
  11. My dog sleeps all night very quiet. And its fairly quiet where i live in my town. On a funny note my female neighbour can be heard through my wall in the early hours moaning loudly.
  12. Hi, thanks, can you explain to me what Akashic records are? And why would i see them? I find what you say interesting.
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