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  1. This will make the covids look like a tea party. dont know what to say.
  2. I read through this and it's very scary. I just hope its wrong.
  3. I would buy a V12 jaguar and enjoy while you can. Because climate fraud is just what it is. Live,love,life.
  4. I not sure this has anything to with anti-vax. Its either race related or terrorism. We will see.
  5. Great article always liked RT myself. Best i've seen on msm.
  6. So what were saying is,expect a lockdown in december?
  7. I always found this club and it fans to be one of the nastiest of all. They go on about hillsborough, But strangley never mention what they did at the Heysel stadium.
  8. Just read this on the cornwall live page. It seems to me his death was nothing to do with being a conspiracy theorist. It was the loss of his mum,dad and dog in 2019/20,plus the lockdowns and other crap. Also he had a job in end of live care which can be very difficult also. Looks to me as a MSM spin. Also interesting is,that two ladies walked past him twice at the cliff top and didnt go near him as they were afraid of him? I found that most strange.
  9. It looks like a hypersonic drone. Its not a spacecraft.
  10. Maybe someone should tell her its not any better in Oz.
  11. Ahhh.Counselor troi there is no-one better. I met her once at a scifi event. I was heart broken when i heard her speak in that east london accent of hers. Otherwise lovely and fairly funny.
  12. Star trek the next generation was the best series +the spin off films. The JJ Abrahams films i thought were also good. I agree connery and moore were the best bonds.
  13. I was thinking this maybe linked to any further lockdowns. Hope im wrong.
  14. Diesel is filthy and should be banned to be honest. The amount of diesel cars i see that kick out black clouds. Petrol is cleaner i believe.
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