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  1. Did you ever own a ford XR3i ? Just asking
  2. sounds like the yanks/mossad are behind this one its there calling card.
  3. Ok i think they are checking to see what peoples blood is doing since the jabs, else why would they need more DNA as they already have it with the nose swabs and other companies harvesting that info.
  4. Fair enough dale i hope your right.
  5. Ok sock, some of your responses are unfounded. I was not unwell with hypochondria i think it was a flu type illness which in it self isnt contagious its a detox if you follow terrain theory not virus theory. I am not fishing as you call it, im just seeing where we as a group of people stand with the information we now have. and yes i have followed and read this thread from day one. and have done my own investigation. Symptoms is the best way to explain a illness pathway that a group or more of people may experience, Its the only way we know to correctly Dx a certain type of illness. Rightly or wrong thats all we have right now. Ok sock i dont really care what you think, im here to do my best and understand like the rest of the posters. But i really dont like your tone, but your welcome to your opinions.
  6. This evil person if he's human needs to go to jail for what he did. But he will get away with it like the rest. What a upside down realm this is.
  7. In my exprience, its not that strange for a doctor to be payed by a pharma company to promote a flu drug,so he could be telling the truth here. But he is a schill and worked on a television program like the other Dr.Schillary pushing the convid jabs so that speaks for it self.
  8. Hi nip, I can honestly say i never took a swab/jab but still had a flu type illness that lucky for me didnt leave any long term problems. But some of my family who also didnt take anything have some smell/taste issues even now.
  9. So after all the length of this thread, have we as a forum group worked out why some of us who are un jabbed got unwell during the covid lockdowns? My understanding is it was some kind of re-brand of flu or a detox. Do we agree what the causes are. What im trying to say is some people including myself had some kind of illness, flu most likely during the covid lockdowns. What is odd that most people had the same symptoms that i know. Some still have lost there taste or smell. What have we really learnt,other than the jabs are very sus.
  10. The more i see the more i know its a clown world for sure.
  11. Wish someone would inject that twat.
  12. https://www.aol.co.uk/news/jeremy-vine-stalker-pay-damages-111917651.html Looks like alex belfield has been fined for his comments to a police officer.
  13. The amount of people i know who think the goverment are here to help is frightening.
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