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  1. Dr Sam is very good i have learnt alot from her.
  2. I watched the original video and i thought it was a little schill. The way that bloke started to cry,made me think of that twat hancock on the tv interview.
  3. McGowan was a alcoholic and a drug user, do you know if he was vaxed?
  4. Well they need a reason to close ther internet down for a while,this could be it.
  5. This has to be the biggest bullshit i have read today. Gove is a shifty little asshole.
  6. Well now its Africa, https://www.aol.co.uk/news/fears-grow-over-mystery-illness-180017924.html
  7. I have always struggled with this idea of a afterlife. Not saying i dont believe its not possible i hope its true. But i see no evidence myself,yes there are many NDE reports, but there is no real proof of any of it. I also dont see the point of a memory reset.
  8. I dont remember anything either. So i would agree. What if this is all we get and there isn't anything else?
  9. Might as well put matt handcock in charge of the NHS oh wait a minute.
  10. And there after the pets again, https://www.aol.co.uk/news/coronavirus-strain-killed-8-000-205601202.html
  11. No, the msm are not your friend, they just got lazy.
  12. Bobbycharlton was 86 thats a good age for a man. I think he has been ill for a while.
  13. I never said that, i wouldnt trust any so called flu treatment as it not needed.
  14. The flu is the bodies reaction to toxin. A cleaning process of the body.
  15. They tried this in various experiments in the past and never made people ill with any cold or flu.
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