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  1. when white men stop fighting wars for the small hat tribe the world will know peace.
  2. This covid hoax is more hilarious by the day. The NWO is so desperate.
  3. Exactly. That is why they leaked the fake emails to make consevratived in the U.S think the virus is real and made in a lab. Some of the elite still want war with China.
  4. What does Icke have to do with anything and who mentioned you? I do not have any opinions. I have only stated what is.
  5. Defensive. Do you not know there are thousands of paid agents online? That is a fact. Why are you defensive? I stated a fact. Agents are on forums like this. There is no virus.
  6. Forget Icke Dr Kaufman is the man to educate you. There is no covid.
  7. Who died? The msm is literally made up. There were no bodies piled up. ALL MADE UP.
  8. There is no virus. That is the fact that matters. People are not dying. No extra burials or cremations, no extra hospital admissions. Dr Kaufman has broken this down; c19 has never been shown to exist, that is a fact, not a theory. The NWO can not create viruses. There will never be a virus outbreak. THIS IS VERY RELEVANT. One has to then ask so how are they planning the mass cull of 7.5 BILLION people?
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