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  1. Rather than a germ or a terrain theory, I believe in Nature, with good and bad. Observe Nature: if something is wrong, it sets field for more wrong, and the same goes for the opposite. I used to catch all the colds and it's been a while since I don't have any after I consciously changed my lifestyle. We are drugged not only with medicines, radiation, pollution, manipulated thoughts, comfort, pleasure, etc, but also with food, all to keep us craving more endorphines that keep us in a momentary state of numbness of our real feelings/growth/reality. We forgot to BREATHE. We don't NEED stuff, if we need it means we LACK. We are not lacking. We are perfect as we are. But we forgot. Hence why disease. It's simple.
  2. I don't feel 'uncomfortable' per se, but I don't connect to most people, and I see them as "children". Mind you! children have all my respect, as they are pure. But people... I don't know... it seems people degenerate as they grow, they forget themselves.
  3. This exact same code is in our DNA, 90% of it is called "junk DNA" because "science" hasn't found out yet what it does LOL. Everything is within us. We are the creators.
  4. Can we please stop watching the fake news? a snowball effect created by a false reality, or a manufactured one. Headlines go: "there is a shortage of fuel" - even if there isn't, or even if it's done on purpose to create a reaction, and people themselves will create the actual shortage by buying as much as possible - as it's happening. Tomorrow the headlines will say: "Everyone must stick the finger up their arse in order to be able to withdraw money from the bank" and people will do it without question. Please.
  5. So, I have contacted Charmian Redwood, who is the author of that book, "Coming Home to Lemuria", where that excerpt was taken from - I finally remembered! She channelled that knowledge. She said this to me on an email that I received last night: "Sound is everything, and when we are no longer vibrating in density then we will be able to create new forms simply by intention and sound". This goes in line with deep magic and the principles of manifestation, as DaleP recalled above. However, whereas this ability takes on a lot of concentration and effort in our present form, in time and from a higher level of consciousness it will become daily practice for everyone, as we used to do before. We will do so in light, and not for dark purposes, as we will no longer feel the need to experience separation.
  6. Hey ya! Yes, yes, yes, I gotcha. I KNOW we create everything, absolutely. I was just talking from the perspective of the current collective frequency, which is 'not there yet' I am my own person and I can tell you, if you knew me you would understand. I have studied hermetic stuff - or rather, I AM studying it, because it never ends. So I am well familiar with what you are saying. Thank you! :)
  7. Hi! A friend of mine is in a similar situation with her newborn baby. She doesn't want to vaccinate the baby (not the Covid jab, but the 6 in 1 jab for all the other 'diseases'). How do you manage to get away with it? have they forbidden anything or do they make it complicated for bureaucracy, have you managed to lead a 'normal life' for your kid? Thanks.
  8. I concur with you. We are who we are :) Let's say I got 'saturated' with all the information, and tired of teaching the High Arts to people who want to be famous tomorrow because of X-Factor, etc (and I also tried the X-Factor, to see what it was like). Eventually, what matters is the essence of the spirit, right? knowledge is human made, it's a type of entertainment, now knowing is what matters. Now I have redirected my obsessions into another field, equally interesting, Fitness.
  9. Thank you for this. Yes, I was referring to giving birth to a physical being. We already know it can be done in the non-physical, but I am talking in terms of human civilization on Earth in the material plane. I am assuming that the current promotion of equality of genders, misuse and abuse of sex, degrading of moral values, etc. is pointing towards that. So, perhaps - and only perhaps - even though it looks dark and hopeless from a point of view, perhaps 'they' know what and why they are doing it. My only worry is whether it will be done from a high consciousness place, from our own spiritual power (will they let us 'elevate' once and for all, collectively?) or whether it will be done as in the film examples above, still operating in the lower realms using artificial technology.
  10. I have written a couple of articles on my personal blog about the relationship between the vocal chords and the vagina. If you want to read, please PM me and I'll give you details :)
  11. Aha! The Singers possess the Truth LOL! I sing everything When I studied Music I devoured virtually all the Music books at the library, that's how obsessed I was about Music and Singing. But yeah, I am a professional singer. We are not supposed to reveal our identities here!
  12. This is amazing and very much coincides with what I had read too! It makes so much sense that the voice is in the 5th chakra - but it is related to the 6th and 7th too - I know what I'm talking about, as I am myself a singer - a real one! :) and that humanity 'fell', we fell from being spiritual to being carnal. And, as it usually happens and it will, we are on our way up again. The voice creates. Words are more powerful than deeds (to me, anyway). The frequency of sound penetrates everything. Actions and facts are temporary. But not words. Words stay. Sound too. Thank you.
  13. Interesting to say the least, very good find, thanks for this! :)
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