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  1. The actual intent was to connect humanity with the Reptilian social memory complex (hive mind). The "virus" and "vaxxine" were both patented YEARS BEFORE the "outbreak". (You can verify this by going on the US Patents website as I did). This alone proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that this was a contrived scenario, but watch people walk past all this evidence without giving it a glance - why would they, after all, they've just made themselves look like absolute fools to themselves and others wearing masks and standing 6' ft apart (Satanists do both of these during rituals, btw). Yes, the elite do actually gain great pleasure from other's pain and misery; I'll spare you my going into their perverse parties where they have every type of the most perverse sex, many with children, usually spiced up with drugs and alcohol usually after a satanic ritual. They many times place naked female(s) in a field and tell them to "run for their lives". These psychopaths chase them through the forest, terrorizing them then raping and killing them. Their blood is usually drank, as when a person is terrorized, the body sends adrenaline into the bloodstream for the "fight or flight" response. This adrenalized blood, termed adrenachrome, grants an exotic high that is unlike any drug and extremely addictive. This is what actors, politicians, musicians, and others are actually addicted to, heroin as well (but why take a narcotic that slowly kills when you can have something better that actually enhances your life?). I got most of this information from Cathy O'Brien's book "Trance-Formation of America", where she relates her life as a mind-controlled sex slave to well known politicians including Bill & Hillary Clinton and Sen Harry Byrd. The Clintons wealth was garnered from their human trafficking operation in league with others such as Epstein and Laura Silsby who was arrested in Haiti for attempting to take 15 children illegally from the island (the authorities knew what she was doing), and Bill Clinton had to come get her bailed out of jail. Then we have the "satanic panic" (why didn't that turn into something greater?) in the 80s, Bombings, Pizzagate (which I can tell you is very real, Tony & John Podesta's artwork in their home alone proves this), the list goes on to one of two of the largest drug dealers in modern history RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT. I'd laugh if it wasn't so tragic and didn't involve myself. I can also go into personal details of my life, and how I know certain things about "Joe Biden" (represented by a clone and latex mask wearing a-hole) and what his true origins are. I can't describe to you the horrors facing this country if people don't wake the "F" up. The "conspiracy theorists" are many times right on, which is why they are so heavily targeted and suppressed (like David Icke and others) and in odd instances killed.
  2. The entire "coronavirus"/"covid" scenario was a psychological operation mostly, but also an attempt to connect humanity with the Reptilian social memory complex. These are higher intelligences which are the most hostile and violent among many, and ones which have been interfering with humanity for eons. They're also heavily attracted to the "elite" who possess the same characteristics. Their agenda is simply to garner Earth's resources which mankind is steward of. The "ET/Multi-dimensional being" aspect of this is usually where most people exit, it's simply too much to comprehend (well understood, and it may not matter). By Universal Law, a collective of entities cannot interfere with a developing civilization (this is a basic "agreement/mode of operation" amongst all galactics) unless given permission. The trick is to be "granted" permission by having the host group more or less not resist such interference, then they're off the karmic hook. Anyway, these ET's (Reptilians & Greys from Orion Star System) have been intermingling themselves with the more powerful among us (the "Emerald Tablets of Thoth" in Ch 8 speak of this), hybridizing humans with themselves. This is why researchers are constantly pointing to the people they recognize as hybrids. An obvious example being Zbiegniew Brezenski, if people don't see an alien in his photo, they're blind - but most don't give a second glance, they see only what they're conditioned to. But enough of the metaphysical for now. I'd said that the "virus" was an AI artifice, what scientists like Cyrus Parsa have labeled a "protomolecule". This PROVES beyond any shadow of doubt that it's a manmade contrivance somewhat more virulent than the normal. BTW, the winter of "covid" (2020), I only developed one cold (usually I have several), having made a mental note of this. The Coronavirus was patented, you can look it up on the US Patents website, as was the Covid "vaxxine". They both were patented several years previous to the "outbreak". Having a germ or microbe "escape" from a Level IV gov't facility DOESN'T HAPPEN, this is utterly ludicrous. It's like saying a snowball dropped into hell and turned into ice. Again, DID NOT HAPPEN. I know this from having been around Top Secret facilities in the US military and the extremely ridiculous lengths they go to to protect assets. No one is fully trusted, it's actually insane. The masks were an aspect of this that should have given this all away right from the start, as they do absolutely nothing protection-wise, they actually reduce immunity, forcing an individual to build up mucus on a cloth that's millimeters from their mouth. Only an American (did others around the world join in on this idiocy!!??) would go along with what appeared to be necessary to maintain their lifestyle and creature comforts. I refused this as much as possible, I knew this was fear-mongering at best, psychological manipulation at worst. This entire covid agenda was created by "Dr Fauci" who I've heard is the son of Josef Mengele, the "doctor" working in Auschwitz death camp whose time was spent "operating" on patients without anesthesia, and had a predilection for "twins". He was brought to the US after WW2 in Operation Paperclip, and brought his discoveries in mind control with him. The high nazi officials and scientists who came with him began the NSA, CIA (then OSS) one of whom was Father George Bush, and FBI. All the agencies that have done absolutely little but send dark men into foreign gov'ts to create chaos and plant an agent. The people we see fronting all the agendas of gov't are merely carrying out orders, as there is a "global government" which runs the planet, the national gov'ts being mostly figureheads with little individual power. People have slowly ceded power to those in government as industrial and commercial interests have gained a stranglehold on politics. We're in quite a fix at this time, and people seem to be utterly oblivious to the true danger. Enough so to label such as myself "conspiracy theorists", a term, btw, which was created by the CIA.
  3. Unity8

    Psychic Recs

    I know the real ones don't ask for money (usually it's not a big deal). Also, psychics CANNOT read a person's divine blueprint, they can only make educated (or uneducated, depending on their level of intuition) guesses as to options and certain future possibilities. It's purposely designed this way so that the person follows and looks for their own divinity, their "Christ center". Christ Consciousness - connection to Source/Divine Intelligence.
  4. Same reason Fauci, Gates, Musk, Zuckerberg, Biden, Obama, Clinton, Bezos and many others. They are part of a network (cabal) which draws it's power from the unsuspecting and unknowledgeable "citizens" who ensure they pay their "taxes" to keep themselves compliant. All have more money than they could spend, so it's obviously not about the money, it's about their position in the pyramid.
  5. "Covid-19" is actually a form of AI which piggybacks on a hybridized flu virus. They created a virus which vulnerable people would be most affected by. The vaxxines work in tandem with this protomolecule, injecting graphene oxide into people to form an "antenna" for 5G. It's 5G which is making people sick, amplifying the effects of the "virus" by frequencies which were never meant to be used around organic life, only machines. It is a computer frequency. BTW - both "Covid" and the vaxxines were patented years before this so-called "Pandemic". Look at this carefully. Bill Gates patented both of these in 2017. This scenario was an attempt by the Luciferian forces to completely control humanity through this Artificial Intelligence. It failed, though not without harming society without people even realizing what was going on. MASKS and staying SIX FEET APART are both things done in satanic rituals. The mask is a psychological ploy to weaken people's resolve and individuality. It limits one's oxygen availability, and staying inside out of sunlight makes people extremely vulnerable to catching a virus. Everything about this is obvious once someone stops and actually THINKS about it. It just goes to show how brainwashed and programmed society is. To believe a scientist (Dr Fauci, son of Josef Mengele) who is making contradictory statements. People do not THINK.
  6. The "black eye" isn't symbolic of the anal rapes of children and babies, it is the result of being "vrilled". Vril are alien parasites that take over a person's consciousness and assume their identity. The person becomes a mindless drone that has no will of their own. The elite do this to unsuspecting people who have been lured into a private setting where one of these beings is let loose on them. Donald Marshall, who worked in the cloning centers, explains all about the process. Many celebrities and politicians have undergone this takeover. A recent obvious example was Bill Cosby, when he went to a "treatment facility", appearing with the usual black eye afterward. Carefully observe the "attendants" surrounding him afterward. The elite are far more evil than people realize.
  7. A crucial key is to take into consideration that these "imhuman people" (as I call them) were brought up in these harsh satanic families and programmed from a very early age. They are robots more or less. Stuart WIlde, a famous metaphysician, said that these souls are ones which have failed in previous lives, preferring to live around those attracted to wealth, fame, prestige. They cannot resist the desire to reincarnate in the same circumstances, these behavior patterns are so imbedded in their consciousness. Psychics and mystics say also (as an example) that Bill and Hillary Clinton were lovers in many previous lives, one of which was an incarnation in the French Royalty in (I believe) the 1600's. I've forgotten which person Hillary was, it was a cruel female monarch though, a famous one. So taking this into consideration, we've really got to realize that we're all part of one big family. We're all connected whether we like it or not. I'm not endorsing at all what they do, in fact these people are now extremely evil (though I've heard Hillary was executed, and we're now seeing her clone. She also had her soul "shelved" to totally negate her empathy) and most likely will have to go under personality disintegration and start all over. They say the Queen of England is now not permitted to reincarnate on this planet due to what she has done to people. Jeanette Archer, an SRA survivor, claims she was abused by the royals when she was 5 after her parents gave her over to them. She says they have two rooms in the basement of Windsor Castle where they torture children (for adrenachrome and other purposes) and sexually abuse them. They are so very sick and psychopathic that most would not even comprehend it. Some of these people minds have almost totally gone over to evil, with levels of psychopathy that shouldn't exist. I've seen a few videos of the actions of how they torture people (I only watched to see if it was true), and have discovered since that there is much worse that they do. They also have prisons and cities far away from any other communities where they will take people who resist the NWO. They have all sorts of very evil creatures and hybridized soldiers (armies) that they intend to let loose on society. The riots and violence in our cities by the youth is only the very beginnings of this mess. I think also the 5G and these vaxxines (later microchips and electronic tattoo) will create absolute mayhem in society. They believe that this chaos creates the change necessary to bring about their society, leaving out the Source Creator. They are wanting a world ruled by the Dark (what some term "Satan" who is really a group of demonic entities). The "black eye" syndrome is the mark of the initiation of any person into the cabal, which is totally controlled by evil. DM said that this is nothing but them being "vrilled" (vril - a crab like species that lives underground, which parasites off a person's body). The evil cabal takes an unsuspecting victim (usually someone who has "sold their soul" - you can't "sell your soul") into a room where they have one of these creatures and sicks it on them. It sends a probiscus from it's mouth that enters through the pupil, wrapping around the brain. It takes over the person's mind, basically "killing" the old person and assuming their identity. This is ONE FORM of inititiation. Another form is done by a Reptilian being who assumes the person's identity after killing them. They look and sound exactly like the old person, but it's a reptilian consciousness, a mind connected to the Reptilian social complex. They say (and I've heard many accounts of people who've seen this) Putin is actually a Reptilian, he is not human. The queen of England also was taken over by a Draco Reptilian. Princess Diana wrote about this in her diary, stating "they're not human". I'm not sure how or why all this is allowed, I suspect it in some way WAS MEANT to advance human evolution, but became badly distorted. I've not found much information on this. The ancient "Tablets of Thoth", Emerald tablets which underwent a chemical stabilization to make them resistant to weathering and aging, talk about the "kings of the earth". These kings and chiefs of peoples were killed, replaced by reptilitan entities which appear exactly like them. The disguise can only be seen through by using higher vibrations and frequencies to disrupt the deceptive hologram. Notice how well deceived societies are to actually believe these are real people, no matter what they do, no matter how ridiculously damaging their policies are. People will not band together due to fear, they'd rather go through the long, slow torture of having their freedoms and livelihoods (and very lives) gradually be reduced until their perpetual slaves. They say it's a battle of humanity against "AI", an AI intelligence that has gone through the universes and taken over worlds. Source Creator has declared that mankind will be free, but it will be precariously difficult work extracting these forces away from the planet. It will be a very interesting time coming up, try to connect with the Spiritual Masters like St Germaine for inspiration and protection. Just call out mentally his name, (or Jesus') they're always watching for people who are open to their own spiritual center. Dark forces simply can't be around the Light, it resists them strongly. Also, playing French Gregorian Chants (these ccame from Cathars) is very good. SImply play them in your home softly, this is a simple help to make a big difference. Meditation on the "I AM" is also very good.
  8. Those in the cabal MUST limit themselves to scientifically deducing or analyzing physical reality. I've been reading a book called: "Christ Returns, Speaks His Truth", in it he says that if you think about it, scientists only consider what is real to be that which can be quantified or categorized by the five senses. Everything else is non-existent. They've even gone so far as to copy the universal consciousness with an AI program, an AI "protomolecule". I suppose if they could, they'd try to copy material reality. They observe physical reality to discover what the meaning of life is when it should really be the other way around.
  9. There is nothing "evil" about the number "666". It is the number of man, the full expanse (though limited due to physicality) of his creative capacities and abilities. What is evil is the misuse of the number to deceive people into seeing it as a "devil's number". The intent of the Dark Forces was to invert the number "999", which is the highest number, representing the divine, or "christ consciousness". The use by the cabal of the "666" is to trap people within the framework of the limitations of physicality, "sealing" them with this number which was originally meant to represent those who had achieved divine consciousness. It's an imitation of this state brought to fruition by the use of Artificial Intelligence.
  10. "America" no longer exists. The New World Order has been running the show for years, though it will take time for people to finally see this. It won't be until after the PLANNED economic and societal collapse (w civil riots/war), natural disasters, nuclear attack, with famine and diseases. The world will be taken over by evil, with the benevolent forces barely holding on. A horrible nuclear exchange begun from Israel will cause foment in the Middle East which will affect the rest of the world. Suitcase nukes that have been buried under major cities for years will also explode, with missiles shot from submarines off the East, West, and Gulf coasts (subs are presently there). We will have a new world where people will no longer see war as an option, societies will be based in love and freedom (not the distorted, "F'd up" type of "love" that we see today with all the "woke" nonsense. Things will be absolutely horrible for a short time, then a replanting of the world will occur. Too bad stupid people had to become the majority voice in the US.
  11. There's something inhuman about these "people". Imagine the level of psychopathy contained in these two photos. Makes me feel physically ill.
  12. There's much more. "Covid" (Certificate Of Virtual ID) is a non-biological "virus" which is a from of artificial intelligence. It was created by Chinese scientists paid for by Bill Gates to control the human population through the seemingly necessary "vaxxines". There's much, much more to it, but I think this is the most important aspect. Of Course, Psycho Bill is planning (or one of his cohorts) another plandemic worse than this. Imagine how much people will believe this one if they believed "Covid" and the vaxxine.
  13. Sadhguru is one who would know, that's for sure. I noticed people "changing" after the "vaxxines". They seemed to exhibit more of the negative/anti-social sides of themselves. It may be my imagination, but that's what it seemed like. As far as JB is concerned, he was taken out in 2019, executed at Guantanamo and replaced by a clone from Los Alamos National Lab and an actor wearing a latex mask. You should still be able to find videos exposing the obvious pull tabs and neckwrinkle of the mask on YouTube. I've known about clones/robotoids for a long time, they're far more prevalent than people think. The clone is "grown" in around 5 months, but must be trained to appear as the person it's resembling. I heard from James Rink that Los Alamos had a room full of "Joe Biden" clones that were being taught and trained to act and speak like him. There is also one video on YTube where the clone is "walking" outside the WH from a helicopter, he's walking like a robot. It's unbelievably revealing. Most high ranking politicians have clones and doubles, it's typical for the profession. The very fact people believe the things they do shows you how far gone America is.
  14. Unity8

    Psychic Recs

    Your logo photo looks disturbed. Maybe he needs a PCR test.
  15. My thought from teenage years is that ALL restaurants, businesses, churches, municipal/"public" buildings are all owned and run by the BEAST. It has been that way since I was a kid, I knew this intuitively. It would've been a good idea for folks to create their own businesses (at least) to put these corporate scum out of business. Didn't happen, so here we are. I wouldn't mess with any of them either - picture them as simply not worth it. People who work there are letting themselves in for it unfortunately. Soon all this will be swept away with some nuclear rockets, economic and natural disaster. They won't be around for the next greater world -
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