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  1. https://www.acas.org.uk/working-safely-coronavirus/getting-the-coronavirus-vaccine-for-work Take a look at this thread, there is also a link to acas Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service , could be some useful info on there that could help you should it become an issue. It does say at the start of the page: "There's currently no law that says people must have the vaccine, even if an employer would prefer someone to have it. There may be some people who are advised not to have the vaccine, for example for health reasons." Never give up the good fight Cgab1.
  2. All fits in nicely to the elites plans doesn't it. Problem Reaction Solution. Create the floods, food shortages Suffering, despair and mass death through starvation and drowning. Climate lockdowns and more centralized control over every aspect of every human life on earth all for "your protection" I believe you are correct about the three gorges dam, I would not be surprised if that dam has a major event one day. There has been alot of floods around that region of China in recent years. This could be controlled flooding using the dams operations as a weapon. I would not put anything past these people, they are pure evil.
  3. Had the same experience in B&Q today. It was quite busy in there, but there was only 4 people without masks on and two of them were children. There was a women who re-entered the indoor area from the outdoor shed area and instinctively put here mask back on when inside the shop. People have given their minds away. There really are no shops I want to go in anymore because of these pathetic people, everytime I see someone in one of those muzzle's it makes my blood boil. It doesn't give me much hope seeing what I saw today.
  4. I walked out on my job twice last year, once due to un-social distancing (I called them out on their bullshit), then walked out again (for the last time) back in October due to mandatory face masks being impossed. I don't have children or a partner so there is nothing the elites and thier puppets can threaten me with. I will gladly leave this world before complying with any of this medical fraud. Anyone who trys to inject me with anything is going to have to kill me first. If your employer says it is mandatory then call your employer out and take them to court! Present them with facts, present them with the data on adverse reactions and deaths associated with these shots. These shots are still in the trial phase and are being used under emergency use. These shots are experimental and a crime under common law (do no harm) and a crime under the Nuremberg code (experimenting on humans). Do not let them guilt you into taking this, fight for your freedom of choice. If you get injected with this shite and you end up a cripple (or dead) you will be no good to your family and you will never work again regardless. Freedom of choice is everything. Give that up and what do you have left.
  5. Seems to be alot of left side paralysis victims, maybe these shots among other things are targeting the right side of the brain. Music/art, creativity, imagination, emotion, face recognition, intuition. Eliminating these traits would certainly go along way to creating the type of drone non-questioning people the elite want.
  6. You may already know this but the riff from "white Death" is based on a Ankie Bagger song called "where were you last night"
  7. This one can go up outside the mayor's office.
  8. The term "conspiracy theorist" was brought about by the scum at the CIA, the term was invented to discredit anyone who questioned the official narative of the JFK assasination. I really don't give a damm about their idiotic labels, I will never label myself, all I care about is the truth.
  9. The PCR test that health workers are using to diagnose people with Covid-19 is a scam. The PCR test itself was never designed to be used as a diagnostic tool. Do some research into what Kary Mullis says about the test and what he thinks of Tony Fauci, Kary invented the PCR test. Because of this fraudulant test people who have died have been designated as Covid-19 positive, using a test that is not testing for a virus. This is why the mainstream media and government are obsessed with mass testing, they can use the positive test numbers to justify more lockdowns even though people are not ill and not dying. This is the same test that have found poisitive cases of covid-19 in a goat, a pawpaw fruit, a kiwi fruit and a glass of cola. The virus itself has also never been isolated in a lab, despite freedom of information requests being made to governments around the world, none of them have produced any evidence that covid-19 was ever isolated and proved to exist. This whole mess could be finished in a matter of days if every human on earth refuses to take this test. Remember they are locking down people based on case numbers from tests, not deaths. This is not a pandemic and it never was.
  10. I'd say the number of people infected is zero. There has been no evidence produced that shows Covid-19 to exist. I do agree with the term "utter claptrap" though. Just as the NHS has re-designated other deaths as covid-19 (using a PCR test not testing for a virus), I have decided to re-designate the term R-rate. The R in R-rate now stands for retarded, as in anyone who believes any part of this scam goes on the R-rate figures as being completly retarded. The figues for the UK R(etard)-rate are currently in the millions (mostly BBC news watchers).
  11. The solution to the shite that is going on in football these days is a simple one. Boycott! Do not give them one penny of your cash and do not give them one second of your time. I boycotted football over a decade ago because I was un-happy at the state of the sport. Be loyal to yourself and your beliefs rather than a football "company" (because thats what they are) that will milk you for every penny they can. Football clubs and footballers do not give a shit about fans. I do wish people showed the same passion for freedom as they do for a football company. What a different world this would be.
  12. The PCR test itself is a fraud. NHS staff are diagnosing patients based on so called covid symptoms which resemble colds and flu (conveniently), then test the patient with a test not testing for a virus, from this the nurses and doctors believe the patient has Covid-19 rather than something else that already exists. These doctors and nurses in hospitals have put their faith in a test that is an absolute fraud, these same NHS workers have all been put on a pedestal by the mainstream media and I'm sure that some of the doctors and nurses see themselves as superhero's as a result. The fact is that covid-19 has still not been proven to exist and the PCR test they are using to test for covid-19 is an absolute fraud. The ventilators are killing healthty people. Here is a video from back in June exposing it. https://www.bitchute.com/video/gDnQVKekJLpT/
  13. "Experts" (translation: people paid by the death cult to say what the cult want them to say). Most idiots out there would believe Donald Duck or Goofy telling them this crap if it was presented by a mainstream media outlet. At this point I have lost any sympathy with anyone who does not see what a scam this all is. If someone is stupid enough to get a vaccine developed in under a year (although I call bullshit on that too) then those that take the jab will have to take the consequences of their choice. Un-elected Tecnocrats Media prostitutes PoliTICians (sucking the life blood out of the human race) Muzzled up freaks (demanding everyone else acts as cowardly as they do) and the "we want a vaccine now" crowd, who are so clueless, stupid and ignorant they would let a monkey inject them with a syringe full of cat piss, if told by authority "it's safe" They are all culpable in facilitating the coming nightmare of top down tyranny that will make what is happening today look like an english tea party. These same idiots, psycho's and money prostitutes are the very people who have walked willingly into this tecnocratic nightmare and will continue to dive further into it the deeper it goes. At this Point in time idiots, psycho's and money prostitutes are going to get what they deserve, unfortunately a lot of people who do not accept this are going to suffer as a result of these peoples actions. Fuck everyone who supports the new religion of Covid-19!
  14. He needs to be locked up for life with Johnson, Valance Etc. Hancock is an arrogant piece of crap even by politician standards.
  15. Haha, a mask and a shield, well... you can't be to careful, it's all such a show. If these people/machines were really that fearful then they would go full biohazard suit and really be safe, but then again these are the people that are to lazy to think logically so putting on a biohazard suit every day would be to much work.
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