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  1. I'm hopeful we'll at least get a brief respite from this hoax and having people leave their brains at home when they go out.
  2. According to my research, extremely wealthy people are almost (and I use the word almost very loosely) always involved in satanism/luciferianism. They are abused as children, and brought up with the f'd up mentality that goes along with the elite's dictates. Gates is undoubtedly mentally ill, I don't imagine his "spouse" being any different. If you look closely at "melinda", you'll notice obvious masculine characteristics. The satanists routinely have gender reversing surgery done to create a person who represents the "baphomet", an abomination to the Creator. It's a way to spite and hold
  3. I had ONE experience when I was about 8 yrs old. It was very short (seemingly) and was of the type that employed some type of mind technology to make me "forget" or question the experience. I was in the backyard playing, I think it was summertime. I remember a black plane or object flying very low over to the top of the pine trees in my yard. I only remember this feeling of utter vulnerability, as if something had been allowed into my space, my personal area. It was a feeling as if nothing would be able to help me, nothing could stop this thing. I don't recall anything else, no abduction
  4. The cult has the antidote for anything it sends our way in terms of sickness, death, disease. They "med-beds", life extension technologies, antidotes to diseases, which only available to those who are bought and can be trusted - although they'll eventually be dispensed with as soon as they serve no purpose any longer. The underground bunkers they expect will protect them from a nuclear or natural catastrophe will become their tombs. The monsters, soulless creatures, clones, and others who live in the underground areas even further beneath the earth's cr
  5. All people have targets on their backs. But I get your point. Right now everyone must watch their backside from the predatory psychopaths in gov't and elsewhere that aren't aware there's a world beyond this one.
  6. Your experiences seem to have some involvement with Psy/Mind Control. I've had instances of being impressed with thoughts that would've led to negative results had I listened, not sure if it's a 'nudge" to make one more aware of their situation.
  7. I'm surprised Vigano (I don't subscribe to the Catholic "religion") actually expects the President to read this.
  8. The parents were happy to go along with this ...." I notice the author of this article also takes a swipe at Alan Watts ..... "And so, rather like Alan Watts, he had to keep on performing, keep on talking and talking. Trapped in a public role, dissociated from his own loneliness and pain, he chose the worship of fans over the genuine love of friends and family." I agree ...Alan Watts is a transparent idiot , but many do like him , including DI ... Not to be confused with A
  9. I'm reading the "Book of Adam and Eve". I see where many of the allusions in the Bible come from. There are so many other important books which were left out by "King James" the blood-crazed lunatic "king". My God, what a monstrosity.
  10. You may be right. Many believe that the "Antichrist" is simply a symbol/metaphor for mankind at his most base animal level. I personally believe there will actually be a world leader embodying this ideology of the ego - Obama comes to mind with his absolute narcissistic arrogance, not to mention his homosexual/transexual "wife", Michael. This entire scenario is beyond the absurd. Where the animal mind/ego is battled against with the power of the spirit. The battle of the "Corona", the last frontier of man's soveignty - the crown chakra. This chakra, or energy/power center is our connect
  11. The "Antichrist" or end time world leader may not be a "who" but more like a "what". The Book of Revelation speaks of the Antichrist (the Beast) creating an image and "breathing life into it", with the ability to speak. John, the author, may be describing here the technology of the hologram, or the ability to create a clone or humanoid that has the basic capacities of the human (mimics a person). This could also allude to Artificial Intelligence, and the computer web that is already in place today. I believe it's this AI technology, wielded by a tyrannical, psychopathic elite, that seeks t
  12. Wes Penre goes into an explanation of the origin of the Demiurge or Yaldabaoth. The Wes Penre Papers are a very good source, concise and complete regarding this potentially complex subject. The Demiurge was mistakenly created by the Sophia (feminine power), who attempted to hide it from the Father Creator. This Demiurge is believed to be the creator involved with our reality. David Icke has also partially explained much of the dimensional distortion that creates the environment of unnatural fear and disharmony that encompasses our globe. A frequency is being beamed/emanated from the plane
  13. A thought I had concerning satanic ritual abuse and child sacrifice was that those who don't realize (or don't want to realize) they're trapped in a time space prison will become identified with mind and ego/personality. This is the reason why we have so many reincarnated politicians and business leaders. These people are stuck in the same egoic mind patterns/habitual thinking, and the longer they're trapped in it, the harder it is to break free. Think of the "Land of Diminishing Returns" here. Mankind as a whole is burdened with these souls that after death, cannot resist the temptation t
  14. I only watched one documentary on Scientology, an interview with the wife of one of the employees of the "church". She said there's simply brainwashing, ultra-control, ultra heirarchy type management, no questioning. I suppose the original idea was to stop the "nonsense" that people bring into systems that are meant to improve consciousness and awareness (supposedly), but this one's backfiring badly. I don't know how anyone lives in that spell, it's absolutely hellish. She escaped - apparently the followers track and harass you, I don't know but that they cause physical harm and mischief i
  15. Prayer is thought; all thoughts are prayers.
  16. You must know the elite are very well informed of who Jesus (Yeshua) is. They cannot occupy any of their positions of evil without full knowledge of what they're betraying. This is the insanity I've not developed the ability to comprehend.
  17. This is the product of a society run by the insane and psychopathic. Their specialty - the degradation of the human mind, soul, and spirit. Little wonder they find themselves in the very position they'd never wish on their worst enemy. An eternal hell-world with their cohorts
  18. Exactly right. It goes to show that what Icke has been saying is very accurate and true. Now if they could only get those who agree with him (and truth) to just go away, they'd have their nice little police-world. They are hard to not hate. I'm trying.
  19. David Icke has exposed many things aside from the Reptilian presence. He interviewed Arizona Wilder, a victim of SRA abuse who detailed being a conjurer for elite rituals involving the Royal family. He also interviewed Credo Mutwa, a Zulu shaman-historian who told about the African legends of the Chitauri (Reptilians). And this man is treated nearly like a criminal. Unreal, actually. I'd love to see what the Creator will say on judgement day to these criminal elite. A thinking mind can see if he had proper backing, we would've possibly been spared %95 of the nonsense we're faced with. T
  20. Alexa - about returning sand/pebbles to the beach: I suppose I should return my physical container to the universe as I'm infringing on the preservation of the cosmos. At least that's where it seems this insanity is going. Some days I feel like eating one of those apples just to be done with the madness.
  21. I may be wrong, but I thought Velikovsky came up with the theory that our historical timeline was badly distorted. The supposed "dark ages" occurred in a much more compact period of time. He surmised that those able to manipulate our calendrical dating system added well nigh ten centuries to our timeline. I forget where I read this, but feel he was the one who discovered this.
  22. I've not heard anything, just the propaganda about Trump not having "evidence" for election fraud. Unbelievable nonsense. I guess if you want tyranny badly enough, some one is willing to oblige. btw - I'm neither Democrat or Republican, I thought since I was younger that politics was a farce.
  23. I've been lightly following the election fraud issue, it is hard to say exactly what is going on in the "big picture". Giuliani, from what I heard, was aware and complicit with the 9/11 debacle, but this could mean he felt there was little he could do with such an overwhelming event - and of course supposing he most likely knew little about it (what the ramifications and implications were). I understand they've gotten a good amount of affidavits to place with the court cases they've filed in various "swing states". Most judges have thrown the cases out without even the usual discovery of ev
  24. C Frisbie - I believe you simply ran into a reptilian impersonator. They love to play jokes and create mischievous situations to make people feel uneasy or vulnerable, as if they are 'all-powerful' and seemingly in control. Our planet has been under the influence of the Reptilian presence, and from what I've heard, will be free soon. I have had experiences in DC, not similar to yours, just a very definite feeling of uneasiness. I visited the museums in grade school, while I was here I had an overwhelming feeling of a presence that I definitely connected with the "attitude" or basic behavio
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