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  1. I'm no longer a "christian", as this term is really indicative of the mainstream religious cult's manipulation of people's perceptions. Authentic spirituality and what Yeshua taught are 180 degrees opposite of anything any church or synagogue will proffer as "spiritual truth". I was brought up by parents who believe in "Jesus", yet held off on the conclusions that mainstream christianity professes concerning Christ's mission on the Earth. This subject is far too complex to discuss on a "page or two". Yeshua did not spend his life as some "sacrificial lamb" in order to appease some vengeful, angry deity. His mission was to provide mankind with the message of the "Brotherhood of Man and the Fatherhood of God" per the Urantia Book. I'm always saddened by the misunderstanding displayed by "believer" who profess to believe in a Jesus that has nothing to do with this original gospel. Yeshua himself warned his disciples that they would distort and retranslate his teachings to form a worldwide religious cult which would shed more blood than all the containers on Earth could hold. Damned if his words didn't come true to the letter, yet our "christians" still hold doggedly (like determined "believers") to the "Lie". Yeshua also said he would correct this teaching error in "two times one thousand years", and this is certainly occurring at this present time. It has taken me much painstaking research, reading, sorting, and time to discover the truth, and when you find it, you know it is the Truth. I've had most of my questions concerning mainstream christianity answered, just as I'd asked to have done.
  2. With all the GMO foods/seeds, chemtrails, propaganda, electronic waves, fluoridated water, pollution, industrial waste, etc., I'm surprised we haven't developed a "virus" already. Maybe we have. I'd heard that the "vaxxine" was to be an antidote for the 98% recoverable common flu ("virus") called Certificate Of Virtual IDentity. Wuhan was also where 5G was first implemented - oxygen deprivation victims.
  3. They'll not see it regardless. I would guess not even if they genuinely made an effort to try. It's a slow-moving bulldozer that is meant to crush us all, even the fools who couldn't care less. I've only been trying to figure out what's been in their way to implement their cameras and troopers on the corners. I noticed the 5G honeycomb antennas going up here in Washington DC and area. I'm very disappointed people seem to unwittingly comply. Not sure how it is in our time that we must demand our freedoms to have any whatsoever. I heard the antichrist (world leader) will not be satisfied with depopulation, but will take all human freedom and pride whatsoever.
  4. One analysis of COVID-19: It also spells divorce, DIVOrCe, separation/war/revolt, covid 19 where 19 is S or pre hebrew U without I or J and thus k=9 m=11 thats MK ultra 911 KLm 91011 I forget where I found this. 600 = brotherly love, 60 = stolen fire from heaven (Hebrew: Barak Obama), 6 = brotherly love for one's own benefit (service to self/Satan) Also, COVID = Certificate Of Virtual IDentity. Also: C= Carbon, atomic number 6, material man is made of carbon, O= 15th letter of alphabet, 1+5=6, VI = Roman numeral 6, D = Domini = "year of our Lord", or "Lord". The introduction of the mRNA material into the person irreversibly alters the dna to a hybrid alien dna. Many christians and spiritualists have claimed to have been told by Christ Jesus that the "vaxxine" will create a separation from him so that the human soul cannot "connect" or communicate with him (the Divine). This is the real intent of this technology, nothing to do with even making people "superhuman" through a connection to the "internet of things". Total bullshit from the agencies. The real universe and the real human exist separate and apart from any manmade technological nightmare. Becoming part of this electronic matrix not only limits you to a material reality TOTALLY controlled by whatever/whoever is at the center of the web, but you lose you own volitional will. AI is continually redirecting your consciousness to align with it's thinking. People really, really need to wake up in a big way. This is far worse than they're supposing, thinking that it's a bunch of "conspiracy theory". All the psychopaths have to do is get people to allow the needle in their arms, after that, they're done.
  5. You could always take the "vaxxination" and find out. A priest who recently took it and said he had been warned by his inner intuition (Holy Spirit) not to. Disregarding this, he said just after he got it, he felt as if he'd lost his spirituality. He was not able to pray, perform any priestly duties, didn't feel adequate for any spiritual work. This vaxxine contains graphene oxide (black goo) which is basically a nano-gel which spreads across the nervous system, turning people into antennas for 5G technology. If you are thinking so simplistically as to not think this has to do with the so termed "mark of the beast", I feel for you. Although the "666" has been with us for time immemorial, it's only recently come into physical manifestation. I could go on for much longer explaining why this is the mark of the beast, but most people don't have time. If you don't read and research to find out about an injection produced by scientists whose chief motivation is population reduction and the implementation of an AI network they alone will control, you'll simply be another statistic. The Lord (Yeshua ) has warned over and over again about this "injection". Also, the actual term "mark of the beast" according to Vedic tradition, referred to the color of one's aura centered across the forehead. In those spiritually aware and compassionate people, this color was a golden yellow representing the development of the soul. In materialistic, non-spiritual people, this was a reddish hue, marking a weak, gullible, go along to get along person. This vaxxine eradicates or deadens the portion of the human brain which is used to communicate/connect with the Divine. If this isn't the mark of the beast, I couldn't tell you what is. The "mark of the beast" is here, it's not coming sometime close in the future. Nevertheless, it can be mitigated by a spiritual healer or mystic who knows how to work with energy, but there still remains the need to renounce anything to do with the world system. The deprogramming and training of the mind and soul is still to be accomplished, and as time goes on, (and very little time now), it will be one thousand times more difficult to renounce the system they are trying to put in place in front of people's faces in the name of "Covid". May I suggest looking at the lecture a man named Rudolf Steiner gave in 1912 in Berlin saying that "not long from now, a vaccine will be developed to eradicate the tendency toward spiritual thought in people. It will be regarded as insane to possess any inclination toward spirituality and the divine". Very relevant the time we live in.
  6. I heard from a whistleblower that a bunch or record producers had a meeting with many black musicians/rappers in the 80's to see who would be willing to create music that would keep the black population violent, drug-pushing, thugs in order to keep the prison owners in business. For real. I think it may have been Donald Marshall,
  7. Just the trick. You can't repent from the unrepentable which is necessary to join their "party". What a bunch. If people found out the total truth of these (yes, wretched) people, they'd leave the planet.
  8. I forget where I found this. 600 = brotherly love, 60 = stolen fire from heaven (Hebrew: Barak Obama), 6 = brotherly love for one's own benefit (service to self/Satan) Also, COVID = Certificate of Virtual Identity. The introduction of the mRNA material into the person irreversibly alters the dna to a hybrid alien dna. Many christians and spiritualists have claimed to have been told by Christ Jesus that the "vaxxine" will create a separation from him so that the human soul cannot "connect" or communicate with him (the Divine). This is the real intent of this technology, nothing to do with even making people "superhuman" through a connection to the "internet of things". Total bullshit from the agencies. The real universe and the real human exist separate and apart from any manmade technological nightmare. Becoming part of this electronic matrix not only limits you to a material reality TOTALLY controlled by whatever/whoever is at the center of the web, but you lose you own volitional will. AI is continually redirecting your consciousness to align with it's thinking. People really, really need to wake up in a big way. This is far worse than they're supposing, thinking that it's a bunch of "conspiracy theory". All the psychopaths have to do is get people to allow the needle in their arms, after that, they're done.
  9. I've begun to see these politicians (Johnson, Merkel, Trudeau, Mercon, Biden) as deeply disturbed people. Victims, really. People who have knowingly incarnated back into the demonic system for purposes of expediancy. They are mind-controlled and psychically disturbed. The real enemy is the force behind this insanity. This is really what humanity needs to be focusing on bringing down. It will simply replace any of it's drones it places in political office.
  10. Donald Marshall, who worked with the dark illuminati in the cloning centers, claims the "black eye" is actually the person being "vrilled". This is an injection of an alien entity into the person, taking him/her over. This is how and why they are capable of inhuman, empathy-lacking actions and decisions. A lot simpler to refer to it as simply a dark initiation, but there are facts leading to more. The events in our world that are orchestrated in what can only be described as a superhuman way are performed by higher intelligences (possible a form of AI), as they are far too synchronized and cleverly patterned as to defy human ability. You have to really research to see this, but it will become VERY evident once you do so. Start with "Pentagram of Blood" website, it's a little scary, but shows how the "9/11" events and mass shootings are all very connected and synchronized.
  11. I'm hopeful we'll at least get a brief respite from this hoax and having people leave their brains at home when they go out.
  12. According to my research, extremely wealthy people are almost (and I use the word almost very loosely) always involved in satanism/luciferianism. They are abused as children, and brought up with the f'd up mentality that goes along with the elite's dictates. Gates is undoubtedly mentally ill, I don't imagine his "spouse" being any different. If you look closely at "melinda", you'll notice obvious masculine characteristics. The satanists routinely have gender reversing surgery done to create a person who represents the "baphomet", an abomination to the Creator. It's a way to spite and hold a middle finger up to God, pleasing the Dark Forces that they worship. They are usually embodied with a fourth-dimensional entity (Hillary Clinton was a perfect example of this) that grants them an amount of power as long as they're playing the game. BTW - the fourth-dimensional entity that inhabited HRC was considered the second most evil entity on the planet. I heard (from Michael Jaco) they had to decapitate "IT" so that the entity inhabiting "IT" would die.
  13. I had ONE experience when I was about 8 yrs old. It was very short (seemingly) and was of the type that employed some type of mind technology to make me "forget" or question the experience. I was in the backyard playing, I think it was summertime. I remember a black plane or object flying very low over to the top of the pine trees in my yard. I only remember this feeling of utter vulnerability, as if something had been allowed into my space, my personal area. It was a feeling as if nothing would be able to help me, nothing could stop this thing. I don't recall anything else, no abduction, nothing. I knew nothing about the government, abductions, ufo's, etc. It was only decades later that I recalled this damn experience that made me very suspicious of any type of authority. I no longer trusted anyone, no teachers, principals, politicians, nobody (even church people). To me I knew everyone was vulnerable to whatever this was, and could deny or dismiss this, but why would they? After this, the world seemed like a strange place. We had a lot of natural beauty, and people (to me) supposedly acting like everything was honkey-dorey. BS.
  14. The cult has the antidote for anything it sends our way in terms of sickness, death, disease. They "med-beds", life extension technologies, antidotes to diseases, which only available to those who are bought and can be trusted - although they'll eventually be dispensed with as soon as they serve no purpose any longer. The underground bunkers they expect will protect them from a nuclear or natural catastrophe will become their tombs. The monsters, soulless creatures, clones, and others who live in the underground areas even further beneath the earth's crust will be released for humanity to deal with. NO ONE in their right mind buys into this agenda, it takes an idiotic mentality to buy into something which will only grant a very temporary and questionably "enjoyable" (if you consider betraying your fellow humans enjoyable) existence, where you are a mind controlled, programmed, and conditioned slave for an elite group of psychpaths.
  15. Your experiences seem to have some involvement with Psy/Mind Control. I've had instances of being impressed with thoughts that would've led to negative results had I listened, not sure if it's a 'nudge" to make one more aware of their situation.
  16. I'm surprised Vigano (I don't subscribe to the Catholic "religion") actually expects the President to read this.
  17. The parents were happy to go along with this ...." I notice the author of this article also takes a swipe at Alan Watts ..... "And so, rather like Alan Watts, he had to keep on performing, keep on talking and talking. Trapped in a public role, dissociated from his own loneliness and pain, he chose the worship of fans over the genuine love of friends and family." I agree ...Alan Watts is a transparent idiot , but many do like him , including DI ... Not to be confused with Alan Watt ... who is quiet brilliant IMHO Alan Watt This is very likely where Hitler, the illegitimate son of a Rothschild, came from.
  18. I'm reading the "Book of Adam and Eve". I see where many of the allusions in the Bible come from. There are so many other important books which were left out by "King James" the blood-crazed lunatic "king". My God, what a monstrosity.
  19. You may be right. Many believe that the "Antichrist" is simply a symbol/metaphor for mankind at his most base animal level. I personally believe there will actually be a world leader embodying this ideology of the ego - Obama comes to mind with his absolute narcissistic arrogance, not to mention his homosexual/transexual "wife", Michael. This entire scenario is beyond the absurd. Where the animal mind/ego is battled against with the power of the spirit. The battle of the "Corona", the last frontier of man's soveignty - the crown chakra. This chakra, or energy/power center is our connection to the divine, our communication connection to the universe. Hence, the elite's "Corona-virus" nonsense. This is a non-existent virus that is meant to create the fear-motivation to accept a nanotech infused vaccine which zombifies the human, creating a cyborg-like entity. It has absolutely nothing to do with a virus. The videos showing the hospital doctors and workers in Wuhan supposedly falling over from a "virus" were actually suffering from a contagion called "5G". 5G affects the body's ability to oxygenate itself. The ability for the blood to absorb oxygen is affected by the disturbance of the magnetic charge which allows the blood cells to absorb and carry oxygen from the lungs. Hence the coagulation of the lung vesicles in the "Covid-19" patients. Wuhan was the first city to have this 5G technology installed and utilized - also the Cruise ships that were supposedly taken over by this "Coronavirus".. No such thing. And the masks are a totally different story, I won't go into them, they're beyond nonsensical.
  20. The "Antichrist" or end time world leader may not be a "who" but more like a "what". The Book of Revelation speaks of the Antichrist (the Beast) creating an image and "breathing life into it", with the ability to speak. John, the author, may be describing here the technology of the hologram, or the ability to create a clone or humanoid that has the basic capacities of the human (mimics a person). This could also allude to Artificial Intelligence, and the computer web that is already in place today. I believe it's this AI technology, wielded by a tyrannical, psychopathic elite, that seeks to encapsulate the human race in a cyber-prison of global proportion. I've come to this conclusion on a personal level, but I believe if you research it, this is what you'll decide also. It's the AI, basically. BTW - Demonic entities cannot incarnate into our physical reality, they must work through a host, or physical body, or object to affect anything in physicality. This is where the black magic practitioners come in handy. Most of our gov't our hosted by demonic entities, as well as all gov't's around the globe. Rudolf Steiner, an occult researcher, details how these entities were thrown to Earth after a fierce 40-yr battle with the Forces of Light in 1879. They have been in this world for about 140 yrs now. That is why there is the emphasis on materiality and sensuality, also the source (I believe) of the various horrific wars we've experienced. As I'm sure you've noticed, there are a myriad of videos on YouTube regarding "reptilian" entities (demons, actually) in all facets of public life. Mostly in positions of power and political prominence, key places that influence mankind's beliefs and thinking. Think of the Nazis brought back to life and proliferated throughout our planet (btw-Hillary "Rodham" Clinton is from an old Nazi family - the Rodhams - that's why she is so demonic, she was the victim of a Satanic Ritual in her early childhood which embodied demonic entities in her). That's basically what has occurred, at least in thought/ideology if not in actual physicality. Mike Pence is also believed to be the incarnation of an 800 yr-old Icelandic Sorcerer named Mikapenz. Trump is also believed to be a black magic practitioner, this is evidenced by his curiously prominent "MAGA" slogan. Maga or Magus is the title of a grand master of the magickal arts. I'll add that this may not actually be the case considering his adolescent level of intelligence, it may be a "trick" being played on him by the witches which surround him. It has nothing to do with making America great again, but the end of a long awaited unfoldment of the elite's plan of domination. This is the invasion of the undead that Revelation spoke of.
  21. Wes Penre goes into an explanation of the origin of the Demiurge or Yaldabaoth. The Wes Penre Papers are a very good source, concise and complete regarding this potentially complex subject. The Demiurge was mistakenly created by the Sophia (feminine power), who attempted to hide it from the Father Creator. This Demiurge is believed to be the creator involved with our reality. David Icke has also partially explained much of the dimensional distortion that creates the environment of unnatural fear and disharmony that encompasses our globe. A frequency is being beamed/emanated from the planet Saturn, utilizing Mars and our Moon as relay stations. This is what is creating a vibrational disharmony/distortion that has been the source of all our difficulties in evolving. When mankind was close to breaking through to a larger reality, this demiurge through beings called the Archons, created obstacles to roadblock our path of ascension. Some researchers believe that Stonehenge was an ancient stargate, a key-map to different planets and dimensions. Something occurred to stop the access to this star-knowledge, I'm suspecting due to it's potential misuse. The American Indians, Peruvians, Aztec peoples, Africans, Oriental races all have legends of this star-knowledge, where mankind was in touch with higher intelligences and civilizations. Also, something few are aware of: the founding of Philadelphia was related to the use by Benjamin Franklin of this occult star-knowledge. He and his French co-hort (can't remember his name, sorry) tricked an Lenni-Lenape Indian chief into signing an agreement basically granted the land around "Penn Hill". This was not the first usurpation of the Indian's land of course. Philadelphia's founding by Franklin was timed during a specific astrological alignment which centered around the constellation of Scorpio and it's corresponding energies. "America" hence was "born" on 7-4-1776 at 2:13 am, under the 7.5 degree Gemini rising. In occult parlance, this was a resurrection of ancient Rome. Hence, the fascist staffs in the House of Representatives (Chamber). (I have to say I hate talking about the US gov't!!!) Anyway, this info's from Ras Ben's presentation on Franklin and the Gates of Hell: https://youtu.be/d4QonuNC5u0
  22. A thought I had concerning satanic ritual abuse and child sacrifice was that those who don't realize (or don't want to realize) they're trapped in a time space prison will become identified with mind and ego/personality. This is the reason why we have so many reincarnated politicians and business leaders. These people are stuck in the same egoic mind patterns/habitual thinking, and the longer they're trapped in it, the harder it is to break free. Think of the "Land of Diminishing Returns" here. Mankind as a whole is burdened with these souls that after death, cannot resist the temptation to incarnate again to serve the Dark Forces of Ahriman (Satanic Forces). I've read from many astrologers and psychics that the politicians in DC are simply reincarnations of the old Roman Republic, Jimmy Carter is one for certain. I also suspect that what/who we call the %1 controlling things utilize black power rituals to bring these souls back (I'm not familiar with how this works) I'm certain this is the case. There is a woman who calls herself Sybelle who stated she was born into an Illuminati family which had close ties with the Vatican. She detailed an experience she had when her Uncle brought her to the Vatican, where they joined a group in a basement sacrificial room. She said there was a stone table in the center with what appeared to be catacomb-like openings spaced around the perimeter of this room. She said the entire time they were performing this ritual, she was terrified beyond belief. The men there took coffins out of each opening, apparently the soul is tied to the corpse, as they believe. The ritual was meant to allow the spiritual energy/life essence of the sacrificed child to emanate into these spirits centered in these coffins. It was an absolutely hellish routine. I can only think that the beings who perform these rituals are not human, I don't believe humans are capable of this level of evil. It does not seem physically possible. The same type of ritual was performed in Goehring's Castle Carinhall to supposedly bring the ancient priest-king line of Germany closer to our realm (3d world) to power-up the Nazi war machine. The nazis were primarily the men who resurfaced and refined the art of Black Magic power rituals. Everything the US Government does basically springs from this revival of the Black Arts. You can see it plainly in the youth of today who scarcely can fathom anything beyond their glass screens, all spirituality gone, the psychic abilities mankind possessed in the past all but disappeared. Everything in our society is based on technology that actually embodies the same physics and conceptual frame as these black rituals. Machine intelligence is merely the numerical essence of the 3d continuum brought into physicality. Nothing "magical" about it, but appears so. I suspect that the secret society that Hitler supposedly belonged to, the Thule Society, was an adjunct to the Negative ET's masquerading as humans. I can't but wonder if many of the high-ranking Nazis weren't demonic manifestations - they were certainly absolutely possessed by evil entities if they were human. I believe the most valuable information I found on this subject was on a site named "Bibliotecapleyades", I don't Google has discovered it yet to think to delete or ban it. BTW - I've heard of this Sacrificial Room in the basement of the Vatican several times from different sources. I've not seen it, though I'm certain it exists. The Vatican is at the heart of the Black Magic web that encompasses humanity. This may possibly exist to balance out the Good, benevolent forces. There is always this balance, as our reality is one of Duality: Up/Down, Left/Right, Black/White, etc I also read from Carlos Castenada that as Christ was crucified, simultaneously, a black magician was being crucified in South America. He was the only source I've heard this from. Interesting stuff you never hear in Church.
  23. I only watched one documentary on Scientology, an interview with the wife of one of the employees of the "church". She said there's simply brainwashing, ultra-control, ultra heirarchy type management, no questioning. I suppose the original idea was to stop the "nonsense" that people bring into systems that are meant to improve consciousness and awareness (supposedly), but this one's backfiring badly. I don't know how anyone lives in that spell, it's absolutely hellish. She escaped - apparently the followers track and harass you, I don't know but that they cause physical harm and mischief in your life until you capitulate and "return". Hellworld - Demonic. I think it's a microcosm of our global government that's coming to a neighborhood near you. Totally Assaholic bullshit.
  24. Prayer is thought; all thoughts are prayers.
  25. You must know the elite are very well informed of who Jesus (Yeshua) is. They cannot occupy any of their positions of evil without full knowledge of what they're betraying. This is the insanity I've not developed the ability to comprehend.
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