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  1. There is never any evidence of any shooting. Peekay truth's youtube channel used to expose these hoaxes. Pulse nightclub had crisis actors carrying people then when they thought they were out of shot they stood up. Hilarious. Sandy hook never happened. There was no open school.
  2. This fake event is hilarious. Not one person died. So many fake shootings and terrorist attacks. So many crisis actors used.
  3. Chabad in Russia want NOAHIDE LAWS. The tribe want all goyim dead. How they get there is not of concern. They have many tricks yet to pull including fake ET invasion.
  4. https://joshf731.substack.com/p/wef-putin-and-xi-working-to-dugins?utm_source=url&s=r
  5. Icke never helped him after he blew up. He never even thanked him RIP legend
  6. I support Putin. He is a genius, but he will be used to decimate Russia if the Bolsheviks get their way, just like Adolf was used in the holy war against Germany.
  7. https://prepareforchange.net/2020/06/23/the-khazarian-mafia-you-dont-know-what-you-dont-know/?fbclid=IwAR2G6BCqBcBfNj0MHQNpW5eJlxcUiUBkOEJq0q2jrhkCKFfNMOXBGNYUlXY
  8. Putin ended the HOAX. VIVA LA Russia.
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