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  1. 13 hours ago, RobSS said:


    I remember that poster and that post. From what I remember, the poster wasn't very conversational, so I wondered if someone had copied it from an original source and copied and pasted it on to the DI forum?


    Do you remember a poster called "zsymon"? She submitted 100's and 100's of posts about her experiences in astral reality. The thread must have run into over 90 pages.. I think she was disabled and used astral reality as a means of escapism from ordinary reality.



    Could be, yes.


    I don't remember zsymon. I wish they were back, those people :)

  2. 2 minutes ago, RobSS said:


    I agree with what you've written and apologise for not being clearer. I didn't say astral reality was being destroyed. Fallen angels have created a false reality within astral reality. That reality isn't being destroyed either. The word I used was closing down. It's that reality which our rulers are connected to and that's why they're floundering. In creating chaos, the Fallen angels want our connection with the Logos destroyed. They've no respect for the Kabbalah. They've even used it to lead men astray, who in turn use the Kabbalah to create our prison planet. Hope that's a bit clearer!



    Ahhh... gotcha, yes that makes sense, thanks for clarifying! I see what you mean :)

  3. 6 hours ago, RobSS said:

    I first joined the David Icke forum in 1999, and there were only a total of about 4 or 5 members and about 15 threads, there only being one general section, others! Posts were few and far between. Things didn't really pick up pace until 2001 with  9/ll, which really started to get people interested the subject.


    Another catalyst that brought a lot of people to the forum were the London bombings, on 7th July 2005. I remember when TS joined the forum, then, as EP. He has changed a lot since.


    Very few posters have remained active from the beginning through to current times. People have came and gone.





    I joined the forum in 2008, and then I un-joined after 2-3 years because I got scared. I was waking up and super-excited telling all my friends and family about the truth and nobody wanted to believe me, they thought I was going mad and it was affecting me badly, so I left. There was someone interesting I recall who claimed to be an 'insider' of an elite family, and he had posted an account of answers to questions people asked him on another site:



    I saved the pdf but we're not allowed to attach .pdf documents, so I'll post here some screenshots of some of the questions/answers.

    Screenshot 2022-01-02 at 22.21.21.png

    Screenshot 2022-01-02 at 22.21.33.png

    Screenshot 2022-01-02 at 22.21.42.png

  4. On 1/1/2022 at 2:47 PM, RobSS said:


    Astral reality was created in accordance with the Kabbalah, which was a divinely ordained through the Logos. In other words, the integral structure of astral reality and our reality system was always sound, just as God intended, but then the fallen angels created another reality over that, and it's that reality which they're now closing down. As they close down that reality, they also hope it will destroy the Kabbalah. They demonstrated that symbolically with their attack on the two towers: 



    Hmm... I have to agree but I am confused. Astral reality is a consequence of the Logos, yes, I am coincidentally reading "The Tree of Life - a study in Magic", by Israel Regardie. But how can the Astral be destroyed? by definition, it cannot. In the Astral lies EVERYTHING that we think, it generates there, it reflects there and it manifests there, it's the origin, the end and the sustainance of our thoughts/dreams/subconscious/intuition, and more importantly, it's the place where our material reality deflects and reflects. If the Astral is destroyed... we become pure automats. We become void of intuition, creativity, etc. Which 'other reality' have the fallen angels created?

  5. There is so much about manifesting going on online... opposing theories even. Some of them saying you need to visualize the end result if you want to manifest something, but you don't need to feel it, just think it and believe it. Others say you actually need to also feel it. Some say feeling it would imply law of attraction and some manifestation adepts say that is bullshit. Neville Goddard says that feeling is the secret.


    My experience tells me that, no matter what you believe or think - despite the 3D situation - even if you create your own reality, the other person's will also affects the outcome. Some manifestation people say the other person's will doesn't matter because in your reality YOU ARE THE ONLY CREATOR, the other person's thoughts, will and actions do not matter. I struggle with this, because it means we are MANIPULATING/FORCING/IGNORING the other person's free will - that's not very loving to me. Therefore it must be luciferian, or at least not coming from a place of love or God.


    What are your thoughts/experiences, does Manifesting come from an evil or a good place?

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  6. On 12/23/2021 at 10:22 PM, RobSS said:


    Glad you enjoyed the clip from the film. The original novel is a lot more illuminating to read. I like films, but somehow, nothing can beat reading well written, thought provoking stories, and reading allows one to  exercise one's own imagination, and one can pause and reflect. There's more about the film, and about the novel, in this thread:




    I started it, but aborted, due to not being satisfied with the video quality. All explained in the link!


    So surprised to see (and remember) how children's cartoons back then had actual substance... I do remember when I was little, how instructive and inspiring some cartoons were... the things kids watch nowadays are pure crap :(

  7. There is ALWAYS something you can do to earn a living without having to get jabbed. Go with your heart. Perhaps this is your CHANCE to be who you always wanted to be? go inwards and you'll find answers.


    A nurse friend of mine left her job because they asked her to get the jab, she refused. She sees this as an opportunity to change her life and live it according to what she values and believes in.


    Find your outlet of creativity, that which you are here for and contribute to humanity with your gifts.


    I wish you all the best, but please don't get the vax 💗

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  8. On 11/23/2021 at 2:25 AM, RobSS said:

    The Dragon is here because it wants to devour the a "pearl" only humans can produce.


    If it can devour the "pearl", then it's the end of spiritual evolution for humanity, and the Dragon gets to prove to God that God made a mistake in creating humans.


    It's up to us to realise what that "pearl" is, and then defeat the Dragon.




    It is LOVE they want. We have it. They don't.

  9. 19 hours ago, m754 said:


    This has been clarified as follows in some books--


    We are God in Ultimate form, not as long as we are identified with this ego-body-mind. To call oneself God while identified as a name and form in this world will be wrong.

    The idea of God is often described as a field or ocean of energy, within which we are the waves- small waves or big waves... While it is correct that we arise out of the ocean, but as long as we identify with the small or big wave form, we are not yet God in true form. We carry the nature of that Godness, but we have forsaken that by being limited in body identification. 


    Unless this gap is identified and bridged, any spiritual journey will start and end with another egoistical declaration of I am God and therefore and I am this, or that etc.. which would be a form of hubris..we need to start with some humility first. 


    Therefore to say we are God or Pure Consciousness we need to qualify that with the following—in the ultimate or true nature.


    We carry the potential and choice now of leaving the death-grip on this fake reality and instead identify with the true self. We cannot both identify as the wave and the ocean. The ocean can say it is the wave as well as all the water, everything... But while still only feeling like a small wave/ trapped in limited identity, the small wave is not in a position to make that declaration.


    At the first stage, to wake people up, eg. for those who are suffering or have been through difficult life experiences, we empower them by saying-You are God. You are Pure Consciousness. This is like telling a memory loss patient what his name and address is. It is tattooed everywhere, the clues are in books, idols, temples, imagery staring at us, but we still forget our true name and address.

    Second stage, once the memory loss patient gains faith and confidence, you tell them that the way home is by leaving your death grip on this erroneous body-mind identification you have established and which is keeping you caught in certain time-space coordinates within that infinite field of love such that the same horror movie plays out to match the limited identity you occupy. You let go of identifying with the body vessel and you are set free to go home.

    Third stage, once you reach home, ie. merge with the God field, there is no need to say I am God because God form has no memory loss. God form has no concept of I-ness. It just IS. Further description of that stage is beyond our imagination, but it’s a state of Unity and all-encompassing Love. The more you can emulate these God form qualities at stage 2 of your journey, the shorter will be the journey home.




    Not all of us identify with the ego/material form with the same level of intensity.

    Saying that we are all God doesn't mean, by any means, to be in our ego.

    What is, is.

  10. 17 hours ago, m754 said:


    Presuming that Light and Darkness imply Good vs Evil in this question---Neither wins over the other, Ultimately. The opposites take form merely to play the game. The difference is perceptual.. The Ultimate Realization is that both are One. The path of 'Good' is the path to Oneness and Love and the path of 'Evil' is what takes us away from our true nature. Ultimately--All IS God and all is subsumed in Him. 


    Neither gives rise to the other. At the point of creation all arise at once. One cannot have a contrasting characteristic or condition without something to contrast with...


    Light can be understood esoterically to be the point where ego awareness looked at creation consciously or activated it. Potential to kinetic...sort of..


    The Giver of Life is God, all else are animated by his power.


    Even in the deepest darkest caverns, depths of oceans, inside our bodies, invisible spaces, Life exists.. Some animals 'see' differently..


    Whichever shape or form, the play of Creation were to take...the Power source is One.


    The physical sun does not give life. Life can go on in shapes and forms and conditions we cannot imagine/ visualize. These objects are merely the forms we are seeing in a certain way, and have assigned them certain power because that is all we can decipher.





    We have to tread carefully here. The conundrum of Free will is misunderstood and liable to be misused. One might erroneously conclude—this is a deterministic universe and God did this or that and not me.

    First of all, every single minutiae are not controlled by the God program, only the broad outline.


    Secondly, within the smaller choices at every moment,  (where again one can still argue that the choice itself was made by God)--The Litmus test is that if you are aware of making a choice and know the repercussions and intent of that choice, you own the action. There would not be a choice otherwise.


    Even psychopaths start out with choices---they overpower the voice of God and make the wrong choice until they become psychopaths.


    As you practise this, you move to a stage of choiceless awareness, where you are not making any choice but God is working through you directly. That is the stage of sages. Many withdraw from any action and any action offered to them is by God himself.


    The transactional physical world will go on with its own cycle of cause and effect.


    It is an appearance and temporary but not meaningless.


    There is a reason for that appearance and we have to use it as a laboratory to experiment with self-discovery.


    What is transitory and impermanent is the materialisation of objects and forms that we see. What they arose out of is not Unreal or Impermanent--it is the source energy and it carries a memory of what the experimental body suit discovered.


    There can be a wrong understanding that if the universe is ever-changing, why bother?

    There is no randomness in the nature of this change.. There is a method in the madness.




    I pretty much agree with what you say - although there are a couple of bits where I have to focus a bit more to try to understand what you mean :) .


    Other aspects to discuss:


    1. God, or The One is the creator. But we are also God.


    2. The Sun is the giver of life in this physical plane. Even those beings who live in the darkness and have no direct sunlight or heat, they have somehow the influences of the Sun's radiation or the effect the Sun has in the atmosphere's radiation and it's consequent effect/ripples in the oceans, skies and earth.


    3. When you say the path of 'evil' takes us away from our true nature - hmm... I would have to say here that evil is part of our true nature, since we are All, and we are The One, we include Light and Darkness, Good and Evil inside us. If we make an analogy with evil and ego, we are also ego, ego being a lower frequency representation or aspect of All we are. If we encompass everything, as you say it's all down to choice and consequence, and yes of course it all has a meaning, it's the experience of separation and living what the lower realms of frequency mean to the spirit. If we choose to experience evil, there are consequences, but in the wider spectrum of things, it's all part of Love, and all part of What Is. And even, getting 'stuck' in darkness, we can always choose to rise. There is always a choice. Always.



  11. On 6/10/2021 at 9:31 PM, Diesel said:

    We live in a fallen reality, a type of hell. Everything decays here, even fresh water turns stagnant and you are guaranteed in life if you live long enough to loose all the things you love. Everything in this existence is hungry and hunger is the true root of evil. 

    We are hungry - literally and figuratively - because we are deceived by the senses (lust, wants... all to feed the ego). We don't need to eat. Breath, Movement, Sun, harmony with Nature and with others is what's needed. And a few fruits and veggies if you push me. The more we fill ourselves with from the external, the quicker we accelerate our death.

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  12. Does the Light always win over the Darkness? Does it HAVE to win?

    Are they co-existing on equal measure in the Universe at all times?

    If so, why do we worry? if there is horror and suffering, we should be okay with it, as it's meant to be this way, it will change anyway, as everything is ever changing.


    And, more importantly: Is the Light the origin of the Darkness or is the Darkness the origin of the Light?

    [Food for thought: the Sun is black. We only perceive it as white light because we have an atmosphere, but the Sun seen from outer space is black.]


    If the Sun is black but it's the 'giver of life', it is so in this planet, but not outside. Do the other planets and space bodies receive Light from other stars? if they don't have an atmosphere like ours, how can they receive Light? therefore, do they feed off Darkness?



  13. 13 hours ago, Made in Wales said:

    Yes that would seem the logical explanation but isn't the 5g/smart meter theory also a possibility? 



    Yes, the 5G radiation may also be a factor, a bit of this and that. However, as per my research, 5G is just a continuation of all the other previous radiations, so it 'accumulates', and it is the accumulation of all that has the same effects on the nervous system as covid. Not just 5G.


    What we have to do, in my opinion, is this:


    1st - Completely ignore whatever they tell us, so that our body/mind is fear free.

    2nd - Take responsibility for ourselves: what we eat, what we choose, our relationships, our jobs, our activities - at any given moment. It's a constant choice. It's not something we do once, and that's it. We have to make choices all the time, and it's those choices that make who we are in the long run.


    By taking care of ourselves individually, we create a system that cannot be in sync with ill/disrupted/bad energies.

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  14. On 11/1/2021 at 10:24 AM, Deano7879 said:

    There is definitely a new strain of flu. I fell ill in september and then 2 days later my partner aswell 


    Exact same symptoms of flu but with one difference. We both lost of taste and smell for weeks. 


    That's never happened before 

    Same here. It's a flu strain and everyone should stop questioning further.

    The 'covid' invention is just the excuse to implement the vaccine.

    The vaccine is the threat, not an imaginary 'virus'.

  15. On 12/11/2020 at 3:33 AM, Michi713 said:

    Energy vampires can be unconscious or conscious.  


    Personality Profiles:



    One dude would come over and just pet me and do what I wanted with no strings attached.  Seemed like a good arrangement but he was a miserable person.  He had low energy, sluggish, always melancholy and a blunted affect.  Whenever I would get excited or happy about something he would swiftly cut it down. 



    One girlfriend was a status seeker, shallow.  Always active, in the middle of the action.  She had a high turnover of people in her life because she always had ulterior motives.  Like inviting you out, not to be with you, but to use you as a prop to make herself appear likable.  She saw people as objects. 


    Both types have a draining effect.  One erodes you slowly over time, the other will make you feel terrible immediately.  

    Well put and easy to understand. The bottom line is: there will always be people with less light than others. Those who don't have light seek to take from those who do have it (consciously or subconsciously). A narcissist could be a conscious example of an energy vampire.

  16. On 10/24/2021 at 4:17 AM, Michelle T said:

    I’ve just been diagnosed with thyroid and hormonal issues. I had my appendix removed in September. My immune system, thyroid, adrenal gland, estrogen, testosterone are in a state of imbalance. 

    It’s my fault. I was abusing a medication and this is the result. I have not had the Covid vaccine. It is mandated by my job, but my doctor has agreed I need a medical exemption.



    What you need is this:


    1. Eat less. Fast for a couple of days.

    2. Eat only NATURAL FOODS.

    3. Be in the SUN as much as possible.

    4. Exercise, specially strength/resistance training.

    5. Rest/Sleep A LOT.

    6. Listen to: Dr. Tommy John, John Rose, Dr. James DiNicolantonio.


    And you'll be on the path :)

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  17. Rather than a germ or a terrain theory, I believe in Nature, with good and bad.


    Observe Nature: if something is wrong, it sets field for more wrong, and the same goes for the opposite.


    I used to catch all the colds and it's been a while since I don't have any after I consciously changed my lifestyle.


    We are drugged not only with medicines, radiation, pollution, manipulated thoughts, comfort, pleasure, etc, but also with food, all to keep us craving more endorphines that keep us in a momentary state of numbness of our real feelings/growth/reality.


    We forgot to BREATHE. We don't NEED stuff, if we need it means we LACK. We are not lacking. We are perfect as we are. But we forgot. Hence why disease. It's simple.

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  18. On 10/15/2021 at 8:22 AM, blowonthepie said:


    As @ateneasaid; twin flames, soul groups etc.


    I don’t know about you lot, but I’m not too fond of humans; I feel extremely uncomfortable around 99.9% of them; I feel I don’t fit in/belong here; so when I meet someone with whom I have an instant deep rapport it’s excellent.


    Only happened three times and they came and went.


    Conversely; have you come across those with whom you feel a great antipathy towards?

    I don't feel 'uncomfortable' per se, but I don't connect to most people, and I see them as "children". Mind you! children have all my respect, as they are pure. But people... I don't know... it seems people degenerate as they grow, they forget themselves.

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