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  1. Oohh very interesting aspect, thanks for this. Yes, please! do share! :)
  2. I believe we all have some sort of soul. Energy needs to be present in matter, otherwise there's no life. Now, the quality or density of that soul, that's a different matter. There is a lot of thickness around.
  3. I believe we are the Spirit. As we are part of or springing from source/God. Therefore we are always responsible and everything is in our hands. If you do good, in more or less measure you should receive good, we can't know WHEN or WHERE. But it will definitely happen. That's the law. So if you do a lot of good but seem to receive no good in return, with my human logical thinking I must assume that there is a part of my soul that hasn't done good enough to receive the correspondent good, either in this life or in another one. No need to get upset because of that. Just accept and see from the outside, from above, as you and I know better than just feeling stuck in the dense. Do things without expectation. And everything should work itself out <3
  4. I would say: if you are aware that this place is a game, or a lie, or whatever, you are a step ahead of most, and therefore you are here on a mission. Feeling defeated is a sign that you should not give up. It is a test of your strength. Think of the laws. Energy, force, etc. If you give in, you'll be pushed harder. That's my opinion.
  5. I read on this forum many many years ago (thread gone) that it was written somewhere (there was a link to that, and I didn't save it), that in the far future (in hundreds of thousands of years) humans will not reproduce through the sexual organs, it will be through the VOICE. People will literally speak people out into being. The sexual organs are losing their power, and their reproductive power (the current world events with the promotion of a genderless society and the normalization of porn, confirms this). The abundance of virtual information numbs the communication between people in person, so words and the sound of our voice become more and more forgotten, less important, less powerful... (Something becomes powerless when it's misused and a lot). But also with this virtual communication going on, our non-verbal communication should become more vivid and awaken... which leads to not needing the voice to communicate... only to CREATE. Also remember, that in the beginning there was THE WORD... I've been pondering about this for many years since I read it back then and I have tried to look to see if I find any information of the likes elsewhere... I only found some allusion to the creational power of the voice in a book by Franz Bardon and later on in a book by Tom Kenyon, but those allusions were very faint. Any thoughts?
  6. Nothing cataclysmic is going to happen. It happens individually. If. It's so simple that we miss it :)
  7. Everything you've written and predicted so far is already happening, to a greater or lesser scale, but it is happening. I see it and live it, if not all of it in the physical, yes in the energetic field. It can be perceived. Sex without love has been around for ages. People being born for commodity or marriages of convenience, forever. Shaming of non-vegans, since the 60s; and the submission to the system, pretty much since forever, in different forms and with different technologies, true, but always there. Good and Evil have always existed and will always exist. The fact that Evil is usually overshadowing Good does not mean there isn't Good. A drop of black paint will stain a whole bucket of white paint, not the other way round, we know that, but still there is a whole bucket of white paint there too. Let's not forget that.
  8. In my humble experience, "focusing on the light" is a distraction, and it's forced. Better to focus on nothingness, or even better: just be, don't "try" or "do", and then you'll see and you'll know :)
  9. The issue is that 'spiritual' is associated with the 'good' and try to find your higher-self and the highest-good, etc, ignoring evil and all the bad that exists, which is also part of creation on equal measure. Spiritual movements AVOID the negative, and that's where they're going wrong, they are blind to the truth :/ Evil is necessary, it is 'good' for us to exist and experience life. Just observe nature. Simple.
  10. This is awesome: "I wanna be with my own people, but I don't hate nobody"
  11. People not taking responsibility for their choices and actions is a malady that has been happening for a long while, even more so as civilization became more industrialized, mechanized and relying on "comfortable" living. We are human beings, capable, intelligent, and sovereign. We can build, we can create, we can think and we can love. We have forgotten our powers, instead we think some outside force, celebrity or institution is going to give us the solutions to our problems. Error. Only the one in the mirror can save us.
  12. All that you say goes in line with my experiences too, and with the Tibetan/Buddhist Wheel of Life: https://www.learnreligions.com/the-wheel-of-life-4123213
  13. Same thing happens with Music, and any form of art. Everything goes in line with the system's injection of automat mentality. Emotions are seen as weak, forbidden, not good to have. You are a freak if you express love with sex. Sex must be devoid of love. No love. No beauty. No feelings. That's what it has been for a long time, and now well... there's very little humanity left in the world as we know.
  14. I lost my sense of smell in March 2020 while having a strong cold. It hasn't returned. I usually have a cold every winter and I never lost my sense of smell, however this time I did.
  15. I work with improving people's lives, and I've learned one thing: people don't want to get better. They want someone else to do the shit for them, so that they can improve. They don't realize that they have to go through shit, and most people don't want to. That's it basically. I believe we all have different levels of consciousness, and we can't force someone to be something they aren't. If their time comes, fine, if not, it doesn't. And we must accept it. Each one in their own time.
  16. Thanks for this. The attached picture (that is shown in the report on the link you mention) is exactly the same one that Dr. Kaufman used to say that this is an exosome, the natural immune response of our system when encountered with any pathogen, and they have called the exosome, the virus.
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