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  1. I feel the same way as you do, just remember you are not alone in how you feel about the current state of humanity. We are living in an open air lunatic asylem, always remember that you are sane and they are not. The truth has it's own power. We live in a world of drones who have been programmed to set fire to their own freedom and feel proud whilst doing it, these drones take pride in enforcing the rules that are burning down their own liberty. I often ask myself "would these braindead people stand up for me if needed?", the answer always come back to me as "No". I'm starting to think the sheep deserve whats coming to them. If they are not seeing through the illusion after 7 months of this garbage, then they are a lost cause.
  2. The reason Bill won't wear a mask is because he wants everyone to see that stupid smirk he has on his face everytime he talks about vaccinating the human population. These elites fear death more than anyone, they build their bunkers deep underground and try to control every little thing on earth, yet in time he and everyone like him will loose all their power and all their wealth when death comes for them. A bunker will not save Bill Gates and he is getting old!
  3. You forgot to add maximum insanity! Were the masses all running for the door on the sound of the alarm? haha
  4. Cheers. I can imagine that the management in local authorities are a complete nightmare. I've heard that line before "about wearing one for other people" or "keeping each other safe by wearing a mask" So we all have to protect everyone else from everyone all the time. By that same logic if someone is eating a fast food beef burger and fries I should whack them out of their hands to stop them getting fat, If they are drinking a can of beer I should stop them incase they get liver problems, if someone is smoking I should put their cigarette out for them to stop them getting cancer and so on. There is no logic with these people, if the people wearing these muzzles believe they are protecting them then there is no need for everyone to wear them. I was the same with regard to working thoughout the scam, as did most the people I worked with, so they must know what a crock of shit this all is because they are all still alive. Nothing more than a controlled psyop.
  5. Well it finally happened. Masks are now mandatory where I work, correction, where I worked. I was told last night by managment that face masks were now mandatory in common areas of the factory. All the usual shit "you have to wear them when walking here, but don't have to wear them if you are doing this, blah blah nonsensical horseshit! My reply was "I don't have to wear a mask anywhere as they are harmful to my health" (I can't breathe wearing them) This was followed by a reply from what I can only describe as a spineless programed sheep (aka shift manager) as "well you are putting yourself out of a job" To which I replied: "see ya!" I gladly walked out the door, head held high with a smile on my face, never to return. I found the whole thing weird from the moment I got there, face masks were not required before yeaterday, I have also not been in a shop since the whole mask thing became a craze for the crazies and have only been in one restaurant once since March, so I had been quite detached from the whole mask thing so far. But seeing people in muzzles (some who I had worked with for over 10 years) was absolutly shocking to me, not one guy I saw was refusing this garbage. What has happend to people's backbones? where did they loose their balls? are the majority that far gone that there is not a single question or even a smidgen of critical thinking left in them? The place I worked at brought in all the two metre nonsence back in the spring, at the time I presented them with information that it was all based on no scientific evidence "conjured up out of nowhere" said Professor Robert Dingwall - Government advisor. They looked at me like I was crazy and even tried to defend the rule using what I can only describe as "looney tunes science". I am so happy to finally be out of that lunatic asylum, I've never been to prison, but I imagine this is what it feels like to be granted parole. What are your experience's of workplace insanity?
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