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  1. You're right on the money there. We just need to have focused attention, and intention, in BELIEVING that this is possible and real. Removing all our conditioning beliefs, our 'inner talk', the things we catch ourselves thinking of and believing - based on perception - that's what we need to get rid of.
  2. By Knowing are you meaning heart energy, as opposed to mind? I understand it this way. Truth is heart energy (love).
  3. Thanks for those points, helpful :)
  4. I find the best natural sunscreen is carrot seed oil, it has an SPF of around 30-40, depending on the purity of it. It should be used sparingly, and in sensitive areas prone to burning. I am of the kind of if you feel the sun is burning you, go in the shade, as in don't stay for ours lying under the sun on purpose just to get tanned, tan progressively and naturally.
  5. In my view, commercializing sacred stuff loses its power. This is wrong. Ayahuasca, as well as mushrooms or any psychedelic, is not for everyone. One has to be READY. but the world we live in is what it is
  6. My 38 year old sister and her 4 year old son have chronic sinusitis. My sister has had it since age 12, and her son is having the same. She has tried virtually ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you can imagine, from conventional maninstream medicine, to homeopathy, and regular steaming, essential oils, etc, and it doesn't go away. She has also changed the house where she lives and it doesn't subside. Mucus is constant in winter and summer and now I am very concerned not only for her but for her kid, it breaks my heart that he has to adjust his speech in order for the mucus not to get in the way of his breathing when he talks. Can anyone help with any miraculous cure? Many thanks.
  7. https://inews.co.uk/news/husband-new-science-minister-chloe-smith-anti-vaxx-conspiracy-theorist-covid-2290630
  8. I believe that regardless of age, one's essence is always the same, so that is what I am referring to when I say "where we left off". Our actual essence.
  9. I am being misinterpreted because I haven't expressed myself properly. It's all good. As you say, demonic is not wrong. It just is. Some of us have 'different' types of 'demonic' or 'dark' or 'shadow' traits which are not the 'typical' ones. Mine is suffering. Suffering and carrying all the burdens and sorrows of the world upon my back, for just seeing the world as it is.
  10. I believe we carry on where we left off. No magical shift occurs. If you're a bad person here you'll continue to be that, because it's your essence. If you believe you'll go to hell you'll probably go to hell and if you believe Jesus is awaiting on the other side perhaps a bearded guy in a tunic will welcome you with open arms when you leave the body. Those are brief illusions though, after a few seconds I believe we are all met with ourselves. Materialization here is to overcome ourselves. To raise higher. The school is here. Here is where we sculpt our soul with our pains, fears, transformations and realisations.
  11. I don't agree with this assumption. Fighting for a good cause is not demonic. Fighting for the truth is what is called a warrior of light. I know who I am, don't need to show it or prove it to anyone.
  12. Thanks, I am aware. I do not naturally have malice in me, I am rare. So in the spectrum of light/dark I am inclined towards the light. It was shown to me that MOST souls on this reality are mostly inclined towards the dark. Thanks.
  13. I was clearly shown that I don't belong to them. I was shown that I am a being of pure light. I wasn't aware of the darkness, and this was shown to me, how people's nature is.
  14. If you have a dodgy elbow you're already one step ahead :) everyone ends up injured somehow, but the key is to manage the injuries, as that's part of the body's adaptation to new stimuli.
  15. Remove that "middle aged" notion :) Krav Maga or BJJ I recommend, coupled with some sort of strength training - kettlebells are great.
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