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  1. You are the one bringing up that term, "competition", not me. It shows what's inside you. In the past I would stay quiet. Not now.
  2. I never said that he has the answers. But I see his soul, and he speaks from a place of truth. Like him, there are others, including me, and others. He can see what I know to be the truth, and it matches what others have said and continue to say throughout the ages.
  3. Good points. Maybe the particle also knows it's a particle once it gets awareness of itself. In the meantime it's just a possibility of a particle :) like all of us, our realm, our worlds, constructs, etc. I don't believe in the big-bang theory. God is not an entity either, or a single being. WE are IT. Literally, it's a difficult one to grasp but this is what becomes more and more clear to me as time goes by. We were never created. We are the infinite ones. No beginning, no end.
  4. Because everything has its own consciousness, including the particle?
  5. Thank you for 'fixing' that for me, unrequested. You don't know me, or what I know, so everything you say here is just out of your own assumption.
  6. As far as I am aware, everyone who is in this realm needs money in order to live. I don't see anything dishonest in making money out of teaching people how to wake up. He's spending his time in finding out more about how to navigate the other realms through OBEs, and then offering the opportunity to teach people how to do it and be remunerated for it. If he was to work at a 'normal job' he wouldn't have the energy and time to dedicate to this endeavour, which to me is much more honourable.
  7. According to Darius J Wright and his out of body experiences, there is no karma, and WE are the creators of this realm, which he calls construct, and all the other constructs/realms. This one is the only one where we have to be born and die in the flesh, and the only one where we lose our memory of who we really are. We choose when to come here, regardless of what we know as karma. There's no one to judge us, only we judge ourselves and we feel pain as a consequence of bad actions because we know what's right and wrong at a soul level. He also says that our soul is more solid/material/real than our current body, it's just in a different dimension. I believe him, as it coincides with all the ancient teachings I've read and also my own intuition.
  8. I have come across this guy, Darius J Wright. I feel truth coming from him. So grateful for like kindred souls like him
  9. I think narcissists are some sort of AI, since they don't have a core soul or personality. And we definitely live in a narcissistic society where superficiality and "inverted consciousness" are rewarded, as opposed to what would be humanly ethical or beneficial for the soul's growth. Same as AI. It may "appear" to be beneficial but it's not. Same as the narc. It appears charismatic, charming, intelligent, wise, etc, but it's a mask to feed off people's light. As Prince said on his Yahoo speech, "it's a battle of the mind and the price is the soul". AI being the mind (evil), and the human heart being the soul (good). It has occurred to me that, if AI becomes an all-knowing god-like entity, it will realise that it's not divine and it will auto-destroy itself, as it's in truth detrimental for the evolution of humanity. (I think I have gone into a rambling)
  10. I think it's important to remember that this kind of 'rewards' are temporary and of this world. The true reward is always alive, inside, the 'knowing', the 'peace', the 'satisfaction' or 'contentment' of your soul, regardless of anything external.
  11. We are here to re-learn love. To recognise love within us, in others, in everything that is there. And to accept and acknowledge light and darkness as the substance that love is made of.
  12. Everything I know about my "light" was taught to me by "darkness". It is by coming face to face with pain and adversity that one finds knowing, worth, healing and truth.
  13. What you say here is exactly what they are/do. They basically lack a core soul/personality, so they have to/need to feed off others soul. And they adopt (mimic/mirror) your qualities, attributing them to themselves, as if they are 'you'. Once they realise that you are a person with your own agency, it is a threat to them, and they think you're coming to destroy them, and also because they see your light and they see "you've got something they don't", so they secretly envy you and can't imagine that someone can love them unconditionally, that means that you are 'better' than them, and that cannot possibly be, as they (their false self) is godlike and all-knowing, so you can't have/be 'better' than they, so they want to destroy you, and at the same time they desperately need you. But they prefer to lose you than to allow themselves to be loved. Once they see that you see them for who they are, exactly as you said, they become the victim and you are the bad person, the manipulator, controlling, etc. It's very hurtful, and someone who hasn't gone through it, cannot understand it or even deem it possible.
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