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  1. THANK YOU GRUMP GRAPES I went to the rally and I loved it. Only thing is people couldn't hear at the back of the rally. Bad speakers and micro phone wasn't very clear either you had to really listen to what was being said. Still thank you from every body help and support on the rally and in the e-mails. Kind Regards Lisa Quinton
  2. Dear Grump Grapes Thank you for telling me about the law. I think it is the disability act. They will properly try to change that next and every body will go yes we don't mind change the law. Slap us in the face we will put up with this . My dad is not alive but he would be rolling in grave right now. My mom is a live as she will be 80 next year she say's Covid is a load of nonsense. Kind Regards Lisa
  3. Thank you for time spend on telling the situation. Just look below. I have left you a comment. Kind Regards Lisa
  4. Absolutely ridiculous how the police are telling people off. If somebody would have told me that it was going to happen I would have believed them how people are sucking this rubbish up. I did think it was going to be policed in New Street. I don't want to wear a mask and I thought exemption cards were not legal. But do you know whether or not they are? I am also worried about not conforming to the rubbish but I want to feel free but don't want to be fined. This is my rebellious streak in me I don't like being told what to do especially when some think doesn't make sense to me. Please fe
  5. Thank you for spending time on sending this information. I want to stand up to this rubbish. Wearing muzzles and exemption card. I am worried that I wont get through the barriers at New Street station what do you think? Kind Regards Lisa
  6. Thank for your reply I don't want to take an exemption card because I thought they are not a legal requirement. Do you know whether or not they are? Kind Regards Lisa Quinton
  7. Thank you for your reply I don't want to take on exemption card or wear muzzle like a dog. I was just going to say I am exempt. Do you think I will get away with it? I what to be disobedient to the power that been telling us what to do. The exemption card I feel is another way of controlling us showing that we have disability from everybody else to see, so wrong. What do you think? Kind Regards Lisa
  8. I will be coming from Oswestry to Telford and wanted to know what its like on the trains from Telford to New Street station not wearing a mask? As I really want to go to this rally. Sick to death of being around people that are conforming to this stupid rules Lisa
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