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  1. Its a trial drug until 2023 on a emergency use, so cant be mandatory until fully licenced.
  2. There is a new meta where i live,people are wearing masks plus exemption lanyard at the same time. Cant believe what i'm seeing. The covid cult are nuts.
  3. There is no such thing as a perfect plan,this situation can play out in many ways. There are many potential outcomes.
  4. For a minute i thought this was a real story. Even had to check BBC website.
  5. Im with you, I own a shop and im in contact with vaccinated people everyday,no problems. I personally dont believe in well people spreading anything. If shredding was real and i not fully convinced it is.What i know is people who have a virus are only infectious in the first week,if you think germ theory is correct.
  6. I find the shedding theory just that. In my exprience i havent ever seen it. Doesnt mean its not possible but im not convinced myself.Also im not living in fear of it either. If shedding is happening i would say it would be within the first couple of weeks post vax. Thats my take on it.
  7. Sounds to me you convinced yourself you were going to get it. So then it became a self fulfilling prophecy. More psychosomatic.
  8. where is the best place to buy colloidal silver/salt inhaler.
  9. The people i met today at work, seem to be under so kind of spell. They seem happy to be having there jabs. I dont get it at all. They seem to trust the MSM 100% and dont do any reseach of there own. Mind blowing.
  10. Had a lovely young lady in my shop today she's 20 yrs old. I know her a little she seems very honest. Anyway she told me she's off work sick at the moment,I asked her what was wrong,and she said she has high BP and Tachycardia with a HR of 160 for the last few weeks. She also said she worked for a care home that all but forced her to have the Pfizer jab two doses. She was fully well before the jabs she reported, then three months later she was suffering cardiac problems. I asked her if she thought it was vaccine related,but her GP said no it isn't. She is now waiting for an NHS appo
  11. Im really upset by all this it breaks my heart. Your right this can never be allowed to be a norm.
  12. This is a very sad story. Today in my local city police were called to an NCP car park roof as a young girl tried to end her life. The police negotiation officer i spoke too said its happening everyday all over, with people as young as 12 years ending there lives. But no-one is talking about it. I am deeply saddened to think that people feel this is now the only option. My heart goes out to you. Fuck you Goverment,and media you really are evil wankers. Not one report.
  13. Excellent work as usual,thanks odds.
  14. Yes, it has too be, but could it be a parasitical infection? I think this because doctors are saying ivermectin is an effective treatment against covid. And ivermectin is a parasitical drug treatment.
  15. So your saying covid is a bacterial infection,If thats true then its fully transmissable and we should all be concerned. Can you provide me with evidence of that. thanks
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