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  1. Hi, i'm a new member here. I've been awake to lots of stuff for a long time now but all the covid bullshit is so shocking, i knew people were pretty stupid but never to this extent. I sometimes look at the forum but haven't joined before now. Good to see so many good people on here. I've been questioning things since a child and always felt like an outsider, currently feeling like an alien from another planet! Massive 'NO' to any vaccines. Currently doing what I can to push back as much as possible. Despite being quite a pessimistic person it makes me feel optimistic to see so many good people pushing back, speaking out and so many groups forming.
  2. Hi, I've very recently been asked back to my workplace (i work for council owned leisure centre) for covid training, so went back in to listen to the bullshit, i was the only one not wearing a mask and felt thoroughly bullied and disgusted at things being said and my manager joined in. I told them about exemptions etc but was still treated like an idiot. I am slightly concerned after reading some comments that when and if i go back to work they will constantly push for me to wear a mask. Also, does anyone have an help or advice regarding track and trace? because i'm a member of staff they will have my details and in the event of a staff/customer outbreak i do not want my details being sent to nhs track and trace but i don't think i would be able to prevent this other than just never going back to my job.
  3. Totally relate to you 100% Ethel. But it's better to have rage rather than anxiety and depression. Got to try and stay strong and keep on pushing back.
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