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  1. The jab cards are meaningless - they are just like appointment reminder cards. what you need to get is a screenshot of someone’s Covid pass on the NHS app.
  2. If you are unvaccinated: Report a negative Lateral Flow Test and you automatically get a 2 day Covid Pass. You don’t even need to take the test, just report it as negative. Yes, it’s dancing to their tune but it might be useful knowledge in an emergency. it’s just like the film GATACCA and on the NHS app (not the test and trace one) it has a section that says “VALID IN ENGLAND”!
  3. @Beaujangles Thats Canada, I’m in the U.K. dealing with the legal system here which is quite precise about the face coverings issue. I’m not going to kid myself pretending I have a disability to get out of it like a school kid.
  4. Where is the exemption that says you don’t have to wear it if you don’t like it? It’s not about feeling guilty at all, it’s about not being forced to be a liar to falsely claim something that is written into that law. By claiming a false exemption you are still validating that law you see. I resist the mask all the time, I make it known. I’d have more respect for someone who stands up and says “I won’t wear a mask because it’s BS” than someone who says “I won’t wear a mask because [insert false exemption here]”. I wish I could just outright refuse but personal circumstances mean I don’t want the fine/attention from the police.
  5. Disgusting. The police are getting more and more aggressive this year. It won’t be long before one of them snaps and kills. It’s like they are on drugs or something with the level of aggression they show sometimes. check out Crimebodge’s latest:
  6. My first thought was Cyprus due to the Russian, Turkish, Greek, British interests in that area. And the RAF air base.
  7. I won’t be turned into a liar in order to avoid the mask nonsense. That might sound a bit soft but I believe that we’ve got to retain our self respect and for me that means being morally in the right. Unless I’m with my son, I don’t have an honest exemption. I tell people that I hate wearing the mask and I ensure that no MF will make me wear one in a situation where it isn’t legally required. I argue against them all the time. I won’t put one of those ridiculous lanyards or passes on either.
  8. Police brutality against ex-servicemen on Remembrance Sunday. We’ve lost our minds as a nation - or rather the police have lost their minds... https://youtu.be/JuJ7JeU79UY
  9. What was the original reason, comfort or the principle of wearing one? If it was comfort then, yeah, you are probably better off with that stupid visor but if it was for the principle then you are no better off. I wear one in shops because it’s the law but I refuse to wear them where it isn’t law. It’s surprising how many places are creeping towards the assumption you should have one on all the time e.g. primary school playground, on the high street etc.
  10. Just read the legislation links I’ve provided above. It’s crystal clear that you aren’t required to prove exemption or use those stupid sunflower lanyards or print off those even stupider cards. All you have to do is say “I am exempt from wearing a face mask and you cannot discriminate against me under the Equality Act”. No proof is required.
  11. That’s interesting - thanks. Makes total sense that we are being softened up to feel like restrictions, food shortage, military in communities is a normal thing. I genuinely think a lot of people got sick in March/April (my family and friends included) but I remember very fine powder everywhere and my air quality monitor in my garden was showing some really bad pollution. For this lockdown I don’t remember the same poor air quality and I don’t personally know anyone who has got sick. Already people are so accepting of the restrictions and seem to be welcoming more in. For example, people - including teachers - seem fine with soldiers going into schools in Liverpool to barcode, test and then secure children as young as 11. Some of the parents are actually thanking the army for doing it! It never made sense that Rishi would spend so much money but I suppose if paying it back doesn’t matter then spending it doesn’t either.
  12. @DarianF - Schools are getting creepy. There is a widespread power grab at schools where the aim is to destroy any sort of family values and weaken the parent-child relationship under the pretence of “safeguarding”. Safeguarding Safe Guarding Guard Safe The Guard is Safe You’re Safe with the Guard sick.
  13. The refusal has to be discriminatory under the Equality Act (https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2010/15/contents) for it to be unlawful. For example, discrimination based on one of the acts protected characteristics (race, religion, disability etc.). I’m sure there are many many cases of refusal of entry based on disability because the act has been around a long time. What hasn’t been tested in court as far as I know is the face mask exemption in the Coronavirus legislation (https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2020/791/pdfs/uksi_20200791_en.pdf) because that is too new. It would have to be a private prosecution I think and I expect that most people of refused just wouldn’t be bothered. They could try calling the police but I expect that the police just wouldn’t attend - we all know whose side they will be on!
  14. Just a reminder of the life we’ve lost: I miss the freedom to be in a crowd and not see face masks and not have to see all the rules and regulations everywhere when you go in a shop or on public transport. Feel free to add your own losses in.
  15. Ok, I thought he was referring to English law. For English law, you can be exempt if the requirement to wear one is in breach of the equality act: https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2020/791/pdfs/uksi_20200791_en.pdf
  16. I’m more worried about the army coming into my son’s school, issuing him with a barcode, forcibly testing him and securing him somewhere if they decide he tested positive. it’s happening in Liverpool and they are the testbed for a national roll out.
  17. Assuming you are talking about a primary school, just refuse to put one on. The new regulations are as clear as crystal: “It is not mandatory for staff and visitors to wear face coverings.” https://www.gov.uk/guidance/education-and-childcare-settings-new-national-restrictions-from-5-november-2020
  18. As bold as brass. here is the link to the letter on the school website: https://www.broadgreeninternationalschool.com/parents/letters-home
  19. https://www.broadgreeninternationalschool.com/parents/letters-home Broadgreen school in Liverpool to have the Army enter the site and test all pupils on Monday. Pupils found to be positive will be secured
  20. https://www.broadgreeninternationalschool.com/parents/letters-home Broadgreen school in Liverpool to have the Army enter the site and test all pupils on Monday. Pupils found to be positive will be secured.
  21. Yep but most were bullied at school. I’m sad to tell you that the days of the friendly Bobby on the Beat are gone and these jackboot Nazis now enforce government regulations as if they were law. What is even sicker is the amount of bootlickers out there that love them for doing it.
  22. The police have been gearing up to use this for a while. Watch PINAC YouTube channels (photography is not a crime) where you tubers are approached by the police for photographing them in public. They used to go all heavy handed “you can’t film me, you can’t film that” but have discovered that the law says that you are allowed to. Instead they now go to “are you alright? You seem distressed? Should we get the mental health crisis teams to talk to you?” It’s sick.
  23. Well, when all the politicians and the wealthy folk line up to take the same vaccine that will be available to me - not some special one - then I’ll get in line behind them. Of course the reality will be that there will be a less safe, free vaccine made available for the public and a special very safe one made available for the wealthy - just like the expensive individual MMR jabs compared to the free combined one.
  24. https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-britons-should-be-paid-to-take-covid-19-vaccine-says-oxford-professor-12125012 “People should be paid to have a COVID-19 jab so the country reaches herd immunity as quickly as possible, a leading ethicist has suggested. People could either be given a financial inducement to have the jab or they could be paid in kind, perhaps foregoing the need to wear a facemask in public, he writes in the Journal of Medical Ethics.” Unbelievable really. They still consider it voluntary in this article even though they are dangling basic personal freedoms out as a reward. I don’t consider that type of coercion to be freedom. the other slap in the face is the financial insensitive! They dangle money (which many people could do with) as a reward to take a risk and justify it by saying that poor people take more risks anyway so it’s within their character! Not once does this boneheaded academic realise that poorer people don’t willingly take risks because they like it! He also fails to consider using anyone other than the poor to test these jabs out on. He knows full well that wealthy folks won’t touch his vaccine until they’ve seen the effects on the poor first. As a professor of ethics. He doesn’t seem very good at his job...
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