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  1. Not your fault GR, You just made a booking it was your job. You cant think like that.
  2. This is a fine question. But sadly no-one on here will have the answer. Because only a select few will know why.
  3. I agree with most of what your saying, But most normies i speak to seem to understand when you tell them that monkeys are being used in a vaccine its a bad thing.
  4. Your right, When i was in the RAF we did this all the time. Always fun chasing subs in the channel or atlantic sea. Then sometimes flying near Russian airspace bleeping there radar.
  5. Dumb and dumber what a film.
  6. I thought that twat zelenskiy was busy having a war with Russia. But clearly not if he's got time to do zio speeches.
  7. Couldnt watch this as there were far to many mask wankers.
  8. I think monkeypox unless it been modified is no more dangerous than chicken pox,for someone with a healthy immune system.
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