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  1. I live in the far west and its not warm, i still have my jumper on. Plenty of birds and bees around.
  2. What a interview from clough, of course he was right. If only we had people like this now we wouldnt be in such a mess.
  3. Well glad thats over. Well done to spain they have been great all through euro 2024. Southgates negative football and favourite players have cost the team another final. Saka,kane,bellingham,rice have been poor. Southgate OUT.
  4. I been saying all this euros that engalnd will lose but they have somehow managed to get a result. Its not the best team by a long way and southgate is far two woke for my liking. Belingham is overated along with most of the team. Should play ollie watkins and cole palmer from the start of the game but he will not do that as he has his favourites. But best of luck i will be watching.
  5. Good vid to watch a little long but worth it. https://odysee.com/@spacebusters:c9/debunkingbirdflukebacteriology:9
  6. I know a guy who still uses the covid tests. He told me this on monday. what a joke
  7. Its a detrox from all the toxins from the food,water and all the EMF. Up your vitamin intake.
  8. Wiki says the uk invented it in 1934 to 1935
  9. Well i guess the WEF is going to be delighted with there pawn in place. I see nazis schwab and that other begar from ukraine already saying well done. I guess blair will give the orders again,the thought of that makes me feel sick to the stomach. Imagine what migration will become open door policy no doubt, then i guess they will reverse the brexit. What a crazy realm this is.
  10. I feel the same as you, the sheep seem to not see we live in a two party state where both sides are the same faces of the coin. Welcome to commie/marxist starmer who let jimmy saville off the the hook when he was incharge of the CPS.
  11. Well its over now, commie/marxist starmer and his paedo friends will take us off the cliff,like lemmings. I just dont understand what the sheep think is going to change. Two party state which are the the same faces of the same coin. All i can say is god help us all.
  12. Its amazing what people get with nowadays. If this was me or you we would be in prison by now. And all your property taken in payment.
  13. I will be honest, i have watched some games from the 2024 finals and other that VAR and poor refs its been good. No one has collapsed or taking the knee. On the whole not the best level of football skill on show. but i enjoyed Georgia play style. England are the worse team in the finals and dont how they are still there. Southgate is a useless moron.
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