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  1. Bill gates and his de-pop plan,the evil shit.
  2. Im a chelsea football fan and im sad the club has bought in vaccine passports or PCR tests to watch a home game. guess i will not go to a match again. And the forum im on are mostly all pro passports. Oh dear now im sad.
  3. I dont believe viral shedding is a concern.As i have said before people who have been vaxed may have symptoms for a week, At this point they might spread to others as they cough or sneeze. It hasnt been fully proven.
  4. Monero or pirate chain is the way forward. Says jeff berwick.
  5. Well its a start,they are saying the right things.
  6. I remember the miners fighting back they were brave,but as you said were destroyed by there own unions.
  7. Yes thats always going to be a problem of infiltration.
  8. Yes this maybe a way forward,but we will need to unite and push back.
  9. The elites dont care a monkeys about protests. There were the coal miners,they still closed the pits. There was the poll tax,still brought in a tax under a different name. The many protests against wars,made no difference they still went to war.
  10. Agree with you. I went to a freedom group locally,they were all nice people but didnt really seem up for a fight. I might be wrong.
  11. Not sure we have time for the long game.
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