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  1. He needs to be locked up for life with Johnson, Valance Etc. Hancock is an arrogant piece of crap even by politician standards.
  2. Haha, a mask and a shield, well... you can't be to careful, it's all such a show. If these people/machines were really that fearful then they would go full biohazard suit and really be safe, but then again these are the people that are to lazy to think logically so putting on a biohazard suit every day would be to much work.
  3. I was walking out in the countryside today when I saw this couple about 50 metres away, all looked fine, next time I looked up they were ready for surgery with their replica surgical masks on. These peoples lives must be one clown show after another. I bet if the government asked them to wear a pair of Micky Mouse ears they would, "the TV told me they whack the virus away like a tennis racket!" What a pair of dipshits!
  4. Well doing nothing health care related, but they do put lots of time into making shitty dance videos with bad singing on the internet. The only NHS staff I would applaud are the ones who have had the backbone to speak out and expose the truth about this absolute scam.
  5. I'm sure pots and pans will be redesignated as "essential items" just for NHS appreciation night.
  6. How long do we think it will take before all the well trained sealions are on their doorsteps clapping for the National Health Shills again? I'm guessing by the end of November. Pots and pans sales are going to be doing well in the coming months, just don't try and buy any from Tesco.
  7. I have experienced that type of managment myself Banjo, there is no way of explaining anything to them that does not fit the official narrative. They do not realise the test is bullcrap, they can not conceive that more testing means more positive results. They have the mentality that daddy govenment is trying to do the best for them. In the summer time I said to someone I worked with "I know how to end all this in a matter of days, everyone stops getting tested and this is over", he looked at me like I was crazy. No tests, no positive results, no cases, no scam. Now we have a ve
  8. I used to like F1 and football many moons ago, but all this agenda garbage puts me right off of sport. As David Icke would say "get off your knees!", it is a sign of submission. F1 is utter shite and football without the fans there to be a part of it is pointless in my eyes, has no soul anymore. It would not suprise me one bit if Vitaly Petrov's Father was murdered as a result of these agenda's. The more money that runs in the river, the colder the water becomes.
  9. You would think the dance video's alone would make even the most sleepy of brains ask "hmm, those nurses don't look overwhelmed to me, whats going on here?".
  10. It is planned persecution of those who resist the hive mentality. I feel your pain, when I went into work and saw all the masked up freaks I felt like more of an outsider than ever, I was the only one who said "no, my dignity will not allow this". Always remember that you are the brave and strong one and you have two things your colleagues don't, a brain and a backbone. The track and trace is a violation of indivdual freedom, I'm not sure how you could get around it, I know where I worked they would have required me to get a negative test before I could return to work, had they suspected
  11. Here is an helpful sign for what to do when you come across a nescafe product. The human form represents a man in the picture. That's right, a man!
  12. I feel the same way as you do, just remember you are not alone in how you feel about the current state of humanity. We are living in an open air lunatic asylem, always remember that you are sane and they are not. The truth has it's own power. We live in a world of drones who have been programmed to set fire to their own freedom and feel proud whilst doing it, these drones take pride in enforcing the rules that are burning down their own liberty. I often ask myself "would these braindead people stand up for me if needed?", the answer always come back to me as "No". I'm starting t
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