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  1. I thought I was having a few minor victories over Deaths WITH (and not because of) Covid in 28 Days, and over not having an untested vaccine. But my nurse partner then jumped at the offer of the jab and is now harassing me to have it, jumping up and down pointing out how high the figures are . Everyone at work is buying into the narrative - even where they were wary about lockdowns, vaccines, face coverings, the dodgy figures etc. suddenly there's been a complete seamless turnaround. I give up too.
  2. I've had a couple of ghost related experiences some years back. As a student we went on a field trip staying in an old school which was in an old stately home. We were working in the old stables one evening and needed some papers from the main house, which I went to get. It was in a big room about 8 -10m across. When I got there, the lights wouldn't work, but I knew there was another light switch for a different set of lights on the other side of the room. As I walked across the room the large heavy door behind me slammed shut - so I ran like heck, scrambling over furniture in the
  3. So I've been dipping into the website on and off for a few years, but never really got around to signing up until this week. In all honesty, my opinion of David Icke has been up and down over the years. First respected him as a presenter and a key figure in Green Party (which I was member of then). When he went through his early enlightenments, at the time we got pretty upset because we felt it damaged the party. But then I had some weird experiences, which drew me to his theories, and the current plandemic has only served to reinforce his credibility. Now here I am, tr
  4. My work panicked and were petrified they might have to cough up the money to pay for masks if they made us wear them (and all the students as we're a college). They then panicked that they'd get sued if they didn't have good enough control measures, so made it the policy that we should wear masks, but it's still not compulsory. As you can tell, we are very money driven So, with the other off-the-cuff dodgy half rules and interpretations, I now pick my way through the minefield of what is or isn't legally required and what is or isn't compulsory. It doesn't stop people bitching be
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