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  1. A former CIA director has spoken of his new 'openness' to the possibility of alien life, telling a story of an airplane that was brought to a halt at 40,000 feet, and saying he hope that mankind was 'friendly' to extraterrestrials, if they ever made contact.

    R. James Woolsey, who ran the CIA from 1993-1995, spoke to The Black Vault's YouTube channel on Friday.

    Woolsey, 79, spoke to promote his new book, Operation Dragon - in which he claims that Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK on the orders of the Kremlin.


    Plane paused in mid-air by UFO?


    A preacher went out fishing by himself in the ocean one day. Not knowing much about boats, he had no idea what to do when the engine caught fire and destroyed the little boat. He was treading water when a boat came by, and the woman on board asked, “Do you need some help?”

    “No, my dear,” said the preacher, “the Lord will save me, but thank you.”

    The woman shrugged and went on. A little while later another boat stopped and asked the preacher if he needed help. The preacher again said no, the Lord would rescue him. Not long after, the preacher grew tired and sank down below the water’s surface.

    When he arrived in heaven, he asked God, “How come you didn’t rescue me?”

    To which God replied, “Are you serious!? I sent you two boats!”

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    An explosion at a religious gathering in central Afghanistan has killed at least 15 civilians and wounded 20 others, the country’s interior ministry said, adding that children may be among the victims.


    Those killed and wounded were attending a Quran recitation ceremony on Friday.


    Initial information suggested that explosives were placed in a motorised rickshaw in a district of central Ghazni province, interior ministry spokesman Tariq Arian said.



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