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  1. Holdomor was real. The CIA's mass murdering in several countries is real. U.S troops slaughtering innocents everywhere is real. All so called shootings since Columbine are drills using crisis actors.
  2. All sirs are noncy nonce nonc nonces.
  3. lol they are agents. Jones is MOSSAD.
  4. This FAKE trial is hilarious. Jones is MOSSAD.
  5. The video is from infowars AKA Rothchild's supporters. No evidence it came from somebody vaxxed, or the vaxx caused it. Jones is a con man who has praised Israhell.
  6. All maxines are there to harm you. Viruses DO NOT exist.
  7. Lol this FAKE so called war is still fooling morons. There is NO evidence of any confilct. None.
  8. Gareth pushed the BS19 CLOT SHOT meaning he is guilty of mass murder, thus F him. Die slow motherfucker.
  9. There is never any evidence of any shooting. Peekay truth's youtube channel used to expose these hoaxes. Pulse nightclub had crisis actors carrying people then when they thought they were out of shot they stood up. Hilarious. Sandy hook never happened. There was no open school.
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