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  1. @rideforever I think you have misunderstood the point of the post. I’m not debating the idea that we can use negative emotions to our advantage. I’m simply pointing out odd similarities I have found in relation to David’s work I have been studying.
  2. Kingdom Hearts. A game created by Disney and Square Enix. A beautiful, philosophical story between the battle of Light (the good) vs Darkness (the evil), in which it shows the might of love in contrast with hatred. I won’t go too much into details of all the complexities of the story’s and the meanings, but for individuals who are familiar with David Icke’s work, there is an undeniable similarity between the characteristics of the evil force in the game series and of that of which David refers to as ‘Archons’. Here’s a list of some similarities I have found: 1:
  3. Hi All, I have been watching David since the start of the 'pandemic' and he has become my biggest inspiration / idol since. I'm 20, and looking to do something similar as David does - 'investigative journalism'. However, in my search for trainee roles I found basically all of them were under companies of the mainstream media (no thanks). So I just wanted to see if anyone knew any good companies to talk to for this matter. Any feedback would be appreciated! Thanks, Brandon.
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